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How Travel And Tour Make Money On Airline Tickets In Ghana

As a traveler, you may wonder how booking your airline tickets through a travel agency benefits them financially.

Travel companies in Ghana earn commissions and other incentives from airlines when they sell flight tickets to customers.

This article will dive into the different ways Ghanaian travel agencies profit from airline ticket sales and their relationships with airlines.

Introduction To Travel Agencies In Ghana

Travel agencies serve as intermediaries between airlines and passengers. They provide services that allow travelers to easily browse flight options, make bookings, and purchase tickets without dealing directly with multiple airlines.

Some key benefits they offer customers include:

  • Multi-airline flight search and comparison
  • Ability to book complex international itineraries
  • Local expertise and personalized service
  • Competitive pricing with access to deals
  • Accept local payments like mobile money
  • Package deals on flights, hotels, tours

In exchange for providing these facilitation services, airlines pay commissions to travel agencies in Ghana on tickets sold.

How Travel Agencies Profit On Airline Ticket Sales In Ghana

Airline Commissions On Ticket Sales

The primary way travel companies earn revenue from flight bookings is through airlines paying a small commission percentage on each ticket issued.

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On average, commissions range from 7-12% of the flight cost. Some factors impacting the commission rate include:

  • Airline – Low-cost carriers pay less while full-service airlines pay more
  • Route – Short domestic routes get lower commissions
  • Class – First and business class tickets have higher commissions
  • Discount level – Special sale fares reduce commission percentage
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So for a GHS 4,000 economy ticket with a 20% commission, the agency would earn GHS 400. Airlines wire commission payments to agencies monthly based on the prior month’s ticket sales.

Incentives Beyond Commissions

Besides commissions, airlines offer Ghanaian travel agencies additional incentives and rewards to promote specific flights.

These include:

  • Override commissions – Bonuses for exceeding sales targets
  • Free tickets – Free seats awarded to top-selling agencies annually
  • Marketing support – Airlines sponsor joint ads or promotions with agencies
  • Reduced service fees – Waived or reduced processing fees on their bookings
  • Fam trips – Free familiarization trips on new routes
  • Consolidator deals – Special discounted seat allotments for agencies to sell

By driving more ticket sales, agencies can earn higher commissions plus unlock added incentives like marketing funds or free travel.

Contractual Agreements Between Airlines & Agencies

Travel companies and airlines formalize their working relationship through standard contracts.

Key aspects include:

  • Commission agreed upon for economy, business, and first-class tickets
  • Incentive schemes like override commissions and free ticket targets
  • Access level to special fares and seat allotments
  • Settlement timelines for transferring commissions
  • Confidentiality and customer data protection
  • Performance review metrics and enforcement clauses
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These mutually beneficial agreements facilitate travel agencies selling airline tickets smoothly, while providing airlines cost-effective distribution.

How Travel Agencies Compete In the Airline Booking Market

Travel companies utilize various competitive strategies to attract customers in need of air tickets including:

  • Providing quick online and offline booking options
  • Developing easy-to-use flight search tools on their website
  • Offering personalized and expert booking assistance
  • Having ticket pickup and delivery services
  • Bundling flight tickets with other travel services like accommodation
  • Building loyalty programs and providing special member discounts
  • Accepting versatile payment methods like mobile money
  • Investing in marketing promotions and advertising
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By excelling at customer service and convenience, agencies can sell more airline tickets and strengthen relationships with airlines.


While customers enjoy huge conveniences and savings using travel agency flight services, these companies also earn decent revenues.

Through commissions, overrides, free tickets, marketing support, and consolidator deals, airlines incentivize agencies to sell their seats.

Formal contracts govern these mutually beneficial partnerships powering the airline distribution chain in Ghana’s travel industry.

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