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Pizzaman (East Legon Branch) Menu Prices, Location, How To Order Online And More 

Are you searching for chickenman Pizza man East Legon? Suppose you are around East Legon, Gbawe, Madina, Ashaley Botwe, The University of Ghana Campus, Achimota, and Trasacco Estates and craving Pizza. In that case, you will search for Pizzaman restaurant near men or Pizza restaurants near me. 

Pizzaman has thought about that and has opened a new branch in East Legon so that all those inside East Legon and its environs can order their Pizza online and get it delivered to them or visit their restaurant and order for themselves.

This article will take you through the Pizzaman East Legon branch menu prices, their location, and address, and how to order online from Pizza Man East Legon branch and deliver it to you.

We will first talk about the story of Pizzaman, how the company started, the owner of Pizzaman, the Pizzaman branches, the number of employees, and the various channels you can use to order online from Pizzaman, so without wasting much time. 

I have been to many pizza restaurants but this one is the best, and I will show you everything you need to know about Pizzaman. 

We have you covered, don’t worry. It’s exactly what you need to get a quick fix. 

If you’re wondering if I’ve tried their food before, the answer is yes, I’ve been to Pizzaman East Legon several times, and I love their Pizza. 

Pizza is one of the most popular foods. If your girlfriend is angry at you, you have to order pizza online from pizza man for her, and everything will be fine, we will teach you how to order pizza man online later in this article. 

About Pizzaman

Pizzaman has been one of the best and most popular restaurants if you want to try a different pizza with different flavors. 

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The journey of Pizzaman started when Christian Boakye Yiadom lost the SRC election. His best friend Essuman Amankwah Ebenezer advised him to start a business because he had already become popular, and any business he would start could succeed. Even though he lost in the SRC election, he was still the people’s favorite.

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Chris B also listened to his best friend’s advice and started the Pizzaman and chicken man company.

If you are planning a quick family outing or a group of friends gathering, Pizzaman is the answer to your cravings. Pizzaman is one of the best restaurants that sell delicious pizzas. 

With affordable rates and top-notch services associated with it, Pizzaman is known for its great ambiance and even better Food. 

Pizzaman has a variety of flavors and different types of pizzas on their menus, such as Margherita, tuna pizza, tuna, and beef Pizza, smoked chicken fillet, and many more.

Founders Of Pizzaman

Pizzaman was founded by two students, namely Ebenezer Essuman Amankwah and Christian Boakye Yiadom (the company’s current CEO).

They were both students at the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology. 

They started a company inside the campus and gradually got their first permanent restaurant inside the KNUST campus.

Who Is The CEO Of Pizzaman?

The CEO of Pizzaman is Christian Boakye Yiadom. He is 25 years old and the restaurant’s co-founder with his best friend, Ebenezer Essuman Amankwah.

He was also an old Kumasi Academy student and a science student at the senior high school.

Who is The Chief Operations Manager At Pizzaman?

Essuman Amankwah Ebenezer is also the chief operations manager for the company. He is Ghanaian and comes from the Central region of Ghana.

Celebrities That Have Endorse Pizzaman

Many celebrities have fallen in love with Pizzaman pizzas: Efia Odo, Hajia4Real, Ras Nene, Oseikrom Sikani, and Strongman.

They also have Medikal and Fella Makafui as their brand ambassadors, who happen to perform Pizzaman anytime they launch their new branch.

The First Pizzaman Branch?

Pizzaman launched its first branch at the KNUST campus on 17th January 2020 and has opened many branches since then.

How Many Branches Does Pizzaman Have?

Pizzaman currently has 13 branches, with 6 branches in Accra and 7 in Kumasi.

Pizzaman Branches

Accra Branches:

Kumasi Branches 

  • KNUST Branch
  • Ahodwo Branch
  • Sofoline Branch
  • Darkodwom Branch
  • Suame Branch
  • Airport Branch
  • KNUST Annex Branch

This article is going to focus on the Pizzaman East Legon branch. I will cover Pizzaman East Legon menu prices, location, contact details, and how to order online from Pizzaman East Legon Branch.

