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The Top 20 Richest Cities In Ghana

Ghana, situated on the West Coast of Africa, stands as a nation adorned with a vibrant culture, rich history, and a flourishing economy.

Endowed with natural resources and captivating tourist sites, Ghana boasts cities that reflect its economic prosperity.

In this article, we embark on a journey to unveil the top 20 richest cities in Ghana, each with its unique features and attractions.

From bustling urban centers to cultural hubs, these cities offer a diverse tapestry of experiences for curious travelers and entrepreneurs alike.

Join us as we explore the wealth, culture, and allure of the richest cities that contribute to Ghana’s dynamic landscape.

Factors That Determine A Rich City In Ghana

In Ghana, the affluence of a city is gauged by considering several key factors:

  1. Economic Growth and Development: The measurement of a city’s prosperity often hinges on economic indicators like Gross Domestic Product (GDP), per capita income, and the availability of employment opportunities. A thriving city is characterized by sustained economic growth and development.
  2. Infrastructure and Amenities: The presence of robust infrastructure and essential amenities is crucial. This includes well-maintained transportation networks, advanced communication systems, reliable access to electricity and water, a network of educational institutions, properly kept roads and public spaces, accessible healthcare facilities, recreational centers, and cultural attractions. The quality of these amenities contributes significantly to the perceived richness of a city.
  3. Investment and Business Environment: Cities that serve as magnets for investments and foster entrepreneurial activities tend to be associated with higher levels of wealth. A conducive business environment, coupled with policies that attract investments, contributes to the overall economic prosperity of a city.

The Top 20 Richest Cities In Ghana

The top 20 richest cities in Ghana are:

  • Accra – Greater Accra Region
  • Kumasi – Ashanti Region
  • Takoradi – Western Region
  • Tema – Greater Accra Region
  • Tamale – Northern Region
  • Cape Coast – Central Region
  • Sekondi – Western Region
  • Sunyani – Bono Region
  • Koforidua – Eastern Region
  • Ho – Volta Region
  • Bolgatanga – Upper East Region
  • Wa – Upper West Region
  • Nsawam – Eastern Region
  • Techiman – Bono East Region
  • Teshie – Greater Accra Region
  • Dome – Greater Accra Region
  • Kasoa – Central Region
  • Nungua – Greater Accra Region
  • Madina – Greater Accra Region
  • Tema Newtown – Greater Accra Region

Accra – Greater Accra Region

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, stands as the epicenter of both commerce and administration within the country.

Renowned for its dynamic economic landscape, Accra boasts a thriving economy propelled by key sectors such as finance, real estate, and services.

Beyond its economic prowess, the city is characterized by a vibrant cultural scene, making it a rich tapestry of traditions, arts, and experiences.

As the heartbeat of Ghana, Accra beckons travelers and entrepreneurs alike with its blend of economic vitality and cultural vibrancy.

Popular Tourist Sites In Accra

Accra has historical tourist sites such as Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and beaches such as Labadi Beach, Bojo Beach, and more.

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Kumasi – Ashanti Region

Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti Region, stands proudly as a bastion of rich cultural heritage in Ghana.

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Known for its deep cultural roots, Kumasi has become a major center for trade and commerce.

The city thrives with bustling markets and is a hub for various industries, particularly textiles, jewelry, and crafts.

Beyond its economic significance, Kumasi is a cultural gem, attracting visitors with its historical sites, traditional festivals, and vibrant local crafts, making it a compelling destination for those seeking both cultural immersion and economic opportunities.

Popular Tourist Sites At Kumasi

Kumasi has tourist sites like The Ashanti Palace, Manhyia Palace Museum, and the vibrant Kejetia Market.

Takoradi – Western Region

Takoradi, situated in the Western Region of Ghana, holds a pivotal position as a significant seaport and a prominent hub for the oil and gas industry.

This coastal city plays a crucial role in the country’s economic landscape, with a strong focus on the oil and gas sector.

Additionally, Takoradi’s economy is diversified, encompassing industries such as mining and manufacturing.

