Top Restaurants In Labone

Top Restaurants In Labone

If you find yourself in Labone, a popular city in Accra, and are in search of a fine restaurant to indulge in an exquisite dining experience, this article will guide you through the top culinary establishments in the area.

By the end of the article, you’ll have comprehensive information on the locations, contact details, menu prices, frequently asked questions, and more for the leading restaurants in Labone.

Take a moment to relax and delve into the details to make an informed decision for your next dining experience in Labone.

 Top Restaurants In Labone

Here are the top restaurants in Labone with their location, contact details, and menu prices:

  • Castillo
  • Rosé Garden
  • Moka’s Resto Cafe
  • Bosphorus Restaurant And Cafe
  • The Honeysuckle Pub And Restaurant
  • Rockefellers Sushi-Korean Continental Restaurant
  • Indulge Accra
  • Le Pavillion Restaurant
  • The Pantita Thai Restaurant
  • Café Mondo



Castillo, the Mexican restaurant in Labone, stands out as a delightful choice for those seeking delicious Mexican meals at very affordable prices.

The restaurant prides itself on providing a serene and hygienic environment, enhancing the overall dining experience for patrons.

Whether you prefer to savor your meal on-site with the dine-in option, enjoy the convenience of takeout, or have your favorite Mexican dishes delivered to your location, Castillo accommodates all preferences with its diverse range of services.

For a flavorful and budget-friendly Mexican dining experience in Labone, Castillo is worth considering, offering a combination of affordability, delicious cuisine, and a comfortable atmosphere.

Location And Contact Details Of Castillo

You can locate Castillo at HRFH+VG, 21 Third Dade Walk in Labone, Accra and for booking or ordering you can contact them at 0500633722.

Menu Prices At Castillo

  • Nachos De Pollo – GHS 80
  • Nachos Vegetariana (V) – GHS 63
  • Empanada De Camarones – GHS 80
  • Nachos De Carne – GHS 80
  • Tlayuda – GHS110
  • Alitas De Pollo – GHS 40
  • Tostada De Camarones – GHS 69
  • Pizza Vegetariana (V) – GHS 80

Rosé Garden

Rose Gardens Restaurant Menu Price, Location, Contact Details, How To Order Online, And More

Being recognized as one of the finest restaurants in Labone, this establishment takes pride in offering a diverse menu that spans breakfast, lunch, dessert, and more.

The restaurant’s commitment to creating a serene and conducive atmosphere contributes to a relaxed dining experience for patrons.

The emphasis on maintaining a hygienic environment further enhances the overall appeal of the restaurant, ensuring that visitors can enjoy their meals in a clean and comfortable setting.

Whether you’re looking for a delightful breakfast, a satisfying lunch, or a sweet dessert, this fine restaurant in Labone aims to provide a well-rounded and enjoyable dining experience in a welcoming atmosphere.

Location And Contact Details Of Rose Garden

It is situated at HR9J+WF, 4746 Ndabaningi Sithole Road in Labone, Accra and you can contact them at 0594816436 for ordering and booking.

Menu Prices At Rose Garden

Breakfast Menu
  • American Breakfast – GHS 65.00
  • English Breakfast – GHS 65.00
  • French Toast – GHS 60.00
Breakfast Loaded Dog
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles – GHS 50.00
  • Pork Hot Dog Loaded with Egg, Bacon, Cheese Assorted Veggies Served with A Side of Fries – Ghs 55.00
  • Omelet Choice of Vegetable or Meat Lover Omelet and Hash Brown – Ghs 50.00
Breakfast Loaded Fries
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich – GHS 50.00
  • Fries, Egg, Vegetables, Sausage, and Bacon – Ghs 50.00
  • Chicken Wings and Fries – Ghs 40.00

Moka’s Resto Cafe

Moka's Resto Cafe menu prices, location and contact details

This Lebanese restaurant in Labone distinguishes itself by offering delicious meals crafted with fresh ingredients under the expertise of experienced chefs.

