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How To Apply For A US Visit Visa From Ghana

Planning a trip to the United States from Ghana and need to get a tourist or visitor visa? The US visitor visa application process involves preparing documents, attending an interview, and waiting for a decision.

This guide covers requirements, tips, and step-by-step instructions for Ghanaians to obtain a visitor visa to the USA.

Introduction To US Visitor Visas

US visitor visas allow Ghanaians to travel to the United States temporarily for purposes like tourism, seeing family or friends, or short-term medical treatment. The main types are B-1 business visitor and B-2 tourist visas.

Visitor visas are non-immigrant visas with a validity of up to 10 years and allow stays of up to 6 months per visit. All applicants must qualify for the visa by demonstrating strong ties to return to Ghana.

USA Visitor Visa Requirements from Ghana To apply for a USA visitor visa, you must provide:

  • Valid passport
  • Recent passport photo
  • Completed DS-160 online application form
  • Application fee payment (currently $160 for most applicants)
  • Interview appointment confirmation
  • Evidence of financial means to cover the trip
  • Supporting documentation like bank statements, property deeds, pay slips
  • Any other documents that support your application
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Prepare all required documents according to the latest embassy guidance before your interview.

USA Visitor Visa Application Process Step-By-Step

Follow these key steps to apply for your US visitor visa from Ghana:

  1. Complete the DS-160 form online on the US embassy website. Save the DS-160 confirmation number.
  2. Schedule your visa interview appointment on the website by creating a profile.
  3. Pay the visa application fee using approved payment methods. Bring a receipt to the interview.
  4. Gather supporting documents like bank statements, employment letters, and property evidence.
  5. Attend the in-person visa interview on the scheduled date and time.
  6. Provide fingerprints at the center after the interview.
  7. Wait up to 10 days for the visa application decision via courier.
  8. If approved, collect your passport containing the visa from the courier company.
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Top Tips for US Visitor Visa Interview

Here are some top tips for having a smooth visa interview:

  • Explain any family, employment, financial or other ties to Ghana
  • Remain calm and polite throughout the short interview
  • Avoid asking questions about the decision timeline
  • Limit baggage when entering the visa center
  • Answer interview questions directly and honestly
  • Be clear on your reasons for visiting the USA
  • Have all your supporting documents at hand
  • Be able to explain your entire trip itinerary clearly
  • Use English to communicate fully with the consular officer
  • Dress professionally and avoid casual clothes

Following the tips above demonstrates you are a genuine visitor who will return home after a temporary USA trip for the right reasons.

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USA Visitor Visa Interview Questions

Some common USA visitor visa interview questions may include:

  • How long do you plan to stay in the USA?
  • Where will you be staying during your visit?
  • What ties do you have to your home country Ghana?
  • Who will be paying for your trip?
  • Why are you going to the United States?
  • What places in the USA do you plan to visit?
  • What’s your current job and how long have you worked there?

Be prepared to answer questions about your trip plans, employment, finances, and ties to Ghana clearly and transparently.

USA Visitor Visa Decision Timeline

The embassy provides a decision on USA visitor visa applications within 3-10 days after the interview. They will return your passport containing the visa via courier if approved. Rejected applications get returned with a refusal letter stating the reason.

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Check the courier tracking number they provide to follow your passport delivery after the decision is made. If approved, check your visa contains the correct details before travel.


Ghanaians looking to visit the United States must apply for a visitor visa in advance through the embassy.

The process involves preparing forms and documents, attending an interview in Accra, and receiving a decision within 2 weeks.

Use this guide to complete the requirements and application steps for the best chance of success. With a valid USA visitor visa in your passport, look forward to an exciting American holiday.

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