As a dynamic center for maritime activities and industrial development, Takoradi contributes substantially to Ghana’s economic growth and strategic importance in the region.

Popular Tourist Sites At Takoradi

You can enjoy the beautiful beaches, explore the Sekondi-Takoradi Twin City, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Tema – Greater Accra Region

Tema, situated in the Greater Accra Region, stands as a major industrial and commercial center in Ghana.

This bustling city is renowned for its vibrant seaport, a pivotal component that significantly contributes to the economic growth of the nation.

With a robust industrial landscape and a thriving commercial sector, Tema plays a crucial role in shaping Ghana’s economic dynamics. As a hub for trade, manufacturing, and various industries, Tema exemplifies the nation’s commitment to economic development and global connectivity.

Popular Tourist Sites At Tema

There are tourist sites such as the Tema Oil Refinery and the Akosombo Hydroelectric Dam. There are also tranquil beach resorts in the area that offer a relaxing escape.

Tamale – Northern Region

Tamale, the largest city in the northern part of Ghana, stands as a bustling metropolis characterized by a thriving agricultural economy.

Beyond its agricultural prominence, Tamale serves a crucial role as a commercial and transportation hub for the region.

With its strategic location and economic vitality, the city plays a pivotal role in facilitating trade and connecting the northern regions of Ghana.

Tamale’s significance extends beyond its size, making it a key player in the economic and transportation landscape of northern Ghana.

Popular Tourists Sites At Tamale

There are tourist sites such as Tamale Central Market, the Larabanga Mosque, and the Mole National Park, known for its diverse wildlife.

Cape Coast – Central Region

Cape Coast, the capital city of the Central Region, stands as a living testament to Ghana’s rich history, deeply rooted in its colonial heritage.

Steeped in historical significance, Cape Coast is renowned for its role in the colonial era, with notable landmarks and remnants of the past that narrate the story of the nation.

Beyond its historical importance, Cape Coast is a city that resonates with cultural vibrancy, offering visitors a profound experience that reflects the intersection of heritage and modernity in the heart of the Central Region.

Popular Tourist Sites At Cape Coast

The Cape Coast is home to Cape Coast Castle, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site that played a significant role in the transatlantic slave trade.

The City also offers picturesque beaches, such as the popular Kakum National Park.

Sekondi – Western Region

Sekondi, along with its twin city Takoradi, collectively forms the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly.

This urban conglomerate plays a vital role as an industrial and commercial center, with a particular emphasis on the timber and shipping industries.

The combined strength of Sekondi and Takoradi reflects a strategic hub for economic activities, contributing significantly to the industrial landscape of the Western Region.

With a focus on trade and maritime endeavors, Sekondi-Takoradi remains a key player in the economic development of Ghana.

Popular Tourist Sites At Sekondi

Sekondi is a city with beautiful beaches and the presence of cultural festivals like the Sekondi Kundum Festival make it an appealing destination.

Sunyani – Bono Region

Sunyani, situated in the Bono Region, emerges as a fast-growing city with a dynamic and diverse economy.

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The city’s growth is propelled by key sectors such as agriculture, commerce, and education. Sunyani’s strategic location and economic activities contribute to its significance as a hub for trade, agricultural development, and educational pursuits.

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As a city on the rise, Sunyani showcases the synergy of various sectors working together to fuel its economic vibrancy and contribute to the overall development of the Bono Region.

Popular Tourists Sites At Sunyani

Sunyani has a pleasant climate, the Kintampo Waterfalls and the Buabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary are attractions that make Sunyani a popular tourist spot.

Koforidua – Eastern Region

Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern Region, is celebrated for its lively markets and thriving craft industry.

The city stands out as a hub for commerce and craftsmanship, with vibrant markets that showcase the rich tapestry of local products and artistic creations.

Koforidua’s reputation in the craft industry adds to the city’s allure, attracting both residents and visitors seeking unique, handcrafted items.

With its dynamic markets and a flourishing craft scene, Koforidua stands as a cultural and economic focal point in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Popular Tourists Sites At Koforidua

Koforidua is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and is an ideal setting for exploring the scenic Aburi Botanical Gardens and the beautiful Akaa Waterfalls.

