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20 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Ghana

Ghana is a very beautiful and vibrant country that attracts tourists and researchers from all walks of life.

If you are visiting the country for business, adventure, or both, note that there are several important things you should take note of.

We will look at the 20 things you should know before visiting Ghana.

 20 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Ghana

Generally, life in Ghana is quite slow and relaxed but it is sometimes chaotic and fast in different settings.

You have to get used to the cultural differences, the mass traffic, and the haggling. I’m telling you, you will love this country but before you start your journey these are what you should know.

The Visa Requirements

One important thing you should first consider before considering visiting Ghana is to ensure that you have the necessary visa.

The country Ghana requires visas before citizens of most countries can enter or pay a visit. You can get a visa from the Ghanaian embassy in your home country.

The Language

You should also know the language that is officially spoken in Ghana. The official language spoken in Ghana is English.

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So if you cannot speak any of the local languages, English is good to go.

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The Climate

You have to also know the climatic pattern of Ghana. The country has two distinct climate seasons which are the rainy season from April through to October and the dry season, from November to March. Knowing this will help you pack appropriately.

Health And Safety

Ghana is a peaceful country and there is tight security but just like any other country, you must be aware of certain health and safety concerns.

It is very ideal to get vaccinated again for certain diseases and illnesses before traveling to Ghana. Make sure to take precautions against mosquito-borne illnesses.

The Transportation

The transportation system can be a little challenging in Ghana. The country has limited options for public transport but there are always taxis and hailing vehicles like Uber and Bolt available. make sure you negotiate prices before entering the car.

The Currency

Note that in Ghana the official currency is the Ghanaian cedi and it is ideal to exchange currency at official exchange bureaus or banks. in this case, your money is safe.

The Food

Ghana has diverse delicious dishes like banku, fufu, yam, and several others but there are also several West African and European dishes in most of the restaurants. Be very careful when trying any local dish.

The Water

Tap water is not advisable to try drinking because it may not be safe for your health. Try and stick to bottled water which is available in most shops and restaurants.

The Dress Code

It is best to dress appropriately especially when visiting religious settings. The country is a religious country with a higher number of Christians. Try as much as possible to dress decently.

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General Etiquette

The Ghanaians are generally friendly as well as very hospitable. You encouraged me to return this kindness.

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It is very necessary to greet people with a smile and then also use very respectful language when speaking to the elderly and pep[le in the higher hierarchy.

The Accommodation

You are advised to book a hotel or guestroom ahead before landing in the country because accommodation options range from budget hotels or guesthouses to luxurious ones, especially in the time of peak travel seasons.

The Electricity

It is very important to bring adapters for your electrical devices since outlets in Ghana may not be compatible with your home country’s plug.

The Internet

Internet speed in Ghana may be slow though most accommodation centers like hotels and cafes offer free Wi-Fi.

The Religion

As I said earlier, religion plays a very major role in Ghanaian culture. Christianity and Islam are the most widely practiced religions. You must respect religious customs and traditions to enjoy your visit to Ghana.

The Culture

The country has a rich culture with a different range of art, dance, music, and several others. You can make a date to attend the Ghanaian festivals and cultural ceremonies.

The Wildlife

There are varieties of wildlife in Ghana such as lions, primates, elephants, and more. You can tour the various wildlife reserves like the Mole National Park, Kakum National Park, and several others.

The Beaches

There are beautiful beaches in Ghana that are excellent for surfing, sunbathing, and swimming. Some of the well-known beaches include Labadi Beach, Kokrobite Beach, and more.

The Festivals

There are several festivals celebrated in Ghana. The most popular ones include the Homowo, Aboakyir festivals, and several others.

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There are several handmade craft items like cloth jewelry and several others that you can patronize from popular markets like the Kaneshie market and several other markets.

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To tip vendors and other people who offer services to you is not compulsory. you do that at your own will. Tipping is very common among taxi drivers, hotel staff, and others.


Ghana is a very beautiful place to visit. It has a rich culture, beautiful beaches, and several varieties of wildlife reserves.

To visit Ghana, you need to get your most important document like visas ready and get enough cash as the currency is not stable.

Check your health status before coming and be very careful with mosquitoes during your stay. In the article, we covered the 20 most important things you should know before visiting Ghana.

You might also want to check out the functions of the regional ministers in Ghana and also all the 16 regions in Ghana.

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