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PeterPan Restaurant Madina Branch Menu Prices: An Unforgettable Experience

Dive into a delectable dining experience at PeterPan Restaurant’s Madina Branch. Whether you’re a local seeking a fantastic meal or a visitor eager to explore Accra’s culinary scene, this guide is your gateway to a world of menu prices, location details, and the convenience of online ordering.

Let’s embark on a foodie’s delight through the heart of Madina.

Peterpan Madina Menu Prices

peterpan pizza


  • Hot & Crispy Boneless Chicken (boneless only) – GHS 27.00
  • Hot & Crispy Bone-in Chicken (bone-in only) – GHS 35.00
  • Hot Wings Only – GHS 43.00
  • Sweet Spicy Boneless Chicken Only – GHS 36.50


  • Wonder Burger (only) – GHS 23.50
  • Wonder Cheese Burger (only) – GHS 30.50
  • Story Burger (only) – GHS 30.00
  • Wonder Wrap (only) – GHS 31.50
  • Blazing Wrap (only) – GHS 35.50
  • Potato Cheese Burger (only) – GHS 30.00
  • Worcester Burger (only) – GHS 28.50
  • Worcester Double Cheese (only) – GHS 35.00

Family Pack Meals

  • Hot wings & fried rice (family pack meal) – GHS 182.50
  • Blazing wings & fried rice (family pack meal) – GHS 195.50
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Pepperoni Pizza

  • Beef From – GHS51.00
  • Spicy Tuna Pizza From – GHS61.00
  • Shrimp & Squid Pizza From – GHS66.00


  • Water From – GHS5.00
  • Coke From – GHS11.00
  • Fanta From – GHS 11.00


  • Fried rice – GHS 17.00
  • Original Boneless Chicken Only – GHS 39.00
  • Sweet Spicy Bone-in Only – GHS 39.50
  • Family Pack (hot & crispy boneless) – GHS 104.00
  • Family Pack (Hot & Crispy bone-in) – GHS 120.00
  • Family Pack (original boneless) – GHS 132.00
  • Family Pack (sweet spicy boneless) – GHS 125.00
  • Family Pack (hot wings) – GHS 140.00
  • French fried chips – GHS 20.00
  • Hash brown – GHS 23.00
  • Popcorn chicken – GHS 21.00
  • Coleslaw salad From – GHS 3.50
  • Wonder Fried rice – GHS 25.00
  • Fried rice mixed with crispy chicken pieces and sriracha topping – GHS 25.00
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Supreme Pizzas

  • Vegetable Lovers Pizza From – GHS 42.00
  • Combination pizza From – GHS 52.00
  • Cheese- holic pizza From – GHS 55.00
  • Margherita Pizza From – GHS43.00

How To Order Online From Peterpan Madina Restaurant

Ordering from Peterpan Restaurant Madina is convenient. You can simply call their dedicated order number, 0577737706, to place your food order.

Once you make the call, their friendly staff will assist you in selecting your desired items from the menu. They will inquire about your specific food choices, your delivery location, and your contact details to ensure a smooth and accurate delivery process.

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This way, the delivery personnel will easily identify your order when they arrive.

Furthermore, if you’re located near Peterpan East Legon, you have the option to order their delicious offerings through Glovo.

This provides you with an additional way to enjoy the delightful meals offered by Peterpan, ensuring that you can satisfy your cravings with ease. Whether you’re in Madina or East Legon, Peterpan Restaurant is dedicated to making your dining experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

How To Order Online From Peterpan East Legon Restaurant Using The Glovo

  1. To order from Peterpan Madina restaurant using Glovo, follow these simple steps:
  2. 1. Visit glovoapp.com.
  3. 2. Click “Sign up” at the top right corner and complete your registration.
  4. 3. After signing up, provide your delivery address.
  5. 4. Select “Restaurants” (since you’re ordering from Peterpan Madina).
  6. 5. Look for “Peterpan Restaurant” in the list.
  7. 6. Explore their menu and choose the food you’d like to order.
  8. 7. Complete the payment and provide your location and contact details.
  9. 8. In just a few minutes, your delicious meal will be delivered right to your doorstep.
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Perterpan Madina Branch And Contact Details


Peterpan stands out as one of the premier dining establishments in Ghana, boasting numerous branches located across the nation.

Within the context of this article, we delve into an extensive exploration of the Peterpan Madina branch.

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This in-depth investigation encompasses a detailed analysis of the branch’s menu pricing, precise information regarding its location, a comprehensive guide on how to seamlessly place orders through Glovo, and access to the establishment’s vital contact details.

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