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The Top Educational Travel And Tours In Ghana

These days, it’s common practice for wealthy families and powerful politicians to send their children abroad for further education.

Some of the country’s top officials also attended universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other well-known nations.

This proves that going to school in a Western country is beneficial and that we should all make an effort to do so. Most of these students who went abroad for college ended up being quite successful persons.

Therefore, to fulfill your ambition of studying abroad, you should connect with a trustworthy travel operator.

If you are looking for information on the best educational travel and tours in Ghana, including specifics about their services, locations, contact information, FAQs, and more, then you should read this article to the end.

The Top Educational Travel And Tours In Ghana

Secure Travel And Tour

Renowned for its impeccable service to local and foreign clients, Secure Travel and Tours is a Ghanaian educational travel firm.

The Quality Service Excellence Award in 2017, the Best CEO Award in 2019, and the Corporate Heroes Award in 2022 are just a few of the many honors that have been bestowed upon them for their unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service.

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Secure Travel And Tour Services

Airline and hotel reservations, as well as the planning of sightseeing excursions and other activities, are among the services offered by the firm.

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By taking care of the details, the company frees you to concentrate on making memories that will last a lifetime.

Secure Travel And Tour Location And Contact Details

Secure Travel and Tour is located conveniently at GPXP+Q3, Opposite Alpha Beta School, Dansoman – Accra, GA 539 and you can reach them at +233204444220 and as well send them an email at [email protected]. You can also visit their website at https://www.securetravelandtours.com/.

Guardian Tech Travel And Tour

With a long history of providing clients with unforgettable travel experiences, Guardian Tech Travel and Tour has earned a reputation as a trustworthy and informative travel and tour provider.

In 1985, its founders, Mr. Johnathan Smith, and Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, were avid travelers.

Employees are sent to study in other countries by the company. They also have workers go outside and do their jobs.

Guardian Tech Travel And Tour Services

Guardian Tech Travel and Tour offers services such as study abroad, work and pay abroad, visa assistance, passport acquisition, hotel booking, and more.

Guardian Tech Travel And Tour Location And Contact Details

Guardian Tech Travel and Tour is located at HQC9+JR, North Industrial Area Accra and they can be reached for inquiries at +233 269031578. You can as well visit their website at http://guardiantech.com.gh.

Easy Travel Consult

Thanks to Mr. Oppong Stephen’s vision and insight, the Registrar General of the Republic of Ghana formed Easy Travel Consult. The Ghanaian firm owns all of the shares.

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Aside from that, they are experts in helping people study, work, and earn money overseas.

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Services Offered Easy Travel Consult

The Easy Travel Consult offers the following:

Study Abroad

Your desire to attend your chosen program abroad is much appreciated. Here at Easy Travel Consult, we help students select the best school and program in whatever nation they desire. In order to help our clients achieve their career goals, we provide career assistance on an as-needed basis.

For clients and students who are qualified and deserve it, student visas are almost guaranteed. To ensure that clients’ documents are properly prepared according to the embassy’s regulations, Easy Travel Consult is here to help.

Work Visa

They facilitate the employment of both trained and unskilled workers in foreign countries. They are always reaching out to companies all over the world in an effort to get our clients stable and exclusive employment.

Dubai and Qatar are always hiring, and every once in a while they’ll get a job offer from a country in Europe or somewhere else. If you would want to know what is offered, you can contact them.

Tour Programs

Please stop searching immediately if you are considering a holiday to any of the following locations: Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Ukraine, Kenya, or the United Kingdom, among many others. We can tailor a tour package to meet your financial needs; just give us a call.

General Consultation

The general public can also take advantage of Easy Travel Consult’s services for any travel-related problems.

Forms, appointments, travel insurance, flights, hotels, and travel literature are just some of the many things they help clients with. We help our clients by taking advantage of a country’s immigration regulations. If you need any help, feel free to come to us.

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Individuals and students, particularly those from Ghana and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, can take advantage of Easy vacation Consult’s study abroad and vacation packages.

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Easy Travel Consult Location And Contact Details

Secure Travel and Tour is located conveniently at GRX6+W9, 138, Off La Road, Castle Junction, and you can reach them at 0598888985 and as well send them an email at [email protected]. You can also visit their website at https://www.securetravelandtours.com/.


Feel free to get in touch with any of the reputable tour operators listed here in Ghana if you are thinking about studying abroad.

We detailed the best educational tour and travel agencies, including their locations, services, contact information, FAQs, and more.

Please conduct your research before taking any action, particularly one involving money, even though we at mekabi.com do our best to provide you with verified information.

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