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Tandoor Indian Restaurant Restaurant Menu Prices, Location And How To Order Online

Tandoor Restaurant is a famous Indian restaurant in Ghana providing delicious Indian Food and exceptional service to everyone. 

This Restaurant was established in 2005 and has been serving delicious dishes to its customers since then.

Tandor Indian restaurant has been in Ghana for quite now, and they are known for its fabulous foods and serene eating environment.

This Restaurant is known as the oldest Indian Restaurant in Ghana.

In this article, I will take you through everything you need about Tandor Indian Restaurant. We will cover their menu prices contact information and how to order online.

If you also want to eat from this Restaurant but can not visit their branch, you can order online from them, and the Food will be delivered to you, this article will take you through the ordering steps.

About Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Tandoor Indian Restaurant is an Indian restaurant that serves a lot of classic Indian food.

You can be sure that the food on their menu is fresh because it is all made from scratch and cooked just for you.

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There is a full bar at Tandoor Indian Restaurant with drinks from around the world, such as cocktails, wines, and beers.

Tripadvisor users thought they were one of the best Indian places.

Now let’s say you want to eat at Tandoor Indian Restaurant but don’t want to drive there. That’s why you should order food or delivery ahead of time, that way you don’t have to worry about parking or having someone drive you when it’s time to eat.

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Tandoor Indian places charge between GHS 100 and GHS 200 for food. You can buy food for your family and yourself with this GHS 100.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Menu Prices


Here are all the meals you can get from Tandoor Indian restaurant with their prices:

Chicken Sauces

  • Chicken Vindaloo – GHS 100.00
  • Chicken Curry – GHS 100.00
  • Chicken Tikka Masala – GHS 100.00
  • Chicken Korma – GHS 100.00
  • Coco Chicken Curry – GHS 100.00
  • Chicken Makhanwala – GHS 100.00

Lamb Sauces

  • Lamb Rogan Josh – GHS 105.00
  • Lamb Vindaloo – GHS 105.00
  • Lamb Curry – GHS 105.00
  • Coco Lamb Curry – GHS 105.00
  • Lamb Korma – GHS 105.00
  • Lamb Keema Mutter – GHS 105.00

Vegetarian Sauces 

  • Dal Tadka – GHS 90.00
  • Bhindi Bhaji – GHS 90.00
  • Aloo Gobi Mutter – GHS 90.00
  • Channa Masala – GHS 90.00
  • Baingan Kashmiri – GHS 90.00

Beef Sauces

  • Beef Curry – GHS 100.00
  • Beef Tikka Masala – GHS 100.00
  • Beef Rogan Josh – GHS 100.00
  • Beef Vindaloo – GHS 100.00
  • Beef Korma – GHS 100.00
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Fish Sauces

  • Goanese Fish – GHS 115.00
  • Fish Tikka Masala – GHS 115.00
  • Fish Vindaloo – GHS 115.00

Prawns Sauces 

  • Goanese Prawns – GHS 170.00
  • Coco Prawn Curry – GHS 170.00
  • Prawn Curry – GHS 170.00
  • Prawn Vindaloo – GHS 170.00

Sea Foods 

  • Fish Tikka – GHS 110.00
  • Fish Chilli Kabab – GHS 110.00
  • Jhinga Tikka – GHS 110.00
  • Jhinga Chilli Kabab – GHS 110.00

Tofu Sauces

  • Tofu Tikka Masala – GHS 95.00
  • Tofu Vindaloo – GHS 95.00
  • Tofu Curry – GHS 95.00
  • Coco Tofu Curry – GHS 95.00
  • Tofu Korma – GHS 95.00
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How To Order Online On Tandoor Indian Restaurant

To place your order, call their number (+233 24 315 1417). All you have to do is tell the customer service rep what you want to buy and give them your address.

Tandoor Branches And Contact Details

  • Tel: +233 24 315 1417
  • Website: http://ostovgh.wixsite.com/tandoor
  • Working Hours: Monday to Sunday from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Main Branch: Soula Close, North Labone Ave., Accra 00000 Ghana


Ghana has a lot of restaurants, but Tandoor is the best and most well-known Indian diner.

The business is known for being the oldest Indian restaurant in Ghana, and it only serves the best food to the people of Ghana.

You now know everything you need to know about Tandoor Indian restaurant from this piece.

This piece talked about the prices on the Tandoor Indian restaurant menu, their locations, and how to order online from them.

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We also gave you their contact information in case you need to make plans or ask questions.

You can also check out Sweet roses Chinese restaurant menu prices, the neem grill menu prices and the best restaurants in Accra that deliver.

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