Ho – Volta Region

Ho, situated in the Volta Region, emerges as a bustling city with a growing commercial sector.

This dynamic urban center plays a crucial role as an important transportation hub, connecting various parts of the Volta Region and contributing to the regional economy.

With its strategic location and evolving commercial activities, Ho stands as a key player in facilitating trade and transportation in the Volta Region.

As the city continues to grow, its significance in both economic and transportation spheres solidifies, making Ho an integral part of the regional landscape.

Popular Tourist Sites In Ho

The Wli Waterfalls, the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, and the Tafi Abuipe Kente Village are popular attractions in the vicinity.

Bolgatanga – Upper East Region

Bolgatanga, the capital of the Upper East Region, is renowned for its traditional handicrafts, making it a cultural and artistic hub in Ghana.

The city is particularly famous for its production of straw baskets and smocks, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship of the local community.

Bolgatanga’s reputation as a center for traditional arts and crafts draws visitors seeking to explore and purchase unique, handcrafted items.

As a city that embraces and preserves its cultural heritage, Bolgatanga contributes significantly to the cultural richness of the Upper East Region and beyond.

Popular Tourists Sites At Bolgatanga

Bolgatanga is an important center for trade and commerce in the northern part of Ghana. The Paga Crocodile Pond and the Tongo Hills are notable attractions nearby.

Wa – Upper West Region

Wa, situated in the Upper West Region, is an emerging city with a developing economy that plays a pivotal role in the region’s progress.

Agriculture, livestock farming, and shea butter production stand out as vital contributors to Wa’s economic landscape.

The city’s growth is intertwined with these key sectors, reflecting the region’s focus on sustainable practices and economic diversification.

As an evolving urban center, Wa showcases the resilience and adaptability of its economy, contributing to the overall development and prosperity of the Upper West Region.

Popular Tourist Sites At Wa

The Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary and the Wa Naa’s Palace are among the important sites in the area.

Nsawam – Eastern Region

Nsawam, located in the Eastern Region, stands out as a growing city renowned for its vibrant agricultural activities, particularly in the production of cocoa and palm oil.

The city’s economy is intricately tied to these agricultural pursuits, highlighting the significance of Nsawam in the region’s agrarian landscape.

As a hub for the cultivation and processing of key agricultural products, Nsawam contributes to the overall economic vitality of the Eastern Region, showcasing the role of agriculture in the city’s growth and development.

Popular Tourists Sites At Nsawam

Nsawam is close to the Aburi Botanical Gardens and the Obuo Tabri Wildlife Sanctuary. It offers visitors a chance to explore nature and also to relax.

Techiman – Bono East Region

Techiman, a popular city in the Bono East Region, stands as a bustling commercial center, renowned for hosting a large agricultural market.

The city’s economic dynamics revolve around the pillars of agriculture, trade, and services. Techiman’s prominence as a hub for agricultural commerce reflects its pivotal role in connecting producers and consumers within the region.

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With a diverse economic portfolio, Techiman serves as a vibrant and dynamic city, contributing significantly to the economic landscape of the Bono East Region through its focus on agriculture, trade, and services.

Popular Tourists Sites At Techiman

The Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and the Kintampo Waterfalls are popular attraction sites near Techiman.

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Teshie – Greater Accra Region

Teshie, nestled in Accra within the Greater Accra Region, is a city celebrated for its vibrant cultural heritage, notably the annual Homowo Festival observed by the Ga people.

This festival, steeped in tradition, brings the community together to commemorate their history and customs.

Teshie’s cultural richness is reflected in the festivities and rituals associated with the Homowo Festival, making the city a focal point for preserving and celebrating the Ga heritage.

Beyond its cultural significance, Teshie contributes to the dynamic tapestry of Greater Accra, offering residents and visitors alike a unique and enriching experience.

Popular Tourists Sites At Teshie

Teshie has beautiful beaches, such as the Teshie-Nungua Beach, and a chance to witness traditional fishing practices.

