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 The Functions Of Regional Ministers In Ghana

Ghana as a country in West Africa previously had 10 regions until in 2019 the current President  Nana Akuffo Addo created 6 additional regions to ensure even distribution of development.

Currently, the country is divided into  16 regions and each region is headed by a regional minister appointed by the president in line with the constitution of Ghana.

The roles of regional ministers are clearly stated in the constitution of Ghana. We will go deeper into the functions of the regional ministers in Ghana concerning the constitution of Ghana.

Who Is A Regional Minister?

A minister is a politician who heads a ministry either a national or regional government department of public service.  

A Regional Minister is a politician who represents the government at the regional level with the responsibility of running the affairs of the region.

Appointment And Removal of Regional Ministers

According to the constitution of Ghana, the president of Ghana is mandated to appoint Regional Ministers who are subject to approval by the parliament, the law-making body in the country.

As a regional minister you are serving at the will of the president and appointment can be terminated at any time by the president.

Before a regional minister is taken from office, it must be reported to parliament within seven days of the president’s decision on appointment termination.

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Functions Of Regional Ministers

Being a regional minister is not just for the position but it comes with several duties and responsibilities according to the constitution of Ghana.

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Below are some of the functions of a regional minister in Ghana.

The Administrative Functions

The regional minister is to seek for the overall administration of the region. The regional ministers are the representatives of the president at the regional level.

He acts on behalf of the president in running the affairs of the region. They also check the work of the District Chief Executives in the region.

The Security Functions

The regional ministers according to the constitution of Ghana are responsible for maintaining law and order in their respective regions.

The regional ministers are to work with security agencies such as the military and the police to ensure peace and security in the region.

The minister in a particular region is responsible for implementing emergency measures in times of crisis.

Development Functions

Regional ministers in the various regions are responsible for the development of their regions.

They have to work with the District Chief Executives to identify and prioritize developmental projects in the regions.

They are to work with government agencies and development partners to ensure the successful execution of projects.

Representation Functions

The Regional Ministers are to represent the president in the region of their jurisdiction. They serve as the link between the people in the region and the government.

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The Regional Ministers attend public events, meetings, and other ceremonies on behalf of the president to announce the presence of the government’s presence and support in the region.

Oversight Functions

The ministers at the various regions are to make sure the District Chief Executives are doing their respective work in their region.

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The ministers evaluate and monitor the work of the D.C.E. to ensure they are delivering on their supposed mandates.

Also, they corporate with the D. C. E to address challenges they might be facing in the execution of their mandates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Ashanti Regional Minister?

The Ashanti Regional Minister is Hon. Simon Osei Mensah

Who is the Greater Accra Regional Minister?

The Greater Accra Regional Minister is Hon. Henry Quartey


The Regional Ministers in Ghana are important personalities in the governance structure of the country.  

When effectively carried out, their functions are sure to bring development and peace to their regions.  

They represent the government in public events. They serve as the bridge between the central government and the people in the region.

The Regional ministers are to ensure that there is stability and progressive development in the region.

The Regional Minister is serving at the president’s mercy and appointments can be terminated at any time. 

Regional ministers need to understand and carry out their functions effectively as stated in the constitution of Ghana.

In the article, we talked about the functions of regional ministers in Ghana, who a regional minister is, the appointment and termination of a regional minister, and more.

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