The commitment to using high-quality, fresh ingredients ensures a delightful and authentic dining experience for patrons.

Beyond the culinary offerings, the restaurant provides a charming and romantic atmosphere, creating a pleasant environment for guests to enjoy their meals.

The option to order online or by calling adds convenience for those who prefer to savor the restaurant’s Lebanese delights in the comfort of their own space.

For those seeking an intimate and flavorful Lebanese dining experience, this restaurant not only delivers on taste but also offers convenient options for ordering and reservations, making it a standout choice in Labone.

Location And Contact Details Of Moka’s Resto Café

You can easily locate this restaurant at 21 Ndabaningi Sithole Road in Labone and you can reach them at 0557771771 for further inquiries.

Menu Prices At Moka’s Resto Café

  • Butternut Squash Soup – GHS 75
Goat Cheese Sprinkle
  • Crunchy Chicken – GHS 88
Breaded Crust, Sweet Chili Dip
  • Beet Hummus – GHS 95
Classic Chickpea & Beetroot Dip
  • Barbecue Wings – GHS 100
Chicken Wings, House-Made Barbecue Sauce
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip – GHS 125

Bosphorus Restaurant And Cafe

This restaurant has earned a reputation for consistently delivering authentic meals at affordable prices in a serene environment.

The commitment to providing a range of services, including dine-in, takeout, and delivery, caters to the diverse preferences of patrons, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

The cozy and charming atmosphere of the restaurant adds to the overall dining experience, creating a welcoming ambiance for guests.

Whether you choose to enjoy your meal on-site, opt for the convenience of takeout, or have it delivered to your doorstep, this restaurant endeavors to maintain a comfortable and inviting setting.

For those in search of authenticity, affordability, and a delightful atmosphere, this restaurant stands out as a reliable choice in Labone, offering a combination of culinary excellence and a cozy dining environment.

Location And Contact Details Of Bosphorus Restaurant And Cafe

You can locate the Bosphorus Restaurant And Café at HR9J+WC, Coffee Shop, Ndabaningi Sithole Road in Labone, Accra and you can contact them at 0200300727 for booking and ordering.

Menu Prices At Bosphorus Restaurant And Cafe

  • Ginger and Spring Onion Sauce with Regular – GHS 45.00
  • Chicken with Mushroom Regular – GHS 47.00
  • Sizzling Chicken Green Pepper Sauce Regular – GHS 47.00

The Honeysuckle Pub And Restaurant


The Honeysuckle Pub And Restaurant in Labone is renowned as one of the well-known sports restaurants, dedicated to providing an extensive menu that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences.

The restaurant prides itself on offering a cozy and charming ambiance, creating an inviting setting for patrons.

To enhance convenience, The Honeysuckle Pub And Restaurant offers a range of services, including dine-in for those who wish to enjoy the lively atmosphere, takeout for those on the go, and delivery services for those who prefer to dine in the comfort of their own space.

For sports enthusiasts and those seeking a diverse menu in a welcoming environment, this sports restaurant in Labone offers a combination of culinary variety and a cozy ambiance, ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

Location And Contact Details Of The Honeysuckle Pub And Restaurant

You can locate the restaurant at HR9H+78W, Fourth Dade Walk in Labone, and can be contacted at 0279560000 for booking and ordering.

Menu Prices At The Honeysuckle Pub And Restaurant

  • Chicken Peanut Soup – GHS 30
  • Grilled Tilapia with Jollof Rice – GHS 45
  • Beef Kebabs with Couscous – GHS 50
  • Vegetable Stir-Fry with Fried Rice – GHS 35
  • Honey wings with Yam chips Regular – GHS 49.99
  • Chocolate Lava Cake – GHS 20
  • Honey wings with Jollof rice Regular – GHS 49.99
  • Honey Wings with Fries Regular – GHS 49.99

Rockefellers Sushi-Korean Continental Restaurant


For a fine and exquisite dining experience in Accra, the Rockefellers Sushi-Korean Continental Restaurant in Labone is recommended.