Pizzaman East Legon Menu Prices


Obiridan (Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Barbecue Sauce)

  • Small – GHS 70
  • Medium – GHS 95
  • Large – GHS 125

Crisibreezi (Beef, Chicken Breast, Brisket, Mortadella, Ham, Pepperoni (optional)

  • Small – GHS 65
  • Medium – GHS 85
  • Large – GHS 105

Margherita (Tomato Sauce, Cheese)

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80

Tuna Pizza (Tuna)

  • Small – GHS 50
  • Medium – GHS 70
  • Large – GHS 90
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Beef &Tuna (Beef, Tuna)

  • Small – GHS 55
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 95
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Smoked Chicken Fillet & Brisket Pizza

  • Small – GHS 55
  • Medium – GHS 70
  • Large – GHS 90

Chicham (Chicken,Ham)

  • Small – GHS 50
  • Medium – GHS 70
  • Large – GHS 85

Gretaben (Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni)

  • Small – GHS 50
  • Medium – GHS 75
  • Large – GHS 85

Kersame (Beef, Chicken)

  • Small – GHS 49
  • Medium – GHS 63
  • Large – GHS 85

Pepa Babe (Beef, Pepperoni)

  • Small – GHS 50
  • Medium – GHS 57
  • Large – GHS 90

Panchito (Chicken, Pepperoni)

  • Small – GHS 48
  • Medium – GHS 69
  • Large – GHS 89

Hawaiian (Ham, Pineapple)

  • Small – GHS 49
  • Medium – GHS 65
  • Large – GHS 85

Dukeman (Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni, Mushroom, Tuna, Barbecue Sauce)

  • Small – GHS 65
  • Medium – GHS 105
  • Large – GHS 125


  • Fried Rice & 3pc Wings – GHS 40
  • Jollof Rice & 3pc Wings – GHS 40
  • Fried Rice & 6pc Wings – GHS 50
  • Jollof Rice & 6pc Wings – GHS 50
  • Yam Chips & 3pc Wings – GHS 40
  • Fries & 3pc Wings – GHS 40
  • Chickenman Fried rice & 3pcs Wings – GHS 45
  • Chickenman Jollof rice & 3pcs Wings – GHS 50
  • Chickenman Fried rice & 6pcs Wings – GHS 55
  • Chicken Man Jollof rice & 6pcs Wings – GHS 55

Bucket Combos 

  • Mini Bucket (Jollof /Fried Rice & 8pcs Wings + Coleslaw) – GHS 60
  • Maxi Bucket (Jollof /Fried Rice & 12pcs Wings + Coleslaw) – GHS 100
  • Mini Bucket (Chickenman Jollof /Fried Rice & 8pcs Wings) – GHS 80
  • Maxi Bucket (Chickenman Jollof/fried rice 12pcs wings) – GHS 120
  • Mini Bucket (Chickenman Noodles) – GHS 60
  • Maxi Bucket (Chickenman Noodles) – GHS 90

Meat Bites (Pizza)

Klarabella (Beef Pizza) Beef, Onions, Sweet Corn

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80

Daisy Lawre (Chicken Pizza) Chicken Fillet, Onion, Green Pepper

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80

Laprisirip (Pepperoni Pizza) Salami Pepperoni

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 80

Asti (Mushroom Pizza) Mushroom, Onion

  • Small – GHS 45
  • Medium – GHS 60
  • Large – GHS 75

Chicken Only 

  • 6 Piece Of Wings – GHS 30
  • 8 Piece Of Wings – GHS 35
  • 15 Piece Of Wings – GHS 55
  • 24 Piece Of Wings – GHS 80
  • 4 Piece Of Drumsticks- GHS 35
  • 8 Piece Of Drumsticks – GHS 60
  • 12 Piece Of Drumsticks – GHS 85


