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Best Hospitals In Kumasi [Our Top Picks]

If you’re in search of the best hospital in Kumasi or specialist hospitals in the area, you’re in the right place.

Kumasi offers a variety of healthcare facilities, both government and private, that are dedicated to providing quality medical services, ensuring you receive excellent value for your investment in health.

This article is tailored to guide you through the top hospitals in Kumasi, offering insights into the healthcare options available.

Feel free to explore and make informed decisions about the healthcare facilities that best suit your needs.

Additionally, if you’re interested, you can also check out information on the best hospitals in Accra.

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, situated on Okomfo Anokye Road in Kumasi, stands as the second-largest hospital in Ghana and holds the distinction of being the only tertiary healthcare institution in the Ashanti Region.

Affiliated with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, this 1200-bed hospital has been serving the public since its opening in 1954 with the vision to “become a center of excellence in the provision of specialist healthcare services.”

Specialist services at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital encompass a broad spectrum, including dental, eye care, anesthesia, and intensive care, ear, nose, and throat, among others.

The hospital’s commitment to comprehensive healthcare is further emphasized through its 24-hour emergency service, ensuring round-the-clock availability for critical medical situations.

As a vital healthcare institution in Kumasi, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital plays a pivotal role in providing specialized medical services and contributing to the overall health and well-being of the community it serves.

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Location And Contact Details

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  • Tel number: 0322001769 / 0266083585 / 0556490029
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://kath.gov.gh
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Afari Community Hospital

Afari Community Hospital

Located on Nkawie Road in Kumasi, Afari Community Hospital serves as a public healthcare organization offering general services to the local community.

In addition to general healthcare, the hospital provides a range of specialist services, including ultrasound, obstetrics and gynecology, ECG/heart machine services, surgery, and more.

The staff at Afari Community Hospital has earned praise from many patients, with particular commendation for the patient nurses and professional doctors.

This positive feedback reflects the hospital’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services and fostering a supportive and patient-centered environment.

Afari Community Hospital plays a vital role in delivering essential healthcare services to the people of Kumasi, addressing both general and specialized medical needs while maintaining a reputation for excellent patient care.

Afari Community Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0240176502 / 0543108690
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.afaricommunityhospital.com

County Hospital 

County Hospital 

Situated in Kumasi Abrepo, next to Kumasi Girls Senior High School, the County Hospital is a fully accredited 50-bed healthcare facility.

Committed to delivering quality and affordable healthcare to the inhabitants of Kumasi, the hospital goes the extra mile to provide premium health services.

County Hospital’s dedication to excellence was recognized when it received the distinction of being named the Best Private Hospital in the Ashanti Region in 2013.

This accolade is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to delivering outstanding healthcare services to the local community.

The hospital offers a range of specialist services, including urology, general surgery, ear, nose, and throat, obstetrics, and gynecology, among others.

Through its comprehensive and specialized healthcare services, County Hospital continues to play a crucial role in contributing to the well-being of the residents of Kumasi.

County Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0262550155
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: http://www.countyhospitalgh.com/

Asafo Boakye Specialist Hospital

Asafo Boakye Specialist Hospital

Located at 10 Dr. Asafo Boakye Street in Kumasi, Asafo Boakye Specialist Hospital stands as a renowned private healthcare institution.

Fully accredited and equipped with a capacity of 100 beds, this hospital is recognized as one of the finest in the area, dedicated to providing quality medical services and ensuring patient satisfaction.

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Asafo Boakye Specialist Hospital offers a comprehensive range of specialist services, including dental care, neurology, ultrasound, nephrology, physiotherapy, urology, and more.

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In addition to specialized care, the hospital also provides general medical services, catering to a broad spectrum of healthcare needs.

With its commitment to excellence and a diverse offering of healthcare services, Asafo Boakye Specialist Hospital plays a crucial role in meeting the medical needs of the Kumasi community, providing both specialized and general healthcare to enhance the well-being of its patients.

