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Pizzaman (Kumasi Airport Branch) Menu Prices, Location, How To Order Online, And More 

You will look for Pizza places near me or Pizza places near me if you are at the Kumasi Airport, Aboabo, Oforikrom, or Tafo areas.

Anyone in the Kumasi Airport area or nearby can place an online pizza order and have it delivered to their door, or they can stop by the restaurant to pick up their pie.

Read on for details on the hours, location, and menu prices of the Pizza Man Airport branch, as well as instructions on how to place an online order and have it delivered to your door.

The following is a brief overview of Pizzaman that will set the stage for discussing the aforementioned facts and figures: the company’s founding, its owner, its branches, the number of employees, and the many online ordering channels available.

This pizzeria is the best one I’ve ever gone to. In this post, I will tell you all about Pizza Man and its history, and I will also give you all the information you need to know about the restaurant.

No need to fret, though; we’ve got this handled. If you are in need of a rapid solution, this article is ideal for you.

In case you were wondering if I’ve gone to the Pizza Man airport location or had their food previously, the answer is yes. I’m a huge fan of their pizza.

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Pizzaman Airport Branch Menu Prices


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Pizza TypeIngredientsSmall (GHS)Medium (GHS)Large (GHS)
ObiridanBeef, Chicken, Tuna, Barbecue Sauce6085110
CrisibreeziBeef, Chicken Breast, Brisket, Mortadella, Ham, Pepperoni557595
MargheritaTomato Sauce, Cheese355070
Tuna PizzaTuna406080
Beef & TunaBeef, Tuna456785
Smoked Chicken Fillet & Brisket PizzaChicken Fillet, Brisket456080
ChichamChicken, Ham456580
GretabenBeef, Chicken, Pepperoni426483
KersameBeef, Chicken445880
Pepa BabeBeef, Pepperoni445980
PanchitoChicken, Pepperoni436687
HawaiianHam, Pineapple456080
DukemanBeef, Chicken, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Tuna, Barbecue Sauce60100120


Wings ComboPrice (GHS)
Fried Rice & 3pc Wings35
Jollof Rice & 3pc Wings35
Fried Rice & 6pc Wings45
Jollof Rice & 6pc Wings45
Yam Chips & 3pc Wings35
Fries & 3pc Wings35
Chickenman Fried rice & 3pcs Wings40
Chickenman Jollof rice & 3pcs Wings40
Chickenman Fried rice & 6pcs Wings50
Chicken Man Jollof rice & 6pcs Wings50

Bucket Combos:

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Bucket ComboPrice (GHS)
Mini Bucket (Jollof/Fried Rice & 8pcs Wings + Coleslaw)55
Maxi Bucket (Jollof/Fried Rice & 12pcs Wings + Coleslaw)95
Mini Bucket (Chickenman Jollof/Fried Rice & 8pcs Wings)75
Maxi Bucket (Chickenman Jollof/Fried rice 12pcs wings)115
Mini Bucket (Chickenman Noodles)55
Maxi Bucket (Chickenman Noodles)85

Meat Bites (Pizza):

Meat Bites TypeIngredientsSmall (GHS)Medium (GHS)Large (GHS)
KlarabellaBeef, Onions, Sweet Corn405575
Daisy LawreChicken Fillet, Onion, Green Pepper405575
AstiMushroom, Onion405570

Chicken Only:

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Chicken TypePrice (GHS)
6 Piece Of Wings25
8 Piece Of Wings30
15 Piece Of Wings50
24 Piece Of Wings75
4 Piece Of Drumsticks30
8 Piece Of Drumsticks50
12 Piece Of Drumsticks75


Slide ItemPrice (GHS)
Chickenman Fried Rice30
Chickenman Jollof Rice30
Yam Chips20
Regular Fried Rice25
Regular Jollof Rice25

For Kids:

Kids ComboPrice (GHS)
Fried Rice + 2pcs Wings25
Jollof Rice + 2pcs Wings25
French Fries + 2pcs Wings25

How To Order From Pizzaman Airport Branch Branch Using GlovoApp

  1. To enroll, go to Glovoapp.com and use the “Get Started” button. Go straight to their homepage after you’ve successfully signed up.
  2. Choose “Restaurant” from the “Food” menu on their main page.
  3. If Pizzaman isn’t already on the list, try searching for them.
  4. Browse their menu and select the item(s) and quantity(s) you wish to purchase.
  5. Select “order” now. Your location and contact details, as well as payment information, will be requested from you.
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There will be a delay before you can expect to receive your food after a successful payment. After that, Glovo will bring the food right to your door.

Here is how to Order from Pizzaman by chatting with their chatbot Chris:

  1. Get in touch with Pizzaman’s chatbot Chris at 0553871228 (You can skip saving the number and just click here to message straight).
  2. Ordering, redeeming vouchers, reporting issues, or providing feedback are the options presented to you by the bot.
  3. Pick “Place Order”
  4. A link to the menu where you can choose your food will be provided to you.
  5. Choose the Dishes You Desire and Click on Put in Shopping Cart
  6. Select “Buy Now” in the chat. When asked how you’d like your order delivered, choose “Delivery Within Kumasi.” (Because the main focus of this piece is Airportbranch in Kumasi)
  7. Send the bot the name of your location or the coordinates of your current position on the map.
  8. The bot will inform you of the delivery fee after you type in your location.
  9. Next, the bot will inquire for your name, active call number, popular landmarks that can be used to find you, and any other specific instructions regarding this order.
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Your food will be brought to you within minutes after you provide them with your information.

Pizzaman AirportBranch Branch Location And Contact Details


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is pizza at Pizzaman?

The price of Pizzaman ranges from GHS 70 to GHS 250. The price is determined by the size of Pizza you want and how you want it to be delivered to you

What time does Pizza Man close

Pizzaman’s current closing time is 12:00 AM


Pizzaman is one of the best pizza restaurants in Kumasi. Although they are gradually opening many branches across the country, they are still the best pizza restaurants in Ghana.

One thing that makes them stand out is how they have made it easy to order from them and how affordable their food pricing has become.

This article covered everything you need to know about Pizzaman, its owner, how the company started, and many more.

We also covered Pizzaman Airport branch menu prices, how to order from the PizzaMan AirportBranch branch, their Airport branch contact details, and many more.

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