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Price Of Land In Kumasi? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Now let us cover the price of land in Kumasi. We all know the Ashanti Region – Kumasi to be the second capital of Ghana.

Many Kumasi people used to believe the capital of Ghana would be the Ashanti Region if there were a sea in this region.

Kumasi is the capital town of the Ashanti region. The Ashanti region is one of the most popular regions in Ghana.

The most popular language in Ghana is Twi and English, and the Ashantis speak Twi. 

According to Wikipedia, 44% of the 22 million Ghanaians speak Asante Twi as their first language.

There are so many reasons why someone would want to know the price of land in Kumasi. Maybe you would want to buy a plot of land and build your dream home.

Maybe you want to move to Kumasi and establish a business, or you just want to make money from buying and selling land.

No matter your reason, buying land in Kumasi is smooth and easy if you are dealing with the right person.

This article will cover everything you need to know when buying a plot of land in Kumasi. We will take you through the price of land in Kumasi and the various prices of land in all the towns inside Kumasi and also take you through the cheapest places to buy land in Kumasi.

So without wasting much time, let’s dive in.

How Much Is A Plot Of Land In Kumasi?

The standard price for a plot of land in Kumasi is GHS 30,000. The most expensive land in Kumasi costs GHS 45,000, while the cheapest costs GHS 20,000. The location of the land will also determine the price.

In Kumasi, the lands located in developed towns are the most expensive ones.

The most expensive places to buy a plot of land in Kumasi are Asokwa, Manhyia Kwadaso and Suame. 

This is because these towns are developed with many companies and people.

What Is The Size Of A Plot Of Land In Kumasi?

The size of a Plot of land in Kumasi is 100 x 100 feet or 90 x 80 feet. The measurement also depends on the town you are buying the land from and how they sell each plot of land.

You can click here to read more about our land measurement article.

Towns In Kumasi And Their Land Prices 

Here are all the towns in Kumasi and their land prices.

TownPrice Of Land
ManhyiaGHS 140,000
TafoGHS 120,000
SuameGHS 22,000
AsokwaGHS 20,000
OforikromGHS 99,000
AsawaseGHS 30,000
BantamaGHS 50,000
KwadasoGHS 20,000
NhyiaesoGHS 30,000
OforikromGHS 75,000
MaakroGHS 50,000
AfranchoGHS 45,000
BuohoGHS 30,000
KronumGHS 70,000
AhensanGHS 10,000
EsresoGHS 45,000
GyenaseGHS 24,000
KaaseGHS 35,000
Ashanti New TownGHS 50,000
KrofromGHS 60,000
AboaboGHS 50,000
AsawaseGHS 54,000
North SuntresoGHS 50,000
South SuntresoGHS 45,000
PatasiGHS 40,000
AdoatoGHS 30,000
AsuoyeboahGHS 27,000
BremanGHS 25,000
DenaseGHS 20,000
AkomGHS 25,000
PankronoGHS 28,000
AtimatimGHS 24,000

The Cheapest Places To Buy Land In Kumasi 

The cheapest places to buy land in Kumasi are Buoho, Akom, Denase, Adoato, Afrancho and Atimatim.

Although these towns are developed, many lands are available for grabs, making them the cheapest places to buy land in Kumasi.

If you want a place like Bantama to buy land, you will pay higher because the lands available there are not all that many.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Land In Kumasi

Before buying a plot of land in Kumasi, you must take some precautions to avoid getting scammed or losing your money. 

This applies not only to buying a plot of land in Kumasi but to all the regions in Ghana. Below are measures to take before buying land in Kumasi.

Make Sure You Are Dealing With The Right Owner

If you see a piece of land in Kumasi and would like to purchase it, you will follow up and end up with one man who claims to be the land owner. What you have to do is to do your research before handing over the money.

The land could be family property, or he might not be the real owner. Doing background research will not cost you anything but will save you from throwing your money away. You can read more about property leasing in Ghana.

Ask The Neighbors About The Land 

If You decide to buy land in Kumasi, to avoid getting scammed, you will have to ask the neighbours if there is a dispute on the land or not.

The neighbours living in that area know more about the land, and they will be the ones to let you know more about the land.

They can even let you know if the seller is the right owner or not.

Check The Land Ownership At The Lands Commission

sample of land document in Ghana

If you are finding it difficult to interact with the neighbours in the area, you can also visit the Ghana Land Commission office in Kumasi and then check out the owner of the land you are about to buy. 

Doing this will let you know whether you are dealing with the real owner of the land or not.


If you are planning on buying land in Kumasi, this article has helped you because we covered everything you need to know when buying a plot in Kumasi.

This article covered the price of land in Kumasi, the size of the full plot, and things to look out for when buying a plot of land.

We also knew you would be looking for all the towns in Kumasi and their land prices, so we added a table list of all the land prices in Kumasi.

In this article, you will also know the cheapest places to buy land in Kumasi.

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