Dome – Greater Accra Region

Dome, situated as a suburb of Accra in the Greater Accra Region, emerges as a rapidly developing area characterized by a blend of residential and commercial activities.

This dynamic urban space reflects the evolving landscape of Greater Accra, showcasing a mix of both residential neighborhoods and burgeoning commercial endeavors.

As Dome continues to grow, it contributes to the overall expansion and diversification of the Greater Accra Region, embodying the synergy between residential living and economic activities in this vibrant part of Ghana.

Popular Tourist Sites At Dome

Dome has attractions such as the Legon Botanical Gardens and the Achimota Golf Club, making it an appealing destination for relaxation.

Kasoa – Central Region

Kasoa, a bustling city located in the Central Region of Ghana, has undergone rapid urbanization and witnessed significant economic growth in recent years.

This dynamic urban center has become a key hub for trading activities, with its strategic position along the Accra-Cape Coast Highway providing convenient accessibility.

The city’s evolution reflects the broader trends of development and economic expansion within the Central Region.

As Kasoa continues to thrive, its role as a vibrant trading center underscores its importance in fostering commerce and contributing to the overall economic landscape of the region.

Popular Tourists Sites At Kasoa

The Bojo Beach Resort and the Budumburam Refugee Camp are some of the popular attractions in the vicinity.

Nungua – Greater Accra Region

Nungua, situated along the Atlantic coast, is a coastal community located in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

This vibrant area offers residents and visitors the beauty of coastal living, with proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Nungua’s coastal location adds to its allure, providing a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness within the Greater Accra Region.

Popular Tourist Sites At Nungua

Nungua has stunning beaches, such as Laboma Beach, and a vibrant fishing community. The city’s closeness to Accra makes it an ideal destination for both leisure and business travelers.

Madina – Greater Accra Region

Madina, a popular and renowned suburb of Accra, stands out for its bustling markets and vibrant street life.

This dynamic urban area is characterized by the energetic pulse of its markets, where locals engage in various economic activities and the streets come alive with the vibrancy of daily life.

Madina’s popularity extends beyond its residential aspect, offering a lively and diverse atmosphere that contributes to the overall charm and dynamics of the Greater Accra Region.

Popular Tourists Sites At Madina

Madina provides a blend of modern and traditional attractions such as the Aburi Botanical Gardens and the Accra Mall, making it a popular destination for shopping and leisure activities.

Tema Newtown – Greater Accra Region

Tema Newtown, a vibrant neighborhood in Accra situated in the Greater Accra Region, is renowned for its lively atmosphere and rich cultural festivals.

The community’s vibrancy is reflected in its dynamic events and celebrations, where residents come together to embrace and showcase their cultural heritage.

Tema Newtown’s commitment to preserving its traditions and fostering a lively atmosphere contributes to the cultural tapestry of the Greater Accra Region, making it a distinctive and engaging part of Accra’s diverse landscape.

Popular Tourist Sites At Tema Newtown

 It has popular beaches like Coco Beach and Sakumono Beach. You can also explore the Sakumo Lagoon and enjoy various water activities.

Why You Should Visit These Top 20 Richest Cities In Ghana

To fully immerse yourself in the richness of this city, it is highly recommended to explore its beautiful natural tourist sites and delve into its vibrant culture and traditions.

The experience will undoubtedly offer a deeper understanding of the city’s unique identity.

For those considering an extended stay, seeking accommodation options in this city is a worthwhile endeavor, especially if you appreciate living in an environment that reflects a higher standard of living.

This ensures that you not only witness the city’s affluence but also become an integral part of its distinctive lifestyle.


The wealthiest cities in Ghana epitomize the nation’s profound cultural legacy and its dynamic economic advancement.

For those contemplating residence or exploration within these affluent urban centers, the following list is presented.

The comprehensive coverage within this article delves into the top 20 most prosperous cities in Accra.

Each city is accompanied by a concise description, highlighting prominent tourist attractions, regional affiliations, and other noteworthy details.

You can also check out our top affordable places to live in Ghana.

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