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5 Best Apartments in East Legon [Our Top Picks]

Whether you’re searching for a residence in East Legon or a short stay in Accra near notable landmarks, East Legon is the ideal location for you.

This well-developed and vibrant area in Accra features numerous upscale apartment buildings that exude luxury and comfort.

An additional benefit is the convenient access to renowned spots such as Accra Mall, Legon Botanical Gardens, and others.

Continue reading as I provide information on some apartments in East Legon to meet your accommodation needs.

Top Apartments In East Legon

1. The Ivy

The Ivy

Nestled at 315 Cotouno Street, off the renowned Lagos Avenue, The Ivy in East Legon offers a prime location close to various attractions in Accra.

Positioned just 1.8km from Accra Mall, 2km from A&C Mall, and 4.2km from Kotoka International Airport, it provides convenient access to the city’s key landmarks.

For inquiries and reservations, you can reach The Ivy at 0302175836.

The Ivy boasts an array of general facilities and services aimed at enhancing your stay. These include free private parking, complimentary WiFi, a fitness center, a refreshing swimming pool, a jacuzzi, an outdoor pool, a sun terrace, and outdoor furniture.

The accommodation options feature spacious 1-bedroom apartments, available at a reasonable rate of $92 per night.

The fully equipped kitchen in each apartment includes essential amenities such as a stove, blender, microwave, and fridge.

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Guests can check in between 2:00 pm and 2:00 am, ensuring flexibility in arrival times. Checkout is scheduled for 11:00 am. With its strategic location, modern amenities, and reasonable pricing, The Ivy in East Legon offers a comfortable and convenient stay for travelers exploring Accra.

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2. The Gallery

The Gallery

Discover The Gallery, a captivating residence situated on Boundary Road in East Legon, strategically positioned just a brief 10-minute drive from Kotoka International Airport and within walking distance from the bustling Accra Mall.

For reservations and inquiries, simply contact them at 0204677033 or drop an email at [email protected].

Upon arrival at The Gallery, guests are warmly welcomed, creating an immediate sense of comfort and belonging.

The array of facilities is designed to cater to various preferences, featuring a well-equipped gym, a serene yoga studio, a rooftop swimming pool and terrace, convenient underground parking, a cozy café, a private dining room, and a dedicated children’s play area.

The living accommodations at The Gallery offer flexibility, with options ranging from 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments to suites.

This diversity ensures that guests can choose the space that best suits their needs and preferences during their stay.

For a seamless blend of comfort and convenience, The Gallery in East Legon emerges as a welcoming retreat, providing not just accommodations but a holistic experience for travelers seeking a home away from home.

3. The Gallery Room Prices 

The Gallery view

The room rates are below;

The Suite Has A Maximum Occupancy Of 2 Persons:
  • Nightly rates from $100
  • Weekly rates from $700
  • Monthly rates from $1590
The 1-Bedroom Apartment Is Spacious Enough For 2 People:
  • Nightly rates from $180
  • Weekly rates from $800
  • Monthly rates from $2200
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The 2-Bedroom Apartment Is Big Enough To House 4 Persons:
  • Weekly rates from $1200
  • Monthly rates from $3000
The 3-Bedroom Apartment Has A Maximum Occupancy Of 4 Persons:
  • Weekly rates from $1500
  • Monthly rates from $4000
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4. Nkrabea Royal Apartment

Nkrabea Royal Apartment

Nkrabea Royal Apartmento, situated on Kinshasa Street in East Legon, beckons guests with an ambiance that feels like a true home, offering an enticing blend of affordable luxury.

Conveniently located, it’s just a 10-minute drive from Kotoka International Airport and approximately 5 minutes from the vibrant Accra Mall.

For reservations and inquiries, you can contact them at 0547694174 or 0501476952, or drop an email at [email protected].

This apartment building presents a total of 32 exclusive apartments and penthouses, each designed to provide a distinct sense of comfort and style.

The accommodation options are categorized into 1, 2, or 3-bedroom apartments, ensuring that guests can choose the space that aligns with their preferences and requirements.

Guests are encouraged to check in between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm, allowing for flexibility upon arrival, while check-out is scheduled by midnight.

Nkrabea Royal Apartmento goes beyond being a place to stay; it’s a haven where guests can enjoy a comfortable and homely experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking affordable luxury in the heart of East Legon.

Nkrabea Royal Apartmento Room Prices 

  • The room rates are as follows;
  • The 1-bedroom apartment has a sale price of $100000-$150000. It is also available for rent.
  • The 2-bedroom apartment has a sale price of $150000-$180000 and is also available for rent.
  • The 3-bedroom apartment has a sale price of $180000-$220000. It is available for rent as well.

5. Oasis Park Residences

Oasis Park Residences

Nestled in the heart of Tetteh Quarshie, Oasis Park Residences is a haven strategically positioned just 5-10 minutes away from well-known landmarks like Lagos Avenue, Accra Mall, and A&C Mall.

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Offering a unique experience, it presents hotel-styled apartments that cater to guests looking for short-term stays, ranging from a day to a month.

The allure of Oasis Park extends beyond its prime location; it boasts an array of amenities designed to enhance the guest experience.

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These include a sky gym, providing a panoramic workout space, a refreshing sky pool, and a rooftop terrace where guests can unwind and enjoy breathtaking views.

For reservations and inquiries, you can contact them at 0204343009 or 0302558794.

The accommodation options at Oasis Park Residences are versatile, with studio, 1, and 2-bedroom apartments available.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a small group, Oasis Park provides a comfortable and stylish retreat for your stay in Accra.

Experience the convenience of hotel-styled living combined with the charm of a residence at Oasis Park Residences.

Oasis Park Residences Room Prices

For the studio apartment;

  • Nightly-$130
  • Weekly-$840
  • 14 days-$1680
  • Monthly-$1800

For the 1 bedroom apartment;

  • Nighty-$145
  • Weekly-$945
  • 14 days-$1890


For the 2-bedroom apartment;

  • Nightly-$190
  • Weekly-$1260
  • 14 days-$2520
  • Monthly-$3500


When seeking the finest apartments in East Legon, it’s essential to find a residence that aligns with your preferences and offers a delightful living experience.

This article thoughtfully explores some of the top apartments in the area, ensuring you make an informed decision for your stay.

Highlighted in the article are notable options such as The Ivy, The Gallery, Nkrabea Royal Apartmento, and Oasis Park Residences.

Each of these residences presents a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and luxury, catering to the diverse needs of residents and short-term guests alike.

Whether you’re drawn to The Ivy’s prime location and spacious accommodations, The Gallery’s diverse facilities and living options, Nkrabea Royal Apartmento’s affordable luxury, or Oasis Park Residences’ hotel-styled living with appealing amenities, you’re sure to find an ideal home in East Legon.

Book your preferred apartment and immerse yourself in the comfort and charm these residences have to offer.

Enjoy your stay in East Legon, where these top-notch apartments promise not just accommodation but a memorable living experience.

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