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Can I Use ECOWAS Passport To Travel to Ghana?

Traveling is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature, meet new people, learn different customs, and share your culture with others.

With this blog, here I will give you all the basic information you need when traveling to Ghana.

I have traveled to Ghana for business activity on various occasions and I have also used my ECOWAS Passport on other occasions to travel to other African countries.

Before traveling to Ghana you should do your homework on what visa you need, if any.

Also, you should learn about how you are going to get around and what documents you will need when you leave Ghana.

What Is ECOWAS Passport?

This is a traveling document that is issued to citizens of the member countries of the Economic Community of West African States.

This passport is designed to ensure the free movement of people, services, and goods within the West African States to foster unity among these states.

Can You Use ECOWAS Passport to Travel to Ghana?

For sure, you can use your own ECOWAS passport as a valid travel document to enter Ghana without any restrictions because ECOWAS recognizes this as a valid travel document to member states.

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Requirement For Traveling To Ghana With An ECOWAS Passport

If you want to travel to Ghana with your ECOWAS passport then you need to fulfill the following requirements, in so doing you are good to go.

  • Valid ECOWAS Passport: Before planning your trip to Ghana, ensure that your ECOWAS passport remains valid for a minimum of six months from the date you intend to enter the country. This requirement is essential to ensure that your passport is still valid during your entire stay in Ghana.
  • Return Ticket: It’s important to have a return ticket before embarking on your journey to Ghana. This return ticket should reflect your intention to leave Ghana at the end of your visit. Immigration authorities may request to see your return ticket as proof of your departure plans.
  • Clean Criminal Record: Make sure that you do not have a criminal record that might restrict your entry into Ghana. Certain criminal offenses can lead to entry denials or even legal actions upon arrival in the country. Conduct a self-check or consult the Ghanaian embassy or consulate to clarify your status and address any potential issues prior to your trip.
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Benefits Of Travelling To Ghana With An ECOWAS Passport.

There are several benefits attached to traveling to Ghana with an ECOWAS passport. Below are some of the benefits:

  1. You do not need a visa, hence you get to save money and time on the acquisition of a visa.
  2. It is very easy to enter and exit without completing any entry and exit forms or even undergoing immigration procedures.
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Can People Who Pose Threats To General Public Be Allowed To Enter Ghana With ECOWAS Passport?

People with criminal records and people who pose a threat to the general public are not allowed into any of the ECOWAS countries especially Ghana.

If you notice anybody who poses a threat to the general public kindly report such a person to the nearest police station.

What Are The Countries That Makeup ECOWAS?

Fifteen countries are part of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS):

  • Burkina Faso
  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Ghana
  • Gambia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Nigeria
  • Namibia
  • Senegal
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Liberia
  • Niger
  • Cape Verde
  • Ivory Coast

Which Country Left ECOWAS?

 Mauritania which is an Arabic-speaking country left the ECOWAS in December 2000.


ECOWAS Passport holders can visit Ghana without any Visa requirements provided they provide their passport, an ECOWAS Passport booklet, and an ECOWAS Identification card.

The ECOWAS Identification card is not compulsory, hence you can get into Ghana using the passport, booklet, and a valid Visa from your country of origin or residence.

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