Asafo Boakye Specialist Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0322002982 / 0502292929
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.asafoboakyehsp.com

Manhyia District Hospital 

Manhyia District Hospital 

Situated at 4 Zongo Road, around the Asantehene Palace in Kumasi, Manhyia District Hospital stands as a renowned healthcare institution in Ghana.

The hospital has garnered recognition from the National Health Insurance Authority for introducing an efficient and effective Patient Folder Management System known as the E-archives.

The E-archives system implemented by Manhyia District Hospital stores patients’ medical records in a digital format, showcasing a commitment to modernizing healthcare administration and ensuring the efficient management of patient information.

This digital approach contributes to enhanced accuracy, accessibility, and overall efficiency in healthcare services.

Beyond its innovative systems, the hospital boasts state-of-the-art and modern facilities, as well as a team of qualified doctors and professional nurses.

This combination of technology and skilled healthcare professionals positions Manhyia District Hospital as a leading healthcare provider in Kumasi, prioritizing both efficiency and quality patient care.

Manhyia District Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0322026311

Kumasi South Hospital

Kumasi South Hospital

As one of the premier general hospitals in Kumasi, Kumasi South Hospital holds the status of a regional hospital and stands as the second-largest healthcare facility in Kumasi, located at Atonsu Agogo.

Originally constructed in 1976 to provide healthcare to the surrounding areas, it earned an upgrade to a regional hospital in 2002.

Kumasi South Hospital not only serves as a general hospital but also offers specialized services in areas such as maternity, pediatrics, eye care, radiation, and more.

The hospital is equipped with modern facilities and advanced medical equipment to ensure the delivery of comprehensive and high-quality healthcare services to the community it serves.

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This combination of general and specialized healthcare services, along with modern amenities, underscores the vital role Kumasi South Hospital plays in meeting the diverse healthcare needs of the residents of Kumasi and its surrounding areas.

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Kumasi South Hospital Location And Contact Details

Location: MC27+GC3, Kumasi

Tel number: 0322029272

True Vine Hospital

true vine hospital

Located in the Pankrono estate in Kumasi, True Vine Hospital has established itself as a prominent private healthcare institution with 11 years of experience in the industry.

This hospital has garnered a positive reputation in Kumasi, offering specialized services in pregnancy, childbirth, and other maternity-related care.

In addition to its expertise in maternity services, True Vine Hospital provides a range of specialist services, including pediatrics, general surgery, and more.

The hospital’s commitment to delivering quality healthcare is reflected in its 4.2-star approval rating on Google.

Patients have praised True Vine Hospital for its strategic location, neat environment, and attentive staff.

This positive feedback underscores the hospital’s dedication to providing a comfortable and supportive healthcare environment for its patients in Kumasi.

True Vine Hospital Location And Contact Details

Location: Kumasi

Tel number: 0322071802 / 0549992333

Asafo Agyei Hospital

Asafo Agyei Hospital

Established in 1980 with a commitment to providing quality healthcare and excellent post-operative nursing care, Asafo Agyei Hospital stands as a modern private healthcare facility.

Situated at Ahowdo Daban in Kumasi, the hospital has been dedicated to serving thousands of patients over the years.

Asafo Agyei Hospital specializes in the treatment of piles, showcasing expertise in this specific medical area.

Additionally, the hospital offers a range of general and specialist services, including internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and eye and wound care.

The hospital’s focus on specialized care, combined with its comprehensive healthcare services, reflects its dedication to meeting the diverse medical needs of the community it serves.

Asafo Agyei Hospital continues to play a significant role in providing quality healthcare in Kumasi.

Asafo Agyei Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0541884992
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://asafoagyeihospital.com/

To access medical services, you can reach out to the following hospitals:

  1. Komfo Anokye – 0322001769
  2. Afari Community Hospital – 0240176502
  3. County Hospital – 0262550155
  4. Asafo Boakye Specialist Hospital – 0322002982
  5. Manhyia District Hospital – 0322026311
  6. Kumasi South Hospital – 0322029272
  7. True Vine Hospital – 0322071802
  8. Asafo Agyei Hospital – 0541884992

Feel free to contact any of these hospitals to address your healthcare needs.

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