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The Venue Accra Restaurant: Menu Prices, Location And More

Are you searching for the venue Accra menu? This article will take you through everything you need about The venue restaurant. We will cover their menu prices and location and answer all the questions surrounding this Restaurant.

In addition, this article will cover why you should eat or order your next meal from the venue restaurant.

The Venue may not be a nationally known restaurant, but it has something special. 

Based on many reviews, many loyal patrons like the Food and atmosphere. 

That’s not surprising, given the menu prices don’t seem to exceed GHS 200 for a meal you want to have in this restaurant. 

The Venue restaurant is a restaurant that has won the heart of many Ghanaians, especially people living in the capital city of Accra. 

The Venue restaurant has received a rating of 4.5 stars from TripAdvisor by website users, but this rating does not include several of the latest reviews. 

Before you order from this Restaurant, I believe you will want to look at the menu, prices and location of this Restaurant beside the other restaurants nearby and see if it fits your needs.

Their menu includes a lot of choices, such as sandwiches, beverages, pizza and more. 

Each item has its price listed, but it isn’t shown what those prices are. 

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To make it easier to decide if this location is the one for you, we will list all the foods they are selling together with their prices.

Why Should You Order From The Venue Restaurant?

When you decide to eat at a particular restaurant for the first time, you tend to question why you should go ahead and buy from that Restaurant.

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Let us cover why you should order from The Venue.

Great Meal

We all know every Restaurant offers different kinds of meals 

but this Restaurant offers the 

greetest meals, their meals are so delicious 

and if you are not careful, you might always want to order from them.

Amazing Service 

There is a saying that “a hungry man is an angry man

” and this Restaurant understands it perfectly.

The venue restaurant has one of the best customer services compared to other restaurants in Accra.

Their workers are so down to earth and are mostly friendly.

They Have All Kinds Of Meat

If you are someone who likes meat a lot and wondering if you can get your favourite 

meat at the venue restaurant.

The answer is yes. You can get all kinds of meat at this Restaurant.

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Best Quality Price 

Whiles looking for the best Restaurant to eat in, you might also be looking for the best cheap Restaurant in Accra, and the Venue is one of them.

Although the Restaurant looks like a 5-star restaurant, it is one of the Restaurants with affordable food prices.

The Venue Restaurant Menu Prices 

Before ordering online from the venue restaurant or visiting them to have a meal, you first need to go through their menu and then know what you want to eat and the amount you will pay for that particular Food.

Here are the menu prices:

the venue restaurant food prices
  • Imported French snails baked in garlic parsley butter, 4 Pcs of Curry beef and vegetable samosa, soya dressing – GHS 45.00
  • 3 Pcs of Beef spring rolls, sweet chilli sauce – GHS 45.00
  • Beef meatballs, spicy tomato sauce, pita bread – GHS 60.00
  • Bread-crusted prawns deep-fried, tartar sauce – GHS 85.00
  • Deep fried calamari in batter, tartar sauce – GHS 85.00
  • Chick pea dip, pita bread, pickle pepper, olive oil – GHS 70.00
  • 2 spring rolls, 2 samosas, 4 calamari beignet, 3 deep-fried prawns, assorted sauces – GHS 90
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How To Order Online On The Venue Restaurant 

The best way to order online from the venue restaurant is to call their number 0243324519 to place your Order.

All you have to do is tell them the Food you want to order, then give them your location and details. Within minutes, they will deliver your Food to you.

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The Venue Restaurant Location And Contact Details

  • Address: Adjiringanor, East Legon – Greater Accra, Ghana
  • Tel: +233 (0) 243 324 519 / +233 (0) 302 505 111
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/thevenuerestaurant
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thevenuerestaurant


Before eating at a particular restaurant, you first need to know about that Restaurant. The Food that you will get there.

What people are saying about that website and their food menu prices.

Mekabi.com has also taken it upon itself to inform you about Food in Ghana.

And because of that, we decided to cover one of the best restaurants in Accra, The venue restaurant.

This article covers everything you need to know about the venue restaurant, their food prices, location and how to order online.

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