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Top Restaurants In Airport Residential Area

The Airport Residential Area stands out as one of the esteemed neighborhoods in the Greater Accra Region, known for its popularity and prestige.

For those residing nearby or within this distinguished area, a myriad of establishments, including shops, boutiques, and notably, restaurants, contribute to its vibrant atmosphere.

Our primary focus in this discourse revolves around the culinary landscape, particularly the restaurants.

Within the confines of the Airport Residential Area, a spectrum of dining experiences awaits, ranging from 3-star to 5-star establishments.

These venues cater to diverse palates, offering a blend of local, international, and continental cuisines, all presented with a commitment to exemplary service.

This article will meticulously delve into the premier restaurants situated in the Airport Residential Area.

Expect comprehensive details on their locations, contact information, menu pricing, frequently asked questions, and more, providing you with a comprehensive guide to the culinary delights this locale has to offer.

 Top Restaurants In Airport Residential Areas

Here are our top restaurants around Airport Residential areas:

  • Tandoor Indian Restaurant
  • Simret Restaurant The Taste of Ethiopia
  • Mama Cuisine
  • XO Restaurant & Bar
  • Red Red Restaurant
  • Hole 19 Gastronomie
  • Santoku
  • Bistro 22
  • El Padrino Lounge
  • La Tante DC 10

Tandoor Indian Restaurant


Situated approximately 1.8 miles from Kotoka International Airport, this Indian restaurant stands as a culinary gem in the heart of convenience.

Boasting a repertoire of services, they graciously extend options for takeout, dine-in, and delivery, ensuring patrons can relish their delectable offerings in a manner that suits their preferences.

What sets this establishment apart is not just its gastronomic delights but also the distinctive ambiance it provides.

The environment exudes a one-of-a-kind charm, characterized by its cozy and serene atmosphere.

Whether you choose to indulge in the vibrant flavors within the comfort of your home, savor the experience at their welcoming dine-in setting, or opt for the convenience of delivery, this Indian restaurant promises a memorable culinary journey complemented by an unparalleled environment.

Location And Contact Details Of Tandoor Indian Restaurant

The restaurant is conveniently located about 1.8 miles from the Kotoka International Airport and can be reached at 024 315 1417 for inquiries and bookings.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant Menu Prices

  • Shallow-Fry Mutton Ribs Marinated in a Red Sauce – GHS 80 
  • Tandoor-Grilled Tender Lobster, Marinated with a Blend Of Flavours – GHS 165
  • Extremely Soft Lamb Patties Made of Minced Meat and Green Papaya – GHS 80
  • Marinated with Chicken Mustard and Green Chillies – GHS 60
  • fish marinated and crisply batter fried – GHS 70

Simret Restaurant The Taste of Ethiopia

Simret Ethiopian Restaurant menu prices, location, contact details and more

Nestled in the heart of Accra, the Simret Restaurant stands as a distinguished Ethiopian culinary haven.

Renowned for its commitment to authenticity and affordability, this establishment takes pride in serving delectable traditional Ethiopian meals that tantalize the taste buds without burdening the wallet.

Patrons are invited to indulge in a gastronomic adventure within a serene environment, where the ambiance adds an extra layer of delight to the dining experience.

The Simret Restaurant graciously caters to diverse preferences with its versatile service options, including dine-in for those who relish the immersive atmosphere, takeout for those on the go, and delivery for the convenience of savoring Ethiopian flavors in the comfort of your own space.

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Location And Contact Details Of Simret Restaurant

You can easily locate the restaurant about 1.6 miles away from the Kotoka International Airport and they can be reached for more information at +233 50 554 4849.

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Menu Prices At Simret Restaurant

  • Injera – GHS 25
  • Kitfo – GHS 30
  • Cowgirl Penelope – GHS 18.00
  • Tips – GHS 27

Bacon wrapped, mustard, and onions

  • Vanity vain -GHS 18.00
Pulled pork and coleslaw
  • The Assassin – GHS 18.00
Spicy or regular mustard and ketchup
  • The outlaws- GHS 18.00
Salsa, bacon, habanero sauce
  • Sherriff john brown -GHS 18.00
  • Chocolate Milkshake Regular -GHS 25.00
  • Vanilla Milkshake Regular – GHS 25.00
  • Coffee Milkshake Regular- GHS 30.00
  • Strawberry Milkshake Regular- GHS 25.00

Mama Cuisine

Mama Cuisine

Mama Cuisine stands prominently among the esteemed restaurants that exemplify top-notch services within the Airport Residential Area.

Renowned for its popularity, this culinary haven boasts an extensive and diverse menu, carefully crafted to cater to a myriad of tastes and preferences.

