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Best Food Delivery Services In KNUST [Our Top Picks]

Food delivery services can be a lifesaver for students and residents in Kumasi, especially around KNUST.

If you need a break from fast food and desire a more diverse and convenient dining experience, this list of the best food delivery services in KNUST is for you.

It ensures that your stay or visit will be enjoyable and filled with delicious and varied meals.

So, whether you’re a student, worker, or visitor, these services will make your dining experience more interesting and hassle-free.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Food Delivery Service To Order Food From In KNUST

When individuals explore options for the most reliable food delivery services at KNUST, they meticulously evaluate various factors. Below is a compilation of key considerations that users prioritize:

How Long It Will Take For The Food To Arrive

When engaging in delivery services, it’s common to place orders when hunger strikes. Therefore, in selecting the optimal delivery service, it is imperative to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of your food to satisfy your cravings swiftly.

Customer Support 

Choosing online delivery services or apps that boast live chat support is crucial for ensuring a smooth and hassle-free ordering experience.

A prime example of such a service is Pizzeria, which stands out for its commitment to customer assistance.

For individuals venturing into their first online food ordering experience, it is advisable to prioritize platforms that offer dedicated support through their delivery service or app.

This approach ensures that any queries or concerns can be promptly addressed, enhancing the overall satisfaction of the ordering process.

Delivery Fee

The presence of a delivery fee is an integral aspect of online food orders, and its amount is primarily influenced by your specific location and the source of your food order.

When in the process of choosing an online food delivery service, it is wise to thoroughly scrutinize and compare the delivery fees offered by various platforms.

This careful consideration ensures that you make an informed decision based on both the quality of service and the associated costs.

Food Pricing 

Numerous delivery platforms compel users to place food orders directly through their designated websites or apps, providing transparent access to food pricing.

It is advisable to consistently compare the food pricing offered by different food delivery services, taking into account not only the cost of the food but also the associated delivery fees.

In KNUST, where several commendable food delivery services operate, the temptation may arise to opt for the one nearest to your location.

However, it is crucial to prioritize services that guarantee well-prepared drivers capable of navigating the unique challenges posed by traffic and weather conditions in KNUST.

This ensures the safe and timely delivery of your order, allowing you to relish your meal without concerns.

Food Delivery Services In KNUST


how to order food online from glovoapp

Discovering reliable food delivery services nearby is now effortlessly resolved with the introduction of Glovo. For those in search of a user-friendly and top-tier food delivery app, GlovoApp stands out.

This application provides users with a diverse range of restaurant options in any given area, encompassing popular choices like KFC, Peterpan, Food Garage, and more.

What sets Glovo apart is its capability to deliver to locations within the KNUST campus and its surroundings.

To utilize GlovoApp, the process is straightforward: select your desired items from the menu, place an order through the app or website (detailed steps available here), and receive timely notifications upon its arrival.

This efficient approach eliminates the need to linger by the door, ensuring you make the most of your time.

For swift access, the Glovo App can be easily downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Experience the convenience and variety that Glovo brings to your food delivery needs.

KFC Delivery 

kfc delivery number

KFC holds a distinguished status as one of Ghana’s premier and widely acclaimed restaurants, with a presence in Accra, Kumasi, and Sunyani.

Globally recognized as one of the foremost fast-food establishments, KFC is renowned for its delectably crispy fried chicken complemented by an array of enticing side dishes.

The restaurant chain has carved a niche for itself with its distinct flavors, setting it apart from its counterparts.

For added convenience, KFC offers a dedicated service known as KFC delivery, exclusively for items purchased from their restaurant.

To avail of this service, a straightforward process is in place. Reach out to the nearest branch via the provided contact number, 0308251000, and communicate your desire for delivery to your location.

For those inclined towards online ordering, comprehensive guides on how to order food online in Kumasi and specifically how to order KFC online are available, facilitating a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.

Jumia Food

jumia food

Jumia Food presents a diverse array of dining options, ranging from local favorites like KFC to international delights such as Subway Sandwiches.

This expansive selection caters to individuals seeking a departure from their regular culinary choices.

For a seamless experience, the Jumia Food app is readily available for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Once installed, users can effortlessly navigate through the list of Accra restaurants featured on the platform.

Choose your preferred meal and place an order, with the added convenience of having it delivered to your location.

The accessibility and variety offered by Jumia Food make it a convenient choice for those craving a change from their usual dining routine.

Explore the app to discover a plethora of options and indulge in a delightful culinary experience.

Check out our Jumia food ordering guide.

Mirikacheetah Food Delivery Service

Mirikacheetah Food Delivery Service

Mirikacheetah emerges as one of the highly esteemed food delivery services within KNUST, gaining widespread recognition among the student community.

Distinguished by its operational efficiency, Mirikacheetah Food Delivery Service has built a reputation for ensuring the timely delivery of food orders.

Notably, the service adheres to a transparent fee structure, charging a nominal amount for delivery services.

This commendable approach has significantly contributed to the popularity of Mirikacheetah among KNUST students.

As a reliable and punctual food delivery option, it continues to serve the campus community with dedication and affordability.

Mirikacheetah Food Delivery Service Contact Details

  • Address: KNUST-Ayeduase, +233 Kumasi, Ghana
  • Phone: 0545567511
  • Facebook:
  • Email: [email protected]


The realm of food delivery services is rapidly expanding, offering unparalleled convenience by allowing individuals to order their favorite meals from the comfort of their homes.

For those residing in and around KNUST, this article is tailored to cater to your culinary preferences.

Here, we delve into a comprehensive exploration of the finest food delivery services within KNUST. These online platforms and apps stand ready, eager for you to initiate your next meal order.

Additionally, for those seeking insights into ordering from Papaye restaurant, renowned as one of the best across Kumasi, valuable information is provided to streamline your dining experience.

Embrace the ease and variety offered by these online food delivery services, transforming your mealtime into a hassle-free and enjoyable affair.

In recap, the best food delivery services in KNUST are:

  • Jumia Food
  • GlovoApp 
  • KFC delivery
  • Mirikacheetah Food Delivery Service 
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