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Top 5 Tourist Sites In The Northern Region: Their Locations, Entry Rates, Contacts, And More [Our Top Picks]

If you’re in search of tourist sites in the Northern Region, embarking on a journey to this distant yet enchanting destination is undoubtedly a rewarding experience.

The Northern Region beckons with the allure of the savannah, providing a unique and immersive encounter with its natural beauty and diverse attractions.

From expansive landscapes to cultural treasures, the Northern Region boasts a tapestry of tourist attractions waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re captivated by the rich history embedded in ancient sites, intrigued by the vibrant traditions of local communities, or simply drawn to the scenic beauty of the savannah, this region has something for every avid traveler.

Plan your trip with anticipation, and you’ll discover that the Northern Region unfolds a tapestry of experiences that make the journey truly worthwhile.

Embrace the adventure and immerse yourself in the distinctive charm that defines this remarkable part of Ghana.

Tourist Sites In The Northern Region

Here are the top 5 tourist sites in the Northern Region:

  • Mole National Park
  • Larabanga Ancient Mosque
  • Larabanga Mystic Stone
  • Salaga Slave Market
  • Mognori Eco-Village

Mole National Park

mole national park

Situated in the northwest part of Ghana, this remarkable park stands as a vital wildlife reserve, providing sanctuary to a myriad of species, including antelope, wild pigs, elephants, buffalo, and apes.

Nestled within the Savannaland Tourism Destination Area, this park is not just a haven for biodiversity but also a testament to natural beauty and historical significance.

Operating around the clock, this park invites enthusiasts to immerse themselves in its splendor. For inquiries or to plan your visit, the contact number is 0244316777.

Renowned for its biological diversity, the park is home to an impressive array of wildlife, including 90 mammal species, 742 vascular plant species, 334 bird species, 120 butterfly species, and 9 amphibian species, among others.

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It stands as a testament to Ghana’s rich ecological tapestry and serves as a hotspot for elephant conservation in the country, boasting a unique breed of these majestic creatures.

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Embark on an adventure through this park, where the convergence of nature’s wonders and historical importance creates an immersive experience for all who venture into its embrace.

Mole National Park Entrance Fees

Entrance fees are as follows;

  • Ghanaian adult – GHS 15
  • Tertiary student – GHS 7
  • Second cycle student – GHS 5
  • Pupil – GHS 2
  • Adult foreigner – GHS 30
  • Foreign tertiary student – GHS 15
  • Foreign second cycle student – GHS 15
  • Foreign pupil – GHS 7

Larabanga Ancient Mosque

Enveloped in a timeless aura, the Larabanga Mosque stands as an iconic symbol of cultural and architectural significance.

Located in Larabanga, West Gonja, this distinguished mosque is celebrated for its unique Sudan architectural style, captivating all who venture to explore its storied grounds.

Open 24 hours each day, the Larabanga Mosque holds the distinction of being considered the oldest mosque in Ghana and one of the oldest in West Africa.

Affectionately referred to as the “Mecca of West Africa,” it is a testament to the enduring spiritual heritage of the region.

The mosque’s distinctive features include two towering structures shaped like pyramids, complemented by 12 bulbous-shaped buttresses.

These architectural elements contribute to the mosque’s unique and mesmerizing appearance.

Visitors are invited to witness not only the breathtaking design but also the ancient Quran housed within. Locals believe this Quran to be a celestial gift bestowed upon the Imam of its time.

For inquiries or to plan your visit, the Larabanga Mosque can be reached at 0543011889. Immerse yourself in the rich history and spiritual ambiance of this cultural gem, where the echoes of centuries past resonate in every arch and pillar.

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Larabanga Mystic Stone

Nestled on the Sawla-Damongo Road, this enigmatic stone stands as a captivating tourist attraction on the outskirts of Larabanga.

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Renowned for its mystical properties, this stone has intrigued visitors from across the globe, drawing them to witness a phenomenon that defies conventional understanding.

The stone holds a peculiar charm as it is believed to unfailingly return to its original location, regardless of the number of times it has been moved.

An intriguing chapter in its history unfolded about 70 years ago when British road constructors, faced with the stone’s unyielding nature, redirected a major road to accommodate its presence.

This mysterious stone has become a magnet for travelers seeking to unravel its secrets and marvel at the inexplicable force that anchors it to its designated spot.

As visitors venture to the Northern Region, this stone stands as a testament to the captivating and sometimes mystifying wonders that await those who explore the rich tapestry of Ghana’s cultural and natural heritage.

Salaga Slave Market

Nestled in the East Gonja district of the Northern Region, the Salaga slave market stands as a solemn testament to a dark chapter in history.

During the era of the inhumane slave trade, this market played a pivotal role as a significant point where enslaved individuals were gathered and transported to the coast for export to other countries.

Once a bustling center for trading animal hides, gold, textiles, ostrich feathers, and kola, the Salaga market evolved.

In the 18th century, a tragic shift occurred, transforming the market from a hub for foodstuff and artifacts to a haunting space where human lives were commodified.

Today, the Salaga slave market site stands as a place of historical reflection, inviting visitors to explore its somber past.

Open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily, a tour of this significant site offers a glimpse into the harsh realities of the transatlantic slave trade.

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For those seeking to engage with this historical landmark, inquiries and tour arrangements can be made by contacting 0504943359.

May the echoes of the past serve as a poignant reminder of the collective responsibility to ensure a future free from such injustices.

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Mognori Eco-Village

If you find yourself in the Northern Region, the Mognori eco-village is an absolute must-visit destination.

Situated on the fringes of Mole National Park, this eco-village has blossomed into a thriving ecotourism venture, offering a unique and enriching experience for visitors.

The locals extend a warm welcome, providing a diverse range of services to enhance your stay. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings with a canoe trip on the river, where you’ll encounter a vibrant array of wildlife, from birds and crocodiles to playful monkeys.

Embark on a guided tour of the village, gaining insights into the traditional processes of shea butter production and discovering the secrets of traditional medicine.

The Mognori eco-village offers a holistic cultural experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

For those eager to explore, a canoe trip for 1-5 people is priced at GHS 40, a village tour is available for GHS 10 per person, and a captivating cultural performance for 1-4 persons costs GHS 70.

To ensure your spot for any of these services, feel free to make arrangements by contacting them at 0249507413.

Make your visit to the Northern Region truly memorable with the rich cultural tapestry and natural wonders that await at the Mognori eco-village.

Wrapping Up

Embark on an adventure to the Northern Region, ensuring a well-organized itinerary to explore its thrilling destinations.

Following this, extend your journey to the Eastern Region to discover its own array of captivating tourist attractions.

For an unforgettable experience in the Northern Region, contact Mole National Park at 0244316777.

Immerse yourself in the historical allure of Larabanga Ancient Mosque by reaching out to 0543011889.

Delve into the past at Salaga Slave Market, accessible at 0504943359, and experience the eco-friendly charm of Mognori Eco-Village by contacting 0249507413.

Each location promises a unique and enriching chapter in your travel story.

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