The hallmark of Mama Cuisine lies not only in its popularity but also in the meticulous curation of a menu that transcends culinary boundaries.

From savory classics to innovative delights, each dish is a testament to the commitment to satisfying a wide array of palates.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of local or international flavors, Mama Cuisine ensures a gastronomic journey that transcends expectations.

The restaurant’s dedication to delivering excellence extends beyond the plate, promising an overall dining experience that mirrors the richness and diversity of its menu.

For those seeking a culinary adventure in the Airport Residential Area, Mama Cuisine stands as a beacon, beckoning with its delectable offerings and unwavering commitment to culinary excellence.

Location And Contact Details Of Mama Cuisine

The Mama Cuisine is located about 0.8 miles from the Kotoka International Airport and you can reach them at +233 54 786 3669 for more information.

XO Restaurant & Bar

Xo Restaurant scene

This vibrant Pan-Asian Restaurant and Bar redefines the culinary landscape in the heart of Airport Residential.

A symphony of flavors awaits as the menu unfolds, featuring a diverse array of delights ranging from sushi and dim sum to soups, noodles, and chef specials.

The culinary journey extends beyond the palate, with an enticing selection of beautifully crafted cocktails that elevate the dining experience.

The ambiance of this establishment is a cornerstone of its allure. A chilled atmosphere, like no other, invites patrons to savor not just the exquisite flavors but also the unique and relaxing surroundings.

To cater to diverse preferences and lifestyles, this Pan-Asian gem extends a trio of service options – takeout for those on the move, dine-in for those who relish the ambiance, and delivery for the convenience of enjoying the flavors in the comfort of your own space.

Location And Contact Details Of XO Restaurant & Bar

You can locate the restaurant at Casely Hayford Rd One Airport Square, Accra, Ghana. You can reach them for inquiries, bookings, and orderings at 020 001 6415.

Menu Prices at Xo Restaurant

  • Chicken with mushroom Regular – GHS 47.00
  • Menu Prices at Xo Restaurant range from GHS 20 to GHS 150.
  • Sizzling chicken green pepper sauce Regular – GHS 47.00
  • ginger and spring onion sauce with Regular – GHS 45.00
  • Mapo Tofu – GHS 45
  • Chicken with Szechuan Sauce – GHS 45
  • Sizzling chicken green pepper sauce Regular – GHS 47.00
  • Cumin Beef – GHS 40
  • Slice chicken with green chili Regular – GHS 62.00
  • Chicken with Szechuan Sauce Regular – GHS 47.00
  • Chicken, peanuts in sweet chili sauce Regular – GHS 66.00

Red Red Restaurant

The Red Red Restaurant in Accra stands as a paragon of reliability, offering a culinary haven that seamlessly blends the rich flavors of both local and continental cuisines, all at remarkably affordable prices.

What sets this establishment apart is not just the affordability but also the commitment to delivering a delightful dining experience within a serene and cozy environment.

The restaurant’s ambiance is carefully curated to provide patrons with a space where they can savor each bite amidst an atmosphere that soothes and welcomes.

The affordability of the meals at the Red Red Restaurant does not compromise on the deliciousness that graces each plate.

From local delicacies to continental delights, every dish is a testament to the culinary expertise and dedication to satisfying diverse palates.

Location And Contact Details Of Red Red Restaurant

The Red Red Restaurant can be found about 0.8 miles from Kotoka International Airport. You can reach them at +233302738000 for further inquiries.

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Menu Prices At Red Red Restaurant

Red Red
  • Red Red & Tilapia- GHS 86.00
  • Red Red & Chicken Wings – GHS 55.00
  • Red Red & Salmon – GHS 55.00
  • Red Red & Fish – GHS 66.00
  • Red Red & Goat – GHS 62.00
  • Red Red & Chicken – GHS 60.00
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  • Banku with Okro & Fried Fish – GHS 66.00
  • Eba with Okro & Fried Fish – GHS 71.00
  • Crab, salmon, well & beef – GHS 71.00
  • Assorted Green Okro – GHS 72.00
  • Green Okro & Tilapia – GHS 87.00

Hole 19 Gastronomie

Nestled in the heart of Accra, The Hole 19 Gastronomie emerges as a pinnacle of reliability, offering a delightful culinary experience without breaking the bank.

This establishment has mastered the art of delivering delicious meals at exceptionally affordable prices.

Beyond the gratification of the taste buds, The Hole 19 Gastronomie extends its reliability to a spectrum of services, making it a versatile culinary destination.

For those seeking catering services, ordering for special occasions, or making reservations, this restaurant graciously accommodates various preferences.