This establishment is known for its commitment to providing top-notch service and a diverse culinary experience.

With friendly staff and a clean environment, Rockefeller aims to create a welcoming atmosphere for patrons.

Whether you are a fan of sushi, Korean cuisine, or continental dishes, the restaurant strives to cater to a variety of tastes.

For those who appreciate a combination of excellent service, a diverse menu, and a clean and inviting setting, Rockefellers Sushi-Korean Continental Restaurant in Labone is a notable choice for a refined dining experience in Accra.

Location And Contact Details Of Rockefellers Sushi-Korean Continental Restaurant

You can locate the Rockefellers Sushi-Korean Continental Restaurant at HRGG+MR 5 Third Dade Walk Accra and you can contact them at 0501301200.

Menu Prices At Rockefellers Sushi-Korean Continental Restaurant

  • California Roll – GHS 30
  • Sushi Rolls
  • Tempura Shrimp Roll – GHS 40
  • Spicy Tuna Roll – GHS 35
Korean Dishes
  • Japchae – GHS 50
  • Bibimbap – GHS 45
  • Bulgogi – GHS 60
Continental Dishes
  • Chicken Parme – 70
  • Grilled Salmon – GHS 70
  • Beef Tenderloin – GHS 80
  • San – GHS 55

Indulge Accra

indulge restaurant menu prices and location

It’s wonderful to hear about your positive experience at this restaurant. A clean and serene environment, coupled with a cozy atmosphere, contributes significantly to the overall dining experience.

The fact that they offer the best service in the culinary business is certainly a commendable aspect.

The diversity in their menu, catering to various tastes and preferences, further enhances the appeal of the restaurant.

Such establishments that prioritize cleanliness, atmosphere, and a varied menu are often well-received by patrons seeking a well-rounded and enjoyable dining experience.

If you have any specific details or aspects of the restaurant you would like to highlight or inquire about, feel free to share, and I’ll do my best to assist you!

Location And Contact Details Of Indulge Accra

You can locate them at Plot No. 54 Dade Street in Labone and can be reached at 0599707171 to make a reservation and order.

Menu Prices At Indulge Accra

  • Super Supreme – GHS 49.99
  • Veggie Supreme – GHS 45.99
Specialty Pizzas
  • Meat Lovers – GHS 49.99
  • BBQ Chicken – GHS 49.99
  • Seafood Lovers – GHS 49.99
  • Hawaiian – GHS 45.99

 Le Pavillion Restaurant

Le Pavillion Restaurant view

Le Pavillon restaurant in Accra, located at Labone, emerges as one of the newest additions to the fine dining scene in Ghana.

Positioned to bring families and friends together, the restaurant strives to create a welcoming and inclusive space for patrons.

The availability of dine-in, takeout, and delivery services reflects the restaurant’s commitment to catering to diverse preferences and offering flexibility to its customers.

Whether patrons prefer to enjoy the restaurant’s ambiance, opt for the convenience of takeout, or have their meals delivered to their doorstep, Le Pavillon aims to accommodate various dining preferences.

As one of the newest fine-dining options in Ghana, Le Pavillon presents an exciting opportunity for locals and visitors alike to explore a fresh culinary experience in a vibrant and welcoming setting.

Location And Contact Details Of Le Pavillion Restaurant

 The restaurant is located at HRCJ+F8, Labone in Accra, and can be reached at +233 589 999 919 for ordering and booking.

