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KFC (Takoradi Branch) Menu Prices, Location, Contact, How To Order Online And More

If you are currently located in the Western area, namely in the vicinity of Takoradi, Axim, Tarkwa, or Prestea, and you have a strong need for KFC meals, you may want to search for a nearby KFC restaurant.

This article provides comprehensive information about the KFC Takoradi restaurant, including facts about their menu prices, contact information, and online ordering options.

KFC Takoradi Branch Menu Prices 

Menu ItemPrice
ShitoGHS 2.00
ColeslawGHS 5.00
Hash brownGHS 15.00
Regular chipsGHS 15.00
1 piece of chickenGHS 19.00
2 piece chickenGHS 20.00
4 hot wingsGHS 21.00
Mini oreo krusherGHS 10.00
Mini blueberry krusherGHS 10.00
SundaeGHS 13.00
Oreo krusherGHS 14.00
Large chipsGHS 17.00
Mini blueberry krusherGHS 16.00
Colonel burgerGHS 29.00
Zinger burgerGHS 29.00
TwisterGHS 30.00
Streetwise 1 with chipsGHS 24.00
Streetwise 2 with chipsGHS 28.00
Chicken popsGHS 27.00
Twister mealGHS 40.00
Tower burgerGHS 41.00
Fully loaded mealGHS 43.00
Box masterGHS 34.00
Burger mealGHS 35.00
Wicked Zinger mealGHS 50.00
Streetwise 2 with riceGHS 35.00
Box master mealGHS 45.00
Streetwise 3 with riceGHS 65.00
Variety bucketGHS 120.00
8 hot wingsGHS 33.00
6 crispy stripsGHS 33.00
3 crispy stripsGHS 33.00
Chicken bitesGHS 125.00
Family treatGHS 110.00
Streetwise 3 with chipsGHS 564.00
15 pieces bucketGHS 130.00
9 pieces bucketGHS 75.00
12 pieces bucketGHS 100.00
18 pieces bucketGHS 150.00
Soft twirlGHS 10.00

KFC Takoradi Branch Contact Details And Location 

  • Location: Takoradi Roundabout
  • Website: kfc.com.gh
  • Tel: 0308251000 / +233312292276
  • Working hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Facebook: https://facebook.com/KFCGhana/
  • Instagram: https://twitter.com/KFC_Ghana
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How To Order From KFC Takoradi Branch Using Glovo

  • Access Glovoapp.com and select the “Get Started” option to register. Upon successful registration, you will be automatically redirected to their homepage.
  • On the homepage, navigate to the “Food” section and choose the “Restaurants” option.
  • If you are unable to see the KFC Takoradi branch in the list, please search for it.
  • Peruse their menu and select your preferred item together with the desired quantity for your order.
  • Click on the “Order” button.
  • You will be required to make payments and then provide your location and contact details.
  • Upon successful payment, you will be allotted a specific timeframe for the delivery of your food. Glovo will thereafter transport the food to your designated place.
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If you reside in the vicinity of Takoradi, this information is specifically tailored to your needs.

This article provided comprehensive information regarding the KFC Takoradi branch. To summarize, we discussed the prices, location, and online ordering process for the KFC Takoradi Menu.

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