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Capitol Cafe And Restaurant Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order Online, And More

Nestled in Accra, Capitol Cafe and Restaurant stands as a culinary sanctuary, renowned for its vibrant ambiance, delightful flavors, and exceptional services.

This popular destination caters to both food enthusiasts and tourists, providing a diverse menu at reasonable prices.

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into various aspects of Capitol Cafe and Restaurant, including menu prices, location details, contact information, the process of ordering online, booking a table, frequently asked questions, and more.

Read on to discover the complete guide to Capitol Cafe and Restaurant in Accra.

About Capitol Cafe And Restaurant

Capitol Café and Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Cantonments, Accra, brings together the best flavors from both Turkish and International cuisines.

With its unique setting, sophisticated ambiance, and delectable menu offerings, Capitol Café and Restaurant emerges as the ultimate destination for dining and special events.

Whether you fancy a meal with loved ones in the main dining area, savoring inventive mocktails and smoothies at the garden bar, or treating yourself to an array of cakes and pastries from the bakery, Capitol Café and Restaurant caters to all tastes.

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Supported by a team of skilled chefs and attentive service staff, Capitol Café and Restaurant is committed to providing you with an unparalleled culinary journey.

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Capitol Cafe And Restaurant Menu And Prices

Capitol Café and Restaurant boasts an extensive menu that caters to both local and international tastes.

Their offerings range from local delicacies like Banku and Jollof to delectable grilled seafood, pasta, and burgers. Here are some highlights from their menu along with corresponding prices:

  • Vegetable Pasta – GHS 30
  • Jollof Rice with Grilled Chicken – GHS 35
  • Grilled Tuna Steak – GHS 45
  • Cheeseburger with Fries – GHS 25
  • Classic Caesar Salad – GHS 20
  • Banku and Tilapia – GHS 40

Breakfast Corner

  • Gozleme – GHS 75
  • Simit Breakfast Plate – GHS 100
  • Omelettes – GHS 60
  • Fried Eggs – GHS 50
  • Capitol Breakfast Plate – GHS 120
  • Menemen – GHS 70
  • English Breakfast – GHS 110


  • Olive Achma – GHS 14
  • Bread & Butter – GHS 24
  • Turkish Simit – GHS 12
  • Cheese Achma – GHS 14
  • Bread – GHS 8
  • Plain Achma – GHS 12

Location and contact details Of Capitol Cafe And Restaurant

The restaurant is found at 19 5th circular road cantonments, Accra, Ghana and you can contact them for bookings and orderings or further information at 050 711 1117 or visit their website at www.capitolgh.com.

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How To Order Online From Capitol Cafe And Restaurant

Here are simplified steps to order from Capitol Cafe and Restaurant using Pizarea delivery services through their USSD code:

  1. Dial 92061# on your phone.
  2. Enter your name when prompted.
  3. Choose the option to place an order.
  4. Select Capitol Cafe and Restaurant as your preferred restaurant.
  5. Browse the menu and choose the meals you want to order.
  6. Make payments as directed.
  7. Wait for your meal to be delivered to your location.
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Enjoy the convenience of ordering from Capitol with Pizarea delivery services!

How To Book A Table At Capitol Cafe And Restaurant

To enhance your dining experience and prevent unnecessary wait times, consider reserving a table in advance at Capitol Café and Restaurant.

Securing a table is a straightforward process—simply reach out to them directly using the provided phone number.

The accommodating staff will guide you through booking a suitable table. When making your reservation, furnish your details, including your name, the number of guests in your party, and the preferred date and time for your visit. Be sure to adhere to the scheduled time when visiting the restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a table in advance at Capitol Cafe And Restaurant?

 Just contact them directly on the number provided above and they will be ready to assist you book a suitable table. You will have to provide your details such as name, number of people to visit, and the date and time of visiting the restaurant.

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What is the location of Capitol Cafe And Restaurant?

They are located at 19 5th Circular Road Cantonments, Accra Ghana.


Experience an exquisite dining ambiance characterized by warmth, environmentally conscious service, and delectable culinary offerings at the distinguished Capitol Cafe and Restaurant in Accra.

A visit to this establishment promises a memorable and unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Within the confines of this article, we have meticulously detailed every aspect of Capitol Cafe and Restaurant in Accra.

From comprehensive insights into menu pricing, precise location details, and contact information to facilitating online orders and providing guidance on securing a table in advance, we address all pertinent information.

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Additionally, a comprehensive overview of frequently asked questions further enhances the reader’s understanding of this esteemed establishment.

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