Menu Prices At Le Pavillion Restaurant

Lebanese Corner
  • Hommos with Beef – GHS 75
  • Hommos – GHS 55
  • Cheese Roll (5pcs) – GHS 58
  • Labneh Meeze (goot labneh) – GHS 70
  • Fish Tajen (Tahini Sauce) – GHS 78
  • Waraa Enab (Vine Leaves) – GHS 88
  • Shanklish – GHS 87
  • Spinach Pie(5pcs) – GHS 58
  • Eggs with Warm Fekhara – Ghs ‎70
  • Mekanek – GHS 77

The Pantita Thai Restaurant

Pantita Thai Restaurant And Bar food

The Pantita Thai Restaurant, located in the capital city of Ghana, is making a name for itself as an Asian restaurant renowned for serving very delicious and authentic meals at very affordable prices.

The restaurant’s commitment to delivering authentic flavors at budget-friendly rates contributes to its popularity among patrons seeking a delightful culinary experience.

Furthermore, the convenience of its location and accessibility enhances the overall appeal of Pantita Thai Restaurant, making it a convenient and accessible choice for both locals and visitors alike.

For those who appreciate the rich and diverse flavors of Thai cuisine without compromising on affordability, Pantita Thai Restaurant in the heart of the capital city provides a promising option for a satisfying dining experience.

Location And Contact Details Of The Pantita Thai Restaurant

You can find the Pantita Thai Restaurant at HR9G+96, Peter Ala Adjetey Avenue, Labone, Accra, Ghana.

You can get there by car or walk if you are close to the location. To book, order or contact them for further inquiries, reach out to them at 0505755485

Menu Prices of The Pantita Thai Restaurant

  • Thai Spring Rolls / 5 pcs – GHS 74.00
  • Satay Chicken / 5pcs – GHS 76.00
  • Fresh Spring Rolls Shrimps – GHS 130.00
  • Fried Spring Rolls Shrimp – GHS 120.00
  • Fish Cake – GHS 80.00
  • Massaman Curry with Beef – GHS 60
  • Crispy Squid – GHS 90.00
  • Tom Yum Soup – GHS 40
  • Pad Thai Noodles – GHS 45
  • Fried Crispy Prawns – GHS 100.00
  • Roast Beef – GHS 75.00
  • Green Curry with Chicken – GHS 55
  • Fresh Spring Rolls – GHS 74.00
  • Pineapple Fried Rice – GHS 55

Café Mondo

Café Mondo, one of the preferred restaurants in Accra, stands out for its hygienic environment, exquisite services, and a menu featuring both delicious and affordable meals.

The commitment to maintaining cleanliness and providing high-quality services contributes to the overall appeal of the restaurant.

The mouth-watering meals at Café Mondo are a result of the experienced chefs’ dedication to preparing dishes with fresh and high-quality ingredients.

This focus on culinary excellence ensures that patrons not only enjoy delightful flavors but also experience a satisfying and memorable dining experience.

For those in search of a restaurant that combines hygiene, affordability, and culinary excellence, Café Mondo is positioned as a promising choice in Accra, offering a blend of delightful services and flavorful meals.

Location And Contact Details Café Mondo

You can locate them at JRRX+J4F, Labone, Accra, and can be reached at +233 55 123 4567.

Café Mondo Menu Prices

  • Sandwiches – GHS 25
  • Pasta – GHS 30
  • Stir-fried lamb chops in brown sauce Regular – GHS 88.00
  • Deep-fried lamb chops with cumin Regular – GHS 88.00


It’s wonderful to hear that Labone in Accra is blessed with luxurious restaurants offering delicious meals, clean environments, and a cozy ambiance.

Exploring the top restaurants in Labone, as covered in your article with details on the location, contact information, menu prices, frequently asked questions, and more provides valuable insights for locals and visitors seeking a delightful dining experience.

Labone’s diverse culinary scene, featuring luxurious restaurants, showcases the vibrant flavors available in the area.

Whether patrons are looking for fine dining, exotic cuisines, or cozy atmospheres, Labone appears to offer a variety of options to cater to different preferences.

For those interested in exploring the culinary delights of Labone, your coverage of the top restaurants serves as a helpful guide for making informed dining decisions in this part of Accra.

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