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Pizzaman Tema: Menu Prices, Location & How to Order Ghana’s Favorite Pizza Online

Pizzaman is one of Ghana’s most popular pizza chains, serving up delicious pizzas and other Italian-American favorites since opening its first location in Accra in 2008.

With over 15 locations across the country and a robust online ordering system, Pizzaman has become many Ghanaians’ go-to spot for a tasty, convenient meal.

Pizzaman’s menu features a wide array of pizzas with both classic and more adventurous toppings to appeal to all tastes. Diners can choose from traditional pepperoni and cheese pizzas to more local flavors like shito and fried plantains.

Beyond pizza, Pizzaman offers appetizers like chicken wings and pasta dishes like baked ziti and lasagna.

With something for everyone, it’s no wonder Pizzaman has developed such a loyal following over the years.

Whether you’re craving takeout or want to dine at one of their casual, family-friendly locations, Pizzaman aims to deliver delicious pizza every time.

Their user-friendly website and mobile app make it a breeze to order online for delivery or pickup. With strong roots in Ghana and quality ingredients, Pizzaman has proven that great pizza is universal.

Pizzaman Accra Branches:

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Pizzaman Tema Menu Prices

Pizzaman offers a variety of pizza options with both traditional and unique toppings. Customers can choose from thin crust, thick crust, or a fluffy pan pizza crust baked fresh daily.

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Toppings range from classic pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and olives to more unique options like pineapple, jerk chicken, and roasted peppers.

There are several signature pizzas on the menu like the Meat Lovers with pepperoni, bacon, sausage, and ham or the Veggie Deluxe loaded with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, and bell peppers.

The wide variety of crusts, toppings, and sizes allows customers to customize their perfect pizza for dining in, takeaway, or delivery.

Asti (Mushroom Pizza) Mushroom, Onion

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 75

Chicken Only 

  • 6 Piece Of Wings – GHS 30
  • 8 Piece Of Wings – GHS 35
  • 15 Piece Of Wings – GHS 55
  • 24 Piece Of Wings – GHS 80
  • 4 Piece Of Drumsticks- GHS 35
  • 8 Piece Of Drumsticks – GHS 55
  • 12 Piece Of Drumsticks – GHS 80

Kersame (Beef, Chicken)

  • Small – GHS 49
  • Medium – GHS 63
  • Large – GHS 85

Pepa Babe (Beef, Pepperoni)

  • Small – GHS 49
  • Medium – GHS 563
  • Large – GHS 85

Panchito (Chicken, Pepperoni)

  • Small – GHS 48
  • Medium – GHS 69
  • Large – GHS 89

Hawaiian (Ham, Pineapple)

  • Small – GHS 49
  • Medium – GHS 65
  • Large – GHS 85

Dukeman (Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Tuna, Barbecue Sauce)

  • Small – GHS 65
  • Medium – GHS 105
  • Large – GHS 125


  • Fried Rice & 3pc Wings – GHS 40
  • Jollof Rice & 3pc Wings – GHS 40
  • Fried Rice & 6pc Wings – GHS 50
  • Jollof Rice & 6pc Wings – GHS 50
  • Yam Chips & 3pc Wings – GHS 40
  • Fries & 3pc Wings – GHS 40
  • Chickenman Fried rice & 3pcs Wings – GHS 45
  • Chickenman Jollof rice & 3pcs Wings – GHS 45
  • Chickenman Fried rice & 6pcs Wings – GHS 55
  • Chicken Man Jollof rice & 6pcs Wings – GHS 55
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Bucket Combos 

  • Mini Bucket (Jollof /Fried Rice & 8pcs Wings + Coleslaw) – GHS 60
  • Maxi Bucket (Jollof /Fried Rice & 12pcs Wings + Coleslaw) – GHS 100
  • Mini Bucket (Chickenman Jollof /Fried Rice & 8pcs Wings) – GHS 80
  • Maxi Bucket (Chickenman Jollof/fried rice 12pcs wings) – GHS 120
  • Mini Bucket (Chickenman Noodles) – GHS 60
  • Maxi Bucket (Chickenman Noodles) – GHS 90
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Meat Bites (Pizza)

Klarabella (Beef Pizza) Beef, Onions, Sweet Corn

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80

Daisy Lawre (Chicken Pizza) Chicken Fillet, Onion, Green Pepper

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80
  • Laprisirip (Pepperoni Pizza) Salami Pepperoni
  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80


  • Chickenman Fried Rice – GHS 35
  • Chickenman Jollof Rice – GHS 35
  • Yam Chips – GHS 25
  • Regular Fried Rice – GHS 25
  • Regular Jollof Rice – GHS 25
  • For kids
  • Fried Rice + 2pcs Wings – GHS 25
  • Jollof Rice + 2pcs Wings – GHS 25
  • French Fries + 2pcs Wings – GHS 25

How To Order From Pizzaman Tema Branch Using Glovo App

  1. 1. Download the Glovo App from the Google Play store or the Apple Store.
    2. Sign up by using Facebook or providing your name, email, and password.
    3. Add your delivery address and allow the app to know your location.
    4. On the homepage, click on “Food” and then “Restaurants.”
    5. If you don’t see Pizzaman, search for it.
    6. Look at their menu and choose what you want and how much.
    7. Tap “Order.”
    8. Pay for your order and provide your location and contact info.
    9. Once you’ve paid, wait for your food – Glovo will deliver it to you.
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You can also click here to order from Pizzaman using WhatsApp.

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Pizzaman Tema Community 10 Branch Location Contact Details

Tema Community 10 Branch

  • Tema Community 10 Hospital Road Total filling station
  • [email protected]
  • 0552817863
  • Mon to Sunday – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


Pizzaman Tema is the place to be if you are craving delicious pizza in Tema, Ghana. We’ve learned about their mouthwatering menu, the convenience of ordering online, and the friendly folks behind it all.

With a variety of flavors and toppings, Pizzaman caters to all pizza lovers. You can enjoy classics like Margherita or try something unique like the Kersame Beef pizza.

Ordering your favorite pizza is super easy. Just hop onto their website, pick your preferred pizza, and provide your contact details and location.

The best part? You can even track your delivery, so you know exactly when your hot and cheesy pizza will arrive.

The team at Pizzaman Tema is dedicated to providing you with the best pizza experience. Their focus on quality, taste, and timely deliveries ensures that you get the perfect pizza every time.

So, the next time you’re in Tema and craving some scrumptious pizza, remember Pizzaman Tema. They’re not just a pizza place, they’re a destination for pizza lovers.

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