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PeterPan Restaurant (Takoradi Mall Branch) Menu Prices, Location, How To Order Online, And More

If you’re looking for the PeterPan Takoradi mall branch menu and prices, then you’re in the right spot.

If you stay around Takoradi Mall and want to taste Peterpan but don’t know more about their menu prices, or you are wondering if you can sit in the comfort of your home and get it delivered to you, you don’t have to worry because this article contains everything you need.

Peterpan Takoradi Mall Menu Prices

peterpan food served


Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Wonder Burger (only)23.50
Wonder Cheese Burger (only)30.50
Story Burger (only)30.00
Wonder Wrap (only)31.50
Blazing Wrap (only)35.50
Potato Cheese Burger (only)30.00
Worcester Burger (only)28.50
Worcester Double Cheese (only)35.00


Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Hot & Crispy Boneless Chicken (boneless only)27.00
Hot & Crispy Bone-in Chicken (bone-in only)35.00
Hot Wings Only43.00
Sweet Spicy Boneless Chicken Only36.50


Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Fried rice17.00
Original Boneless Chicken Only39.00
Sweet Spicy Bone-in Only39.50

Family Pack

Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Hot & Crispy Boneless (family pack)104.00
Hot & Crispy Bone-in (family pack)120.00
Original Boneless (family pack)132.00
Sweet Spicy Boneless (family pack)125.00
Hot Wings (family pack)140.00

French Fried Chips

Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
French fried chips20.00

Hash Brown

Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Hash brown23.00

Popcorn Chicken

Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Popcorn chicken21.00

Coleslaw Salad

Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Coleslaw salad From3.50

Wonder Fried Rice

Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Wonder Fried rice25.00
Fried rice mixed with crispy chicken pieces and sriracha topping25.00

Family Pack Meals

Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Hot wings & fried rice (family pack meal)182.50
Blazing wings & fried rice (family pack meal)195.50

Supreme Pizzas

Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Vegetable Lovers Pizza From42.00
Combination pizza From52.00
Cheese-holic pizza From55.00
Margherita Pizza From43.00
Pepperoni Pizza Beef From51.00
Spicy Tuna Pizza From61.00
Shrimp & Squid Pizza From66.00


Item DescriptionPrice (GHS)
Water From5.00
Coke From11.00
Fanta From11.00

How To Order Online From Peterpan Takoradi Mall Restaurant

You can call Peterpan Restaurant Takoradi Mall, order number 0577737705, to place your Order, and your Food will be delivered to you.

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You will be asked about the Food you want to order, your location, and your details so that the dispatch rider will able to know it is you who ordered the Food.

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You can also order from Peterpan Takoradi Mall restaurant Using Glovo.

Here Is How To Order Online From Peterpan Takoradi Mall Restaurant Using Glovo:

  1. Visit glovoapp.com
  2. Click on Sign up on the top right to sign up with your details
  3. After signing up, you will be asked for your delivery address, type in your delivery address
  4. Now choose restaurants (since we are ordering from Peterpan Takoradi Mall restaurant)
  5. Search for Peterpan Restaurant
  6. Now go through their menu and select the Food you want to order
  7. Make payment and submit your location and details
  8. Within minutes, your Food will be delivered to you

Perterpan Takoradi Mall Branch And Contact Details


Peterpan is one of the best restaurants in Ghana, with many branches across the country.

Since Peterpanm is on a mission to take over other restaurants in Ghana, they are spreading their branches, and now they also have a branch at Takoradi, you can also check out the KFC Takoradi branch.

This article covered the Peterpan Takoradi Mall branch, their menu price, and even how to order from this branch using Glovo and their contact details. You can also check out their Osu branch anytime you head over to Accra.

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