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List Of Private Hospitals In Accra [Our Top Picks]

In search of quality healthcare with professional staff in Accra? Look no further. This article presents a comprehensive list of some of the top private hospitals in Accra, renowned for their commitment to excellence.

Equipped with modern and state-of-the-art facilities, these hospitals provide a welcoming environment with clean and inviting consulting rooms.

If you’re unfamiliar with private hospitals in Accra, this article is tailored just for you. Read on to discover the best private healthcare options in the city.

Nyaho Medical Center

nyaho medical center

Regarded as one of the premier private hospitals in Ghana, Nyaho Medical Centre has been a stalwart provider of premium healthcare for over five decades.

Founded in 1970 by Dr. Kwami Nyaho Tamaklo, the center has consistently aimed to be at the forefront of medical excellence in Ghana.

With an impressive 52 years of experience and a team of over 70 medical specialists, Nyaho Medical Centre has expanded its reach with branches across the country.

The main branch, situated at 35 Kofi Annan Street in the Airport Residential area, serves as a flagship for the institution’s commitment to delivering top-notch medical services.

Nyaho Medical Centre’s dedication to excellence, coupled with its expansive experience and specialized medical professionals, positions it as a trusted choice for individuals seeking premium healthcare in Ghana.

Nyaho Medical Center Contact Details And Location

Ghana Canada Medical Centre

Ghana Canada Medical Centre

Canada Medical Center, situated at Manor Valley in Adjiringanor East Legon, Ghana, stands as Accra’s first specialty hospital, known for its commitment to providing quality healthcare.

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In addition to its main location, the hospital also extends its services to the East Legon area, showcasing its dedication to serving the community.

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Driven by the mission “to improve the quality of life, life expectancy, and productivity of the people of the community through the delivery of quality medical treatment,” Canada Medical Center was established by doctors who returned home after living and working abroad.

This commitment is reflected in its role as a general clinic with specialized departments, including surgery, eye care, dental services, and various others.

As a pioneer in specialty healthcare, Canada Medical Center contributes significantly to raising the standard of medical services in Accra, emphasizing both general and specialized care for the well-being of the community it serves.

Ghana Canada Medical Centre Location And Contact Details

  • Location: Accra
  • Tel number: 0302521440 / 0308250091 / 0308250092
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.ghanacanadamedicalcentre.com

Lister Hospital And Fertility Center

Lister Hospital And Fertility Center

Lister Hospital, located on Accra’s Airport Hills Boulevard, stands as a cutting-edge healthcare facility with a reputation for dependable doctors, nurses, and state-of-the-art technology.

With a remarkable 17 years of delivering high-quality healthcare, Lister Hospital has rightfully earned its place among the best hospitals in Accra.

The hospital provides an extensive range of specialist services, covering areas such as physiotherapy, pediatric hematology, plastic surgery, rheumatology, internal medicine, and many others.

This diverse offering showcases Lister Hospital’s commitment to catering to a broad spectrum of healthcare needs.

In addition to its specialized services, Lister Hospital operates a 24-hour ambulance service, ensuring prompt responses to emergencies.

This further solidifies the hospital’s dedication to providing comprehensive and timely healthcare services to the community it serves.

Lister Hospital And Fertility Center Location And Contact Details

Medifem Hospital

medifem hospital

Situated on Margaret Anderson Avenue in West Legon, Medifem Hospital stands as a renowned Ghanaian-owned private healthcare center, celebrated for delivering excellent specialist services and general healthcare.

Established in 2004, the hospital has undergone substantial growth and emerged as a leader in healthcare delivery, particularly in fertility management.

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Medifem Hospital serves as a comprehensive healthcare provider with a range of specialized services.

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Within its facilities, you’ll find a pediatric ward, obstetrics and gynecology unit, dental center, and various other departments.

This diversified offering reflects Medifem’s commitment to addressing a wide array of healthcare needs for its patients.

As a prominent healthcare institution in West Legon, Medifem Hospital continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being of the community it serves, emphasizing both general and specialized healthcare services.

