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Tourist Sites In The Northern Region: Their Locations, Entry Rates, Contacts, And More [Our Top Picks]

Although quite far from those who live in the capital, a trip to the Northern Region is 100% worth it; you experience the savannah-like never before while also appreciating the various tourist attractions the Northern Region offers.

Thus, read as I share with you some popular tourist sites in the Northern Region.

Mole National Park

mole national park

This park is found in the northwest part of Ghana and serves as a reserve for numerous wildlife, including antelope, wild pigs, elephants, buffalo and apes. 

It is located within the Savannaland Tourism Destination Area, is open 24 hours each day and can be reached on the number 0244316777. 

The park is known for its natural beauty and historical importance. 

It is biologically diverse and houses 90 mammal species, 742 vascular plant species, 334 bird species, 120 butterfly species and 9 amphibian species, among others. 

It is also a hotspot for elephant conservation in the country, with a unique breed of elephants. 

Mole National Park Entrance Fees

Entrance fees are as follows;

  • Ghanaian adult – GHS 15
  • Tertiary student – GHS 7
  • Second cycle student – GHS 5
  • Pupil – GHS 2
  • Adult foreigner – GHS 30
  • Foreign tertiary student – GHS 15
  • Foreign second cycle student – GHS 15
  • Foreign pupil – GHS 7
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Larabanga Ancient Mosque

Also open 24 hours each day, the Larabanga mosque is famous for its unique Sudan architectural style and is located at Larabanga in West Gonja. 

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It is believed to be the oldest mosque in Ghana and one of the oldest in West Africa, and it has been given the name “Mecca of West Africa”. 

It has 2 tall towers in the shape of a pyramid, with 12 bulbous-shaped structures as buttresses. 

Visitors to the mosque can view the old Quran, which locals believe is a gift from heaven to the Imam at the time. 

You can reach it on the number 0543011889 for any enquiries.

Larabanga Mystic Stone

A tourist attraction located on Sawla-Damongo Road, this mystic stone can be found on the outskirts of Larabanga. 

This stone is special and worth seeing because it is believed to always return to its original location, even after being moved countless times. 

About 70 years ago, British road constructors had no choice but to redirect a major road when all efforts to move the stone proved futile. 

Thus, visitors from all over the world come to the Northern Region to see this mysterious stone and leave fascinated.

Salaga Slave Market

The Salaga slave market is located in the East Gonja district of the Northern Region. 

During the inhumane slave trade, the Salaga market served as an important point where enslaved people were transported to the coast for export to other countries. 

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It was one of the leading market centres in West Africa for many years and was involved in trading animal hides, gold, textiles, ostrich feathers and kola. 

However, in the 18 century, the market switched from selling foodstuff and artefacts to selling humans. 

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Now a stock market is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm each day and can be reached on 0504943359 to schedule a tour.

Mognori Eco-Village

The Mognori eco-village is right on the edge of Mole National Park and has become a flourishing ecotourism venture in recent years. 

Locals offer a wide range of services to visitors and tourists; you can go canoeing on the river, where you’ll see birds, crocodiles and monkeys. 

You can also go on a tour of the village, where you’ll learn how shea butter is made and also learn about traditional medicine. 

A canoe trip of 1-5 people costs GHS 40, a village per person costs GHS 10, while a cultural performance per 1-4 persons costs GHS 70. 

To book any of these services, you can reach them on 0249507413.

Wrapping Up

With all these exciting locations to visit, you’ll need to plan your trip to the Northern Region well and after that, you can head to the Eastern region and also check out their tourist attractions. 

You can reach mole national park on 0244316777, Larabanga ancient mosque on 0543011889, Salaga slave market on 0504943359, and Mognori eco-village on 0249507413.

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