Whether you prefer the convenience of takeout or the immersive experience of dining in, The Hole 19 Gastronomie caters to both, ensuring that patrons can relish their meals in a manner that suits their lifestyle.

Location And Contact Details Of Hole 19 Gastronomie

Hole 19 Gastronomie can be found about 0.5 miles away from Kotoka Airport and can be reached at 0547057833 for booking and ordering.

Menu Prices At Hole 19 Gastronomie

Fresh Organic Juices
  • Pineapple and Orange Juice Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Carrot, Apple, and Ginger -Regular GHS 18.00
  • Orange Juice – Regular GHS 10.00
  • Melon Juice Regular -GHS 10.00
  • Pineapple and Ginger Juice Regular – GHS 10.00
  • Pineapple Juice Regular – GHS 10.00
Sensational Smoothies
  • Banana and Pineapple Smoothy – Regular GHS 15.00
  • Mango Smoothy Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Banana, Pineapple, and Strawberry Smoothy – Regular GHS 17.00
  • Mango and Pineapple Smoothy Regular- GHS 15.00
  • Pawpaw and Orange Smoothy – Regular GHS 15.00



Santoku, a distinguished Japanese restaurant, beckons patrons into a realm of exquisite culinary delights.

Renowned for its extensive menu featuring a wide array of sushi, sashimi, and other authentic Japanese dishes, Santoku stands as a testament to the artistry of Japanese cuisine.

The ambiance of Santoku is an integral part of its allure. A sleek and modern atmosphere sets the stage for a dining experience that transcends the ordinary, making it an ideal choice for special occasions, such as a memorable birthday dinner.

The restaurant’s contemporary design creates a sophisticated backdrop, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of sushi or eager to explore the nuances of Japanese culinary craftsmanship, Santoku offers a gastronomic journey that surpasses expectations.

The meticulous attention to detail in both cuisine and ambiance ensures that every visit is a celebration of flavors and aesthetics.

Location And Contact Details Of Santoku

You can find Santoku at Accra about 1.8 miles from the Kotoka Airport and you can reach them at +233 544311511 for further inquiries.

Menu Prices At Santoku

  • Grilled Chicken Skewers – GHS 35
  • Jollof Arancini Balls – GHS 30
  • Plantain Nachos – GHS 25
Main Courses
  • Beef Korma with Fragrant Rice – GHS 65
  • Seafood Paella – GHS 70
  • Vegetarian Couscous with Roasted Vegetables – GHS 50

Bistro 22

Bistro 22 - Kitchen + Bar menu

Bistro 22 emerges as a culinary gem in Accra, solidifying its status as one of the best restaurants that demands recognition.

At the core of its excellence is a commitment to exceptional customer service, a team of experienced chefs dedicated to crafting meals with the freshest ingredients, and an environment that seamlessly blends coziness with hygiene.

What sets Bistro 22 apart is not just the culinary expertise but also the attention to detail in its interior design.

The ambiance is not merely a backdrop; it’s a work of art that elevates the overall dining experience.

The careful thought put into the interior design is evident, creating an atmosphere that captivates patrons and adds an extra layer of enjoyment to their meals.

For those seeking a gastronomic journey that marries culinary excellence with a visually pleasing setting, Bistro 22 proves to be a destination worth savoring.

Undoubtedly, it stands as a testament to the fusion of superior customer service, culinary mastery, and aesthetic brilliance.

Bistro 22 is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the senses.

Location And Contact Details Of Bistro 22

The Bistro 22 is easily accessible and can be located at Accra about 1.6 miles from the Kotoka Airport. You can reach them at +233 50 826 2222 for ordering and booking.

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Menu Prices At Bistro 22

  • Spicy Chicken Wings- GHS 30
  • Bruschetta Trio- GHS 25
  • Caprese Salad- GHS 20
Main Courses
  • Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Reduction – GHS 80
  • Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce – GHS 70
  • Vegetarian Pad Thai – GHS 40
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  • Tiramisu- GHS 30
  • Chocolate Lava Cake- GHS 25
  • Mango Panna Cotta- GHS 20

El Padrino Lounge

El Padrino Lounge Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order Online, And More

Situated in the heart of Accra, this luxurious bar and lounge redefines the concept of indulgence, offering a haven of relaxation coupled with a symphony of great music and delectable meals—all at surprisingly affordable prices.

The allure of this establishment lies in its ability to seamlessly blend opulence with accessibility.

Patrons are welcomed into a space that exudes a relaxing ambiance, providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The carefully curated atmosphere sets the stage for an immersive experience where every moment is accompanied by a backdrop of great music.

Beyond the sensory delights, the menu at this bar and lounge stands as a testament to culinary excellence.

