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Best Food Delivery Services In East Legon [Our Top Picks]

Are you in search of restaurants in East Legon that offer reliable delivery services? East Legon is one of Ghana’s bustling metropolitan areas, teeming with businesses and burgeoning organizations.

In this vibrant city, the prevalence of food delivery services has become an integral part of daily life.

East Legon boasts a diverse array of food delivery options, spanning from the pinnacle of excellence to those that may fall short of expectations.

The abundance of choices in Ghana’s food delivery scene can be overwhelming, making decision-making challenging.

Food delivery services have revolutionized our eating habits, providing unparalleled convenience. Restaurants now can extend their reach and attract new clientele by serving a wider area.

Given the daily grind and time constraints faced by many individuals commuting to work, the ability to avoid the stress of traveling from one point to another to dine in a restaurant is a welcome change.

This guide is crafted to present you with the top four food delivery services, meticulously selected based on my personal experience and extensive research.

Let this guide assist you in navigating the diverse landscape of food delivery in East Legon, ensuring a seamless and satisfying dining experience.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Food Delivery Service To Order Food From In East Legon

In the quest for the finest food delivery services in East Legon, discerning individuals, both seasoned users and potential customers, take into account several key factors. Here is a comprehensive list of the primary considerations that influence their decision-making process:

  1. Reliability: The reliability of a food delivery service is paramount. Users seek services that consistently deliver orders on time and in good condition.
  2. Menu Variety: A diverse and appealing menu is a crucial factor. Customers look for food delivery services that offer a wide range of options, catering to different tastes and preferences.
  3. Quality of Food: The quality of the food is a non-negotiable aspect. Users prioritize services that maintain high standards in the preparation and presentation of their dishes.
  4. Pricing: Affordability is a significant consideration. Customers evaluate the pricing structure of food delivery services, looking for a balance between cost and quality.
  5. User-Friendly Platforms: An intuitive and user-friendly ordering platform, whether it’s a website or mobile app, is highly valued. Customers appreciate interfaces that are easy to navigate.
  6. Customer Reviews: Peer feedback and reviews play a pivotal role. Potential users often rely on the experiences of others to gauge the overall satisfaction with a particular food delivery service.
  7. Delivery Speed: Prompt delivery is crucial. Users favor services that ensure quick and efficient delivery, allowing them to enjoy their meals without unnecessary delays.
  8. Customer Service: Effective and responsive customer service is a key factor. Users appreciate services that are attentive to queries, concerns, and issues, providing satisfactory resolutions.
  9. Delivery Coverage: The geographical reach of the delivery service matters. Users seek services that cover a broad area, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of customers.
  10. Promotions and Discounts: Special offers, promotions, and discounts contribute to the attractiveness of a food delivery service. Users often gravitate towards platforms that provide additional value for their money.
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By carefully considering these factors, individuals in East Legon can make informed decisions when choosing a food delivery service that aligns with their preferences and expectations.

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Food Delivery Services In East Legon

Let’s delve into each of the factors that contribute to the recognition of these food delivery services as the best in East Legon:

Eziban Food Delivery

eziban mobile app

Eziban stands out as a versatile food delivery service that facilitates orders from popular establishments like KFC and Jumia Food, offering a seamless online ordering and delivery experience for the convenience of its users.

For those new to the realm of online food ordering, Eziban simplifies the process with an easily navigable app.

To initiate an order, users can visit their preferred restaurant’s website through the Eziban app, select their desired items, provide payment information, and patiently await the arrival of their delectable meal at their doorstep.

Navigating the Eziban food delivery app is user-friendly, making the overall experience smooth and accessible.

For those eager to explore this convenience, the app is readily available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Embark on the journey of effortless online food ordering with Eziban, unlocking a world of culinary delights delivered straight to your door.


glovo app

For an exceptional food delivery experience coupled with easy navigation, GlovoApp emerges as a top choice.

This user-friendly app opens the door to a plethora of restaurant options, ranging from KFC and Peterpan to Food Garage and many more.

To utilize the GlovoApp, the process is straightforward. Users can simply peruse the menu of their desired restaurant, make selections, and place an order seamlessly through the app or website. The streamlined interface ensures a hassle-free ordering experience.

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A notable feature of GlovoApp is the timely notifications that users receive upon the arrival of their order. This eliminates the need to wait anxiously by the door, allowing customers to make the most of their time without unnecessary delays.

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For those seeking a food delivery app that combines convenience with an extensive restaurant selection, installing GlovoApp is a prudent choice.

Explore the diverse culinary options and relish the simplicity of ordering your favorite meals with just a few taps.

KFC Delivery 


KFC stands as one of Ghana’s premier and widely acclaimed restaurants, with a presence in Accra, Kumasi, and Sunyani.

Globally recognized as one of the foremost fast-food establishments, KFC has earned its reputation by serving up irresistibly crispy fried chicken accompanied by an array of delectable side dishes.

The uniqueness of KFC lies in its distinct flavors, setting it apart as a standout choice among the plethora of dining options.

Beyond the in-restaurant experience, KFC extends its services to provide added convenience through KFC delivery.

For those eager to savor the flavors of KFC in the comfort of their homes, the process is straightforward.

Simply contact the East Legon branch via the designated order number, 0308251000, and communicate your desire for a delivery to your location.

This ensures that you can enjoy the iconic taste of KFC without leaving the comfort of your home, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Jumia Food


Jumia Food stands out as a premier food delivery service, presenting a diverse array of culinary delights ranging from local favorites like KFC to international classics such as Subway Sandwiches.

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This extensive selection caters to individuals seeking a departure from their usual dining choices.

To partake in the culinary offerings facilitated by Jumia Food, users can conveniently download the Jumia Food app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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Once the app is installed, patrons can effortlessly browse through the array of Accra restaurants featured on the platform.

Selecting and ordering your preferred meal is a seamless process through the user-friendly interface of the Jumia Food app.

With a few taps, you can ensure the delivery of your chosen delicacy straight to your doorstep, enhancing the overall dining experience with convenience and variety. Explore the app and indulge in a diverse range of flavors with Jumia Food.


Indeed, the landscape of food delivery services has expanded, making it more convenient than ever to order your favorite meals and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

For residents in and around East Legon, this article serves as a guide to the best food delivery services in the area. The highlighted online food delivery services and apps are ready and waiting for you to place your next meal order.

In summary, the top food delivery services in East Legon are:

  1. Eziban Food Delivery
  2. Jumia Food
  3. GlovoApp
  4. KFC Delivery

Each of these services offers a unique set of advantages, ensuring that residents have a variety of options to choose from when craving a delicious meal.

Explore these platforms to discover the convenience and diverse culinary offerings they bring to the table.

You can also check out the best food delivery services in Kumasi and Sunyani.

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