Restaurant space for rent In Accra

Restaurant space for rent In Accra

Accra, the captivating capital of Ghana, stands as a vibrant fusion of culture, history, and diverse culinary delights.

For those in search of a remarkable dining experience or a venue to host special events, the city offers a plethora of enticing options.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the top restaurants in Accra, showcasing their potential to host memorable occasions.

Each featured restaurant is presented with precise location details, contact information, and additional details to ensure a seamless planning process for special events or occasions.

Whether you are seeking a venue for a corporate gathering, a celebration, or any other special event, the curated list of restaurants in Accra promises to deliver an exceptional and memorable experience for both hosts and guests alike.

What To Consider When Choosing A Restaurant For An Event

Before you will choose a restaurant for your event, consider the following factors.


To what extent does the location facilitate accessibility for individuals using strollers or wheelchairs?

For individuals with disabilities, the inability to access a venue can significantly affect their overall experience and enjoyment of the event.


When seeking a restaurant to host your event, it is crucial to bear in mind that expenditures on venue and catering should generally constitute less than half of your overall budget.

 Cancellation policy

It is customary for venues to implement cancellation policies, the terms of which can vary concerning refund options.

These policies may include full refunds, partial refunds, or no refunds, especially when cancellations transpire in proximity to the event date.

It is imperative to thoroughly grasp the cancellation policy before finalizing any agreements.


Restaurants typically feature their own curated decor, often investing significant amounts in engaging professional interior designers.

Naturally, owners may not be readily open to requests for alterations. Nevertheless, it is advisable to inquire, provided that your proposed changes do not entail wall damage or create an excessive mess.

Eating outside

When weather conditions are favorable, you may be inclined to organize a dinner outing at a restaurant with an open-air setting.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to verify that there is ample indoor space to accommodate all guests.

Despite the heightened accuracy of weather-predicting apps, there persists a slight possibility of an unforeseen summer storm.

Restaurant space for rent in Accra

Chinchilla Sip And Slush

This establishment boasts a spacious interior capable of accommodating nearly 300 guests, providing a serene and hygienic environment.

Additionally, they offer rental services for a diverse range of events, including birthday parties, weddings, and business meetings.

Location And Contact Details Of Chinchilla Sip And Slush

You can locate them at the University of Ghana, 9th Street, Accra. To contact them to book, you can do so by calling 0241622901.

Bourbon House Cafe

Bourbon House Cafe

Situated with expansive indoor and outdoor seating areas, this restaurant boasts attractive decor that captivates its guests.

With a capacity to accommodate up to 200 guests, it proves to be an ideal venue for a variety of events, including business meetings and family gatherings.

Location And Contact Details Of Bourbon House Cafe

You can locate them at the A &C Mall at East Legon in Accra. You can reach out to them directly at 0560702600 for inquiries.

Tunnel Lounge

Tunnel Lounge Menu

This restaurant stands out as one of the premier venues for events in Accra. Featuring a spacious seating area and ample parking facilities, it is an ideal choice for hosting special occasions such as weddings and parties.

With a capacity to accommodate approximately 200 to 300 guests, it ensures a welcoming and accommodating atmosphere for gatherings.

Location And Contact Details Of Tunnel Lounge

You can find the restaurant at 45 Kofi Annan Street, Accra. You can reach them for inquiries and bookings at 0551556444.

Indulge Accra

indulge restaurant food

For an exceptionally convenient and memorable event that will undoubtedly become the talk of the town, consider booking a space at Indge Accra.

The establishment boasts a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, ensuring a delightful experience for attendees.

With a generous capacity to host approximately 400 guests, the venue provides inclusive offerings, including tables and chairs, to enhance the overall convenience of your event.

Location And Contact Details Of Indulge Accra

Plot No. 54, Dade Street, Accra, and can be contacted for inquiries and bookings at 0599707171.

Eden Bar Garden

This restaurant features an expansive indoor seating area, complemented by a garden extension, providing a seamless experience in case of overflow.

