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Sanbra Rio Cafe Bar And Grill Menu Prices, How To Order,  And More

Are you currently in Accra, which is the capital city of Ghana? If you’re searching for a great place to savor local dishes, keep reading.

Accra, the capital city of the Greater Accra region, boasts numerous restaurants offering tasty local, continental, and international cuisines at affordable prices. One such establishment is the Sanbra Restaurant.

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The Sanbra Restaurant

Sanbra Restaurant stands out as one of Accra’s best and most trusted places to eat. It’s famous for its great service, comfy atmosphere, tasty food, and convenience. The restaurant always gives customers fantastic food and friendly service.

Sanbra Restaurant Menu Prices

Sanbra Rio Cafe Bar And Grill food

The restaurant has a wide variety of local and international dishes on the menu to satisfy your cravings. What’s impressive is that the meals, made with fresh ingredients and authenticity, are also affordable.

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The chefs and cooks at the restaurant are highly experienced, ensuring that the meals are carefully crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Below is a sample of their menu prices.

Food Menu

DishPrice (GHS)
Banku and Soup30.00
Fufu and Goat Soup35.00
Jollof Rice and Chicken30.00
Ampesi and Stew35.00
Jollof Rice with Grilled Fish40.00
Coconut Curry Chicken45.00
Grilled Beef Steak with Chimichurri Sauce55.00

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

DrinkVolumePrice (GHS)
Multifruits 1L1L42.50
Vita Milk 300ml300ml18.00
Malta Guinness15.00
Passion Fruit 330ml330ml12.00
Coke 300ml300ml12.00

Chicken Dishes

Chicken DishTypePrice (GHS)
Chicken with Mushroom (Regular)Regular47.00
Ginger and Spring Onion Sauce (Regular)Regular45.00
Sizzling Chicken Green Pepper Sauce (Regular)Regular47.00

Sanbra Restaurant Location And Contact Details

The restaurant is conveniently located in Accra, the capital region of Ghana. Its actual location is 28-42 Parakuo Link Rd, Accra.

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You can reach the restaurant for booking, ordering, or further inquiries at 054 147 0880.

Ordering From The Sanbra Restaurant

Ordering from Sanbra Restaurant is simple. You can visit the restaurant, choose your meal, and place your order. The server will bring your meal to your table quickly.

Alternatively, you can call them at 054 147 0880 to place an order. The staff will assist you over the phone, asking for your name, location, preferred meal, quantity, and payment details. Your meal will be delivered shortly after ordering.

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Booking A Table At Sanbra Restaurant

Booking a table is easy and simple. Use this guide to help you.

Just call 054 147 0880 to talk to their friendly staff. They will check if a table is available.

If there is, share your details like your name, the number of people, and the date and time you plan to visit.

They’ll let you know about your reservation through a call or SMS. Arrive at the scheduled time to enjoy your meal.

Reasons You Should Eat From The Sanbra Restaurant

To savor the variety of delicious flavors at a low cost, just dine at the restaurant. They provide excellent service, and the atmosphere is both comfortable and clean.

Sanbra Rio Cafe Working Hours

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday12:00 pm10:00 pm
Tuesday12:00 pm11:00 pm
Wednesday12:00 pm11:00 pm
Thursday12:00 pm12:00 am
Friday12:00 pm12:00 am
Saturday12:00 pm12:00 am
Sunday12:00 pm10:00 pm

Frequently Asked Questions


The Sanbra Restaurant in Accra is known for serving some of the best local Ghanaian meals.

If you want to have traditional Ghanaian food away from home but still feel comfortable, you should check out Sanbra Restaurant in the heart of Accra for a great dining experience.

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