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Best Food Delivery Services In Sunyani [Our Top Picks]

Looking for a delivery service in Sunyani? or food delivery in Sunyani? Food delivery services have become more and more popular.

Some who have never ordered from food delivery services are considering whether to place an order. 

We recently covered food delivery services in Ghana and this article is for those who want the best food delivery in Sunyani. 

I will share my reviews of Sunyani’s most popular delivery services, prices, etc.

Sunyani is a city in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana, about 90 kilometers from the capital city, Accra. 

Sunyani is one of the major cities in Ghana and also serves as the district capital for the Sunyani West District and hosts the biggest market in the region.

It also hosts one of the popular universities, the University of Energy and natural resources, Sunyani Nursing and midwifery training college, and the Catholic university college of Ghana.

Maybe you have moved to Sunyani to school at any of these places, or you have permanently moved there to work, stay and live your life there and don’t know more about the food locations. Food delivery apps will help you a lot with this.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Food Delivery Service To Order Food From In Sunyani

When searching for the best food delivery services in Sunyani, those who have used or are considering using these services look for many factors. 

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Here is a list of the main things they look at:

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How Long It Will Take For The Food To Arrive

When ordering from delivery services, you tend to order Food when you are hungry, so when choosing the best delivery service to order from, you need to make sure you choose the one that will deliver your Food to you fast.

Customer Support 

Online delivery services/apps with live chat support will assist you as you make your order. Pizzeria is one example.

If it is your first time ordering Food online, make sure to order using their delivery service or app that offers assistance.

Delivery Fee

Yes, there is a delivery fee attached to any food you order online, and the delivery fee is mostly determined by your current location and where you are ordering the Food from.

When choosing an online food delivery service, check and compare their delivery fees.

Food Pricing 

Many delivery sites and apps make you order the Food right from their website or app, and you can see their food pricing.

Always compare the food pricing on the various food delivery services to see which one has the lowest prices and, of course, do not forget the delivery fees.

There are many excellent food delivery services in Sunyani. While you may be tempted to try one close to your home, it’s important to remember that the best food delivery services ensure that their drivers are always prepared for anything. 

That means they’ll be able to handle Sunyani’s traffic and weather conditions and get your order safely to enjoy your meal without worry.

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Food Delivery Services In Sunyani

The best food delivery services in Sunyani are:

  • Jumia Food
  • KFC Sunyani Delivery 
  • Nkosuo Groceries & Delivery
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Now let us dive into each of them and why they are Sunyani’s best food delivery services.

Jumia Food


Jumia Food has been operating in Sunyani, the first delivery service to start in Sunyani, while their top competitor Glovoapp is yet to start operating there.

Jumia Food offers a wide selection of local favorites such as KFC and international favorites like Subway Sandwiches, making it easy for anyone who wants something different from what they normally eat.

You can download the JUMIA food app from the Google play store and Apple Store and browse through their Sunyani restaurants to order your preferred meal and deliver it.

You can read this article to know the steps in ordering food using Jumia food.

KFC Sunyani Delivery 

kfc delivery number

KFC is one of Ghana’s best and most popular restaurants in Accra, Kumasi, and Sunyani.

The restaurant is known for its unique flavors that make them stand out from the remaining restaurant.

KFC also has a service called KFC delivery, but this delivery is only for foods you buy from their restaurant.

KFC has a branch in Sunyani and does delivery in Sunyani. 

You have to call their branch order number and then tell them you want it delivered to you.

Nkosuo Groceries & Delivery

Nkosuo is mainly into grocery deliveries, and of course, they also deliver already cooked foods to people living inside Sunyani.

They are one of the best regarding Food online delivery in Sunyani.

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They became popular and loved by Sunyani residents because of their delivery fees. 

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They ensure you are charged low for any item you order them to bring you.

Nkosuo Groceries & Delivery Contact Details

  • Address: The municipal Educational Director, sunyani ,Brong Ahafo, Sunyani, Ghana
  • Phone: 0278187142 / 0206663859


This article covered things to look out for before choosing a food delivery app to order from.

And then, we also covered the best food delivery services in Sunyani. In recap, we covered:

  • Nkusuo Groceries & delivery 
  • Jumia Food
  • KFC Sunyani delivery 

For more delivery articles, you can check out

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