  • Chickenman Fried Rice – GHS 35
  • Chickenman Jollof Rice – GHS 35
  • Yam Chips – GHS 25
  • Regular Fried Rice – GHS 30
  • Regular Jollof Rice – GHS 30

For kids 

  • Fried Rice + 2pcs Wings – GHS 25
  • Jollof Rice + 2pcs Wings – GHS 30
  • French Fries + 2pcs Wings – GHS 30

Ways To Order From Pizzaman East Legon Branch

There are three ways to order from Pizzaman, and they:

  • Using Glovoapp
  • Ordering through their social handles 
  • Tex to order drive-in
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How To Order From Pizzaman East Legon Branch Using GlovoApp

  1. Visit the Google Play store or the Apple Store and download Glovo App
  2. Now click on sign up using Facebook or with your name, email, and password
  3. Add your delivery address and give the app access to your location
  4. Click on Food > Restaurants on the homepage
  5. Search for Pizzaman if you can’t find them in the list
  6. Go through their menu and then choose your choice and the quantity you want to order
  7. Now click on order. You will be asked to make payments and give your location and contact information. 
  8. After a successful payment, you will be given some time to expect your Food. Glovo will then deliver the Food to your location.
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How To Order From Pizzaman East Legon Branch By Contacting Them On Their Social Channels

Pizzaman has a presence on social media, too. You can order from them by contacting them on their social media handles Twitter: pizzamanghana, Instagram: @pizzamanchickenman

  1. All you have to do is visit any of their handles and contact them. The respondent will reply by sending you a form to fill out.
  2. In the form, you will specify the Food you want to buy, your full name, address, and number.
  3. You will then make the payment or choose to pay on arrival.
  4. After making payment and giving all the necessary information, your Pizza will be delivered to you.

Text To Order 

Pizzaman is advancing, and they are the first restaurant with a bot that you can chat with and place your order.

The name of their chatbot is Chris. You can chat with Chris to place your order on WhatsApp.

Here is how to Order from Pizzaman by chatting with their chatbot Chris:

  1. Message Pizzaman chatbot Chris on 0553871228 (Click here to chat the number directly without having to save the number)
  2. The bot will ask you to either place your order, redeem a voucher, report an issue, or give feedback. 
  3. Select Place Order
  4. You will be given a link where you will be able to select the Food you want to order.
  5. Select the Food you want to order and select Add to Cart
  6. On the chat Click Buy Now. You will be asked how you want to receive your order select Delivery Within Accra (Since this article is covering the East Legon branch, which is in Accra)
  7. The bot will ask you to send the name of your location or your location from the map.
  8. After typing in your location, the bot will tell you the delivery fee.
  9. The bot will then ask you to provide your Name, Active Call Number, Popular LandMarks to locate you, and any additional instructions for this order.
  10. After giving them your information, your Food will be delivered to you within minutes.

Drive-In To Order 

If you live around East Legon, you can visit their branch at East Legon to place your order. You can choose to eat there or package it and bring it home.

Pizzaman East Legon Branch Location Contact Details

East Legon Branch

  • La-Bawaleshi Rd, Accra (click here to get the direction using Google Maps)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • 0593835484 / 0593835485
  • Mon to Sunday – 10:00am to 12:00am

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Pizzaman in Ghana?

The price of Pizzaman ranges from GHS 70 to GHS 500, the price is determined by the meal you want to order and how you want it delivered to you


Pizzaman is one of the best pizza restaurants in Accra, and although they are gradually opening many branches across the country, they are still the best in Pizza in Ghana.

One thing that makes them stand out is how they have made it easy to order from them and how affordable their food pricing has become.

This article covered everything you need to know about Pizzaman, their owner, how the company started, and many more.

We also covered their East Legon menu prices, how to order from Pizza Man East Legon branch, their East Legon branch contact details, and many more.

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