Medifem Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0302433963 / 0554110224 / 0272579491
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://medifemhospital.com

Accra Medical Center

accra medical centre

Accra Medical Center, a fully Ghanaian-owned medical institution, has been a prominent figure in the healthcare scene for over a decade, accumulating a wealth of experience in premium healthcare delivery.

Situated at Ringway Estates in Osu, Accra, this hospital has established itself as a general and internal medicine clinic with a commitment to excellence.

Accra Medical Center is particularly renowned for its physician specialist clinic and state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostics center, both recognized for their world-class standards.

This reflects the hospital’s dedication to providing cutting-edge medical services to its patients.

In every aspect of its operations, Accra Medical Center places a strong emphasis on excellence.

From doctors and nurses to supporting staff, the entire team strives to be the best in their respective roles, contributing to the hospital’s reputation as a leader in healthcare delivery in Accra.

Accra Medical Center Location And Contact Details

Rabito Clinic

rabito clinic

With an impressive 47 years of experience spanning general medicine, dermatology, gynecology, and neurology, Rabito Clinic has consistently delivered quality and affordable healthcare.

While maintaining 21 branches across the country, its headquarters is strategically located in Osu, behind the Koala Shopping Centre.

Rabito Clinic distinguishes itself as a go-to destination for addressing skin concerns, offering specialized care for a comprehensive range of skin conditions from head to toe.

The clinic boasts a team of skin specialists dedicated to providing effective solutions for dermatological issues.

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Looking towards the future, Rabito Clinic has ambitious plans to expand its services into pediatrics, mental health, ear, nose, throat, and sexual health.

This forward-thinking approach positions Rabito Clinic as a dynamic and evolving healthcare institution, committed to meeting the diverse needs of its patients in the years to come.

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Rabito Clinic Location And Contact Details

Ababio Memorial Clinic 

ababio memorial clinic

Situated at 6A Labone Link North in Accra, Ababio Memorial Clinic is a well-regarded healthcare facility in the city. The clinic has gained popularity, reflected in its high approval rating of 4.6 stars on Google.

Ababio Memorial Clinic offers a range of specialist services, including obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, surgery, and more.

In addition to specialized care, the clinic provides general medical services, catering to a broad spectrum of healthcare needs.

Patients at Ababio Memorial Clinic experience a calming and relaxed environment, where professional doctors and compassionate nurses attend to their needs.

This commitment to patient well-being underscores the clinic’s dedication to providing quality healthcare services with a focus on creating a positive and supportive patient experience.

Ababio Memorial Clinic Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0249321679
  • 0302776244
  • Website: https://ababiomemorialclinic.business.site/

C&J Medicare Hospital And Diagnostic Center

C&J Medicare Hospital And Diagnostic Center

Located on Spintex Sakumono Road in Lashibi, C&J Medicare Hospital stands out as a leading healthcare facility, offering specialized medical exam packages tailored for all ages with prior health checks.

Operating on the highest international standards, the hospital is committed to delivering quality healthcare at reasonable prices.

C&J Medicare Hospital provides a comprehensive range of specialized services, including cardiology, endoscopy, theater and surgery, optical care, and many others.

This diverse offering ensures that patients have access to a wide spectrum of medical services, addressing various healthcare needs.

With a focus on international standards, affordability, and a broad range of specialized services, C&J Medicare Hospital plays a pivotal role in contributing to the well-being of the community it serves.

C&J Medicare Hospital And Diagnostic Center Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0303400051 / 0302683388 / 0302938170
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://candjhospital.org

When it comes to quality healthcare, several reputable hospitals are available for your consideration.

Explore the healthcare services provided by Nyaho, Ghana Canada Medical Center, Lister Hospital, Medifem Hospital, Accra Medical Center, Rabito, Ababio Memorial Clinic, and C&J Medicare Hospital.

Each of these healthcare institutions is committed to delivering top-notch medical care to ensure your well-being. Feel free to visit any of these hospitals to access quality healthcare services.

You can also check out the best hospitals in Accra and the list of government hospitals in Accra.

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