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The Types Of Tour Guides In Ghana

Have you ever been stranded during your tour in any of the tourist sites in Ghana? Did you want any assistance on your tour?

Do you also want to be a tour guide to assist people who get stranded when touring? Do you possess the skills needed to be a tour guide or do you just have the passion for it?

Whatever it is, read this article to the end to learn the types of tour guides, how to become a tour guide, the skills needed, your responsibility as a tour guide, and more.

Stay tuned to the end. Without beating around the bush, let’s move straight to the real issue.

Ghana is blessed in so many ways from rich culture, history, diverse ethnic groups who coexist, impactful tradition, and not to forget the most popular and beautiful tourist sites and attractions from the vibrant city of Accra to the serene beaches of Cape Coast, there are lots to discover in this country but to learn and enjoy the most of your trip you need a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide.

Who is a Tour Guide?

A Tour Guide is a member of the hospitality and travel industry who takes people around different places of interest.

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A tour guide takes tourists, and travelers to a different tourist destination and gives them insight into the places they visit.

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Responsibilities And Duties Of A Tour Guide

The responsibilities of a tour guide depend on the type of tour guide you are. The following are some responsibilities of a tour guide.

  • A tour guide is responsible for teaching tourists and people who visit places. They give in-depth knowledge about the place including the history and interesting stories about the site.
  • A tour guide must greet and warmly welcome guests
  • They are responsible for explaining the safety procedures of a place to tourists and guests.
  • A tour guide provides learning materials to tourists. The learning materials include maps, audio, brochures, and several others.
  • A tour guide is responsible for guiding tourists and leading them on tour.
  • A tour guide is responsible for translating the local language to English for foreign tourists.

Types Of Tour Guides In Ghana

These are some of the types of tour guides in Ghana.

Adventure Tour Guides

Adventure guides lead tourists and adventure through various activities, and they often provide insights and interesting information about the environment or location.

For instance, trail riding guides accompany tourists and locals on horseback to explore scenic trails, share knowledge about wildlife, geography, and plants, and take care of the horses.

Fishing Guides

Fishing guides take guests to hard-to-reach fishing spots and assist them with supplies, instruction, and cleaning.

ATV Guides

ATV guides drive or guide guests on tracks and roads using various vehicles, ensuring their safety and enjoyment.

Museum Guides

Museum Guides provide educational and engaging experiences for museum-goers by sharing valuable background information about exhibits and artifacts.

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Nature Guides

Nature Guides, on the other hand, lead walking or hiking tours of outdoor areas, focusing on topics such as geology, ecology, and ornithology.

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City Guides

City Guide provides tours of urban areas on bikes, buses, cars, or on foot, highlighting historical or cultural sites, architectural features, and local restaurants and bars.

These guides are typically experts in their respective fields, providing valuable and interesting information to tourists.

Historical Guide

Historical Guide leads tourists around landmarks and sites of historical significance, such as ruins, temples, battlefields, and other points of interest.

These tours attract visitors who are interested in learning more about the history of a particular area.

Historical guides can work for the site, a tour company, or as independent contractors, and may have fascinating facts and information about the location and past events that will interest the visitors.

River Guides

These guides lead groups through river rapids and other obstacles and are responsible for providing gear, setting up campsites, and preparing meals for multi-day trips.

Climbing Guides

These guides offer equipment and lead guests on bouldering, sport climbing, or multi-pitch adventures, providing instruction and belaying.

Hiking Guides

These guides can lead hikers or backpackers on short day trips or longer mountaineering expeditions and may assist with navigating difficult terrain like glaciers, mountain passes, and peaks.

Snowmobile Guides

These guides provide snowmobiles and access to snowmobiling areas for guests or groups.

Park Guide

A Park Guide is responsible for helping guests at various locations such as theme parks, zoos, state parks, and national parks.

Your main duties would include leading groups of visitors around the park, highlighting points of interest, and providing relevant information to ensure that guests have a great experience.

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Freelance Guide

As a freelance gui, de you will be offering your services independently. This option would allow you to guide tourists through points of interest using your vehicle, but it’s important to note that you may not have access to the same insurance provisions as larger companies or established employers.

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Therefore, it’s crucial to stay informed of local laws and other legal requirements as a freelance guide.

Skills Needed To Be A Tour Guide

If you decide to pursue a career as a tour guide, you can expect to spend a significant portion of your day moving, speaking, and interacting with guests.

Stamina and energy are crucial qualities for this job, as is a passion for sharing your expertise with others.

Effective communication, Good customer service, factual expertise, charisma, adaptability, punctuality, and leadership are essential skills that most employers look for in tour guide candidates.

How Much Do Tour Guides Earn Monthly In Ghana?

A tour guide can earn a minimum salary of GHS 2500 monthly depending on the company you work for.


Tour guides in Ghana are very important as they help tourists and adventure seekers reach their aim of exploration.

The various types of tour guides are those stated in the article so whether you are looking to have a cultural, historical, adventurous or any other experience do not forget to fall on any of the types of tour guides we have learned earlier in the article. We learned:

  • Who a tour guide is
  • Types of tour guides in Ghana
  • Skills needed to be a tour guide in Ghana
  • How much a tour guide earns monthly

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