Delicious meals are crafted to perfection, and the affordability adds an extra layer of satisfaction to the overall experience.

Adding to its appeal, the establishment plays host to special events, turning ordinary nights into extraordinary memories.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil evening to unwind or a venue for special occasions, this luxurious bar and lounge in Accra invites patrons to immerse themselves in a world where luxury meets affordability, creating an experience that transcends expectations.

Location And Contact Details Of El Padrino Lounge

You can easily access the restaurant at about 0.7 miles from Kotoka Airport and can be reached at +233501101010.

Menu Prices At El Padrino Lounge

  • Beers – GHS 12 to GHS 75
  • Cocktails – GHS 25 to GHS 300
  • Wine – GHS 50 to GHS 300
  • Whiskey – GHS 30 to GHS 90
  • Main course – GHS 50 to GHS 500
  • Appetizers – GHS 20 to GHS 300
  • Sweet pork – GHS 360
  • Chicken piccata – GHS 360
  • Veggie risotto – GHS 250
  • Saffron Angus beef risotto – GHS 425
  • Chicken risotto – GHS 300
  • Oyster mushroom risotto – GHS 295
  • Shrimp risotto – GHS315
  • Angus beef linguini – GHS 365
  • Salmon tagliatelle – GHS395
  • Chicken linguini- GHS 295
  • Spinach ravioli- GHS 285
  • Truffle oyster – GHS 315
  • Penne cajun shrimp- GHS 320
  • Lobster tagliatelle – GHS 345

La Tante DC 10

La Tante DC 10 view

La Tante DC10 Restaurant stands as a groundbreaking establishment in Accra, representing a unique fusion of history, innovation, and culinary excellence.

Operating from the iconic defunct Ghana Airways DC-10 carrier, this restaurant is not just a dining destination but a testament to a remarkable public-private partnership.

Distinguishing itself as the first airplane restaurant in Africa, La Tante DC10 offers a one-of-a-kind experience that marries aviation nostalgia with contemporary dining.

Situated opposite the Marina Mall at the Airport City in Accra, it is strategically positioned to cater to both locals and visitors seeking a distinctive culinary adventure.

Amidst the historic backdrop, the affordability of La Tante DC10’s meals adds an extra layer of accessibility, ensuring that patrons can enjoy the unique experience without breaking the bank.

Location And Contact Details Of La Tante DC 10

La Tante DC 10 can be located at about 0.6 miles from Kotoka Airport and can be contacted at 0507040576

Menu Prices At La Tante DC 10

  • Grilled or Crispy Seasoned Chicken Wings Regular- GHS 20.00
  • Spring Rolls with Small Salad Regular- GHS 10.00
  • Grilled Chicken or Beef Kebabs: 3 Skewers with Veggies and Small Salad Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Samosas with Small Salad Regular- GHS 10.00
  • Calamari with Tartar Sauce Regular – GHS 20.00
  • Golden Fries or Yam chips Regular – GHS 10.00
  • Chicken Curry with Naan Bread – GHS 50
  • Grilled Tilapia with Jollof Rice – GHS 65

Other Notable Restaurants in the Airport Residential Area 

  • Branche Restaurant
  • Soho Restaurant
  • Tomato
  • KFC
  • La Chaumiere
  • Mamma Mia
  • Ewia Restaurant
  • Poloclub Restaurant & Lounge
  • Vixie’s Delicacies
  • 2 miles from Kotoka Airport
  • Hibiscus Restaurant
  • zest cafe restaurant
  • Azmera Restaurant
  • The Neem Grill
  • Smollensky’s
  • The Landings Restaurant
  • Cho – Chop Betta
  • Le Tandem
  • Roots Flavours
  • Sunshine Salad Bar & Restaurant
  • La Piazza


Exploring the culinary landscape of the Airport Residential Area reveals a tapestry of reliable restaurants, easily accessible and committed to offering meals at affordable prices.

For travelers passing through Kotoka Airport, indulging in the offerings of these establishments becomes not just a convenience but a culinary experience worth savoring.

In our detailed article, we delved into the top restaurants in the Airport Residential Area. Each featured establishment was meticulously covered, providing essential information such as location, contact details, menu prices, frequently asked questions and more.

This comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for both locals and visitors, ensuring that they can make informed choices when seeking a delightful dining experience in this vibrant locale.

Whether you’re a seasoned local or a traveler passing through, the diverse and reliable restaurants in the Airport Residential Area beckon, inviting you to savor a variety of flavors without compromising your budget.

Next time you find yourself at Kotoka Airport, consider making a culinary detour to one of these establishments for a truly satisfying dining experience.

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