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How Long Does It Take To Get Ghana Visa?

Most people get confused when planning a trip to Ghana because they may be wondering about the length of time it will take to get a Ghana Visa.

The fact is when to get your Ghana Visa depends on your nationality, the processing time of the consulate, and the type of Visa.

We will explore the various types of Ghana Visas with their processing period and tips to ensure a successful Visa application process.

Ghana has several types of Visas which include business visas, tourists Visa, transit visas, and students Visa.

The individual circumstances of the applicants and the embassy will determine the processing time of each of the Visa types.

Types of Ghana Visas And Their Processing Times

The Tourist Visa

The processing time for a tourist visa to Ghana lasts from one to five working days and this processing time will differ depending on the consulate where you applied.

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The Business Visa

Applying for a business visa, the processing time for a business visa can take longer time than for a tourist visa.

The processing time can be from 5five to ten working days and in some instances, it might be longer than this processing period.

The Student Visa

Do you want to study in Ghana, then you need a student visa and the processing time for a student visa can take ten to fifteen working days.

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You will be required to provide additional documents which include an acceptance letter from Ghanaian educational institutions.

The Transit Visa

When you are transiting through Ghana on your way to another location there will be a transit Visa required and the processing time may last from one to two working days.

Tips For A Successful Visa Application Process

To have a smooth and successful Visa application process to reduce the probability of delays you should follow the steps below.

You Need To Apply For Early

You have to start your visa application process very early to allow for any unexpected delays.

You Must Check The Requirements

This is very important. You need all the required documents to satisfy the requirements of the type of Visa you are applying for.

You Should Be Honest

You have to provide accurate and honest information about yourself and your intended visit in your visa application.

You Should Follow Up

If you do not receive any feedback from the consulate you applied for within the expected time of processing then there is a need for follow-up to check the status of your application.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Ghana Visa?

It takes from one to fifteen working days to get a Ghana Visa but it is very important to check up on your visa application process if the expected time is overdue.


Factors such as nationality, the processing time of the embassy, and the type of Visa, all determine the processing time of a Ghana Visa.

If you want your visa application process to be smooth and successful, it is ideal to apply early, provide correct and honest information, check the requirements for the type of Visa you need, and try to follow up if necessary.

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Averagely the processing time of a Ghana Visa lasts from 1 day to 15 days and that is from transit Visas to Business Visas.

In the article, we discussed the processing time of each type of Ghana Visa, the process of applying for a Ghana Visa, and the types of Ghana Visas.

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