AH Hotel Contact Numbers

A lot of people have been searching for AH hotels and conference on our website and because of this, I am going to cover the contact details of AH Hotel.

At the end of this article, you are going to know:

  • AH hotel contact numbers
  • AH hotel amenities
  • Why someone will be searching for AH hotel contact numbers

AH Hotel is an emerging player in the hospitality industry that aims to provide excellent hospitality for its guests. 

The need for quality accommodation coupled with great service became a challenge for many hotels around East Legon and then AH Hotel was established to eradicate those challenges.

Ah Hotel Owner was founded with the idea of making positive changes in the hospitality industry and making travellers feel at home. 

AH hotel has been in existence for quite some time now, although they didn’t come early, now, they are among the top 5 hotels in East Legon with so many amenities.

There are many amenities inside AH Hotel such as:

  • A pool
  • Conference hall
  • Free breakfast
  • Free wifi
  • Fitness center

And because of this a lot of people visit this place not only to have a rest but to eat, have fun, and a lot more.

Maybe you are planning on visiting AH Hotel but want to make inquiries before stepping there, to do this, you need to call them and you might be searching for their contact numbers.

I am here to give you all their numbers so that you can choose from the one you want to call depending on your mission there, so without wasting much time, let us dive in.

Why Will Someone Want To Know AH Hotel Contact Numbers?

Maybe you are planning to hold a party or a wedding, you definitely need to call them to make inquiries.

Also when you are traveling to East Legon and want to sleep there, you definitely will want their number to make a reservation.

When you book one of their hotels and find yourself locked or wanting to do laundry, you will want to know their laundry number and call the. And this article is going to cover even their laundry number.

AH Hotel Contact Numbers

  • Hotline: +233 50 001 6062
  • For reservations: +233 50 001 6062
  • Sales: +233 50 668 3419, +233 20 461 1582, +233 20 461 1771
  • To contact their restaurant: +233 50 168 4270
  • For Laundry: +233 20 177 5029

Final Words

AH Hotel is known to be one of the best hotels because of how they operate and how they treat their visitors.

Before visiting AH Hotel, you might want to make some inquiries about and that is what this article is about.

In this article, we covered AH hotel contact numbers so that you can have a conversation on the phone with them before even visiting the place.

Once you have been searching for AH Hotel contact numbers, you might want to know who owns that awesome hotel, click here to read about the owner of AH Hotel.

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