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Best Hotels In Akosombo: Their Prices, Location, Contact And More

Are you looking for Akosombo hotels? Or hotels in Akosombo and prices? This article is going to take you through hotels in Akosombo and their prices.

Akosombo, in the Eastern Region, boasts of well-known landmarks such as the Adomi Bridge, Volta River, and many others. 

Thus, it comes as no surprise that it is quite the hotspot for good hotels, resorts, and the like. 

Another advantage that Akosombo has is its proximity to the capital Accra, being approximately an hour and thirty minutes away.

So, if you are searching for a hotel in Akosombo you’d like to go to for the day or an overnight stay, then this article is for you. 

Read on as I share with you some hotel prices in Akosombo.

Best Hotels In Akosombo

Here are the best hotels in Akosombo:

  • Bridgeview Resort
  • Volta Hotel
  • Afrikiko River Front Resort
  • Aylos Bay Garden Restaurant And Lodge
  • The Royal Senchi

Bridgeview Resort

Set in an idyllic landscape, Bridgeview Resort is the perfect getaway from cosmopolitan living. 

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It is surrounded by the Akosombo Mountains and the Volta River and, as such, provides its visitors with captivating views and is ideal for romantic trips or destination weddings.

The vast majority of rooms here overlook the Volta River, while the rest also show Bridgeview’s colorful garden.

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Rates for rooms and suites vary on weekdays and weekends, with weekends slightly more expensive. 

Bridgeview Suite Prices

A standard suite costs about $230 on weekdays and $280 on weekends. 

On the other hand, an executive suite sells at $400 on weekdays and $500 on weekends.

Room amenities include a walk-in closet, landline, mini fridge, free WiFi and so on.

Volta Hotel

Although quite old, the Volta Hotel remains one of the best hotels in Akosombo. 

It provides a fantastic view of Volta Lake, Akosombo Dam, and the adjoining mountain slope. 

The hotel isn’t too far from the capital; just 90 minutes away from Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

Volta Hotel offers standard and twin rooms, private villas, and executive suites, with each space giving a vibe of sophisticated elegance. 

Volta Hotel Room Prices 

You can not talk about cheap hotels in Akosombo without talking about the Volta Hotel.

The standard room with a view of the dam costs around GHS 1,500, breakfast included, while the executive Suite with the garden view goes for about GHS 3,500 per night. 

The private villa was designed initially for Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, while he oversaw the construction of the Akosombo dam.

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Facilities present at the hotel include the Dodi Princess, an outdoor swimming pool, a nightclub, a lawn tennis court, and so on. 

You also get access to boats and other equipment for jet-skiing, kayaking, and sailing.

Afrikiko River Front Resort

This 3-star hotel is one of the top River front resorts in Akosombo, with spacious rooms and suites for a relaxing stay.

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The stunning lawns and scenery give Afrikiko a natural yet beautiful look.

Visitors to the hotel can also visit the Akosombo hydro plant, a famous landmark only 2.6 miles away.

Room service is one of the conveniences offered here, along with a pool and complimentary breakfast. 

Afrikiko Riverfront Resort Room Prices

The standard room, which comes with a river view only, costs about GHS 750 for a night’s stay and can accommodate two adults and 2 children. 

The family room, which can house 4 adults and 2 children, goes for about GHS 1,700.

Room amenities include free WiFi and a mini fridge.

Aylos Bay Garden Restaurant And Lodge

Situated on the banks of the Volta River in the Asuogaman district, Aylos Bay is a serene holiday resort that offers lush gardens, delicious food, boat trips, adventurous tours, and a campsite. All at affordable rates.

Aylos Bay Garden Restaurant And Lodge Room Prices

Aylos Bay provides guests with a waterfront room, garden room, and even a dormitory, with each room going for GHS 300, GHS 240, and GHS 50 per night.

The hotel also offers free parking, water sports, and garden entertainment.

The Royal Senchi

The Royal Senchi is regarded as the first 4-star luxury resort in Ghana. 

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Located at Akosombo, with a spectacular view of the Volta River, it is also near the Tafi Monkey Sanctuary and Wli Waterfall.

The hotel boasts more than 80 rooms and suites, with each space furnished with modern equipment and Ghanaian-inspired decor. 

A river view room costs about GHS 3,000 per night for both bed and breakfast, while a river view suite costs about GHS 5,700, including bed and breakfast.

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Other facilities include a restaurant, bar and lounge, conference venue, tennis courts, swimming pool, fitness centre, spa and salon.


And there you have it loves; the best hotels in Akosombo and their prices.

We also covered all the hotel’s locations and why you should book this hotel. You can also check out AH Hotel and the eastern premier hotel guide.

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