The venue’s generous space can comfortably accommodate approximately 400 to 500 guests, ensuring ample room for various events and gatherings.

Location And Contact Details Of Eden Bar Garden

You can locate them in a very convenient setting. You can find them at Cliff Street, Accra. You can reach them directly at 0244 370760 for bookings and inquiries.

Soho Restaurant

Soho Restaurant Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order Online, How To Book A Table, And More

Securing space in advance at this renowned restaurant is highly advisable, as it is widely recognized in Accra for hosting events successfully and affordably.

The impressive decor enhances the overall ambiance, contributing to the venue’s popularity.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 250 guests, it ensures a suitable and inviting setting for a variety of occasions.

Location And Contact Details Of Soho Restaurant

You can locate the restaurant At Airport City By-Pass, Accra. You can contact them at 0202417055 for bookings and inquiries.

Heritage Indian Restaurant

heritage restaurant menu prices, location, contact details and more

Distinguished as one of the finest Indian restaurants, this establishment boasts expansive seating spaces in a warm and welcoming environment.

The venue features a notably large seating area, accommodating up to 300 to 400 guests, making it an excellent choice for events.

The charming interior decor further enhances the overall ambiance, ensuring a memorable dining experience for patrons.

Location And Contact Details Of Heritage Indian Restaurant

You can locate this restaurant at the restaurants at Karl Quist Street Osu, Accra. You can contact them at +233 243255705 for ordering and inquiries.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant


Specializing in traditional Indian cuisine, this restaurant offers a spacious setting suitable for various occasions.

The ambiance exudes a cozy and charming atmosphere, enhancing the overall dining experience.

With a seating area capable of accommodating up to 200 to 300 guests, it provides an inviting space for patrons to enjoy the rich flavors of authentic Indian dishes while partaking in diverse events.

Location And Contact Details Of Tandoor Indian Restaurant

You can locate them at Soula, North Labone Ave, Accra. You can contact them at +233 243151417 for booking and inquiries.

Nirvana Inn Indian Restaurant

Established in 2016, this Indian eatery located in Osu, Accra, stands as one of the newest additions to the culinary scene.

Operating seamlessly from its current location, the restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring not only traditional Indian dishes but also a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, along with African delicacies.

With a large seating area and aesthetically pleasing decor, the restaurant provides an ideal setting for a wide range of events.

The venue’s spacious layout can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests, ensuring a delightful and versatile space for various gatherings.

Location And Contact Details Of Nirvana Inn Indian Restaurant

Nirvana Inn Indian Restaurant is located at Osu in Accra and you can be reached at 020 666 9995 for inquiries.

Pad Thai Restaurant

Nestled in East Legon at House No. 7 Flower Road, this Indian restaurant, coupled with a spa, extends a unique experience for patrons.

Operating daily, it welcomes guests from noon to three o’clock and resumes service from six o’clock to ten o’clock in the evening.

Renowned for delivering complete delight through its Indian cuisine, the restaurant offers a spacious venue capable of accommodating up to 300 to 400 guests.

This ample space makes it an excellent choice for hosting special occasions, including business meetings, birthdays, and various other events, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Location And Contact Details Of Pad Thai Restaurant

The restaurant can be found at East Legon in Accra and can be contacted at 020 260 4805 for inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a space at these restaurants?

To book a space from any of these restaurants you must call their contact numbers to find out how to go about it.

Are space renting at these restaurants expensive?

The prices of space renting at these restaurants are very affordable but you have to contact them before deciding to rent at a particular restaurant.


For those seeking event venues in Accra, consider exploring the options presented in this article.

Restaurants, as highlighted, prove to be excellent choices for hosting programs and events that are well-received by the public.

The article comprehensively covers essential factors to consider before renting a space at a restaurant, providing valuable insights into the best restaurants in Accra for event rentals.

Included are details such as locations, contact information, frequently asked questions, and more, offering readers a comprehensive guide to making informed decisions when selecting a venue for their events.

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