New York Sizzler's Restaurant Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order, And More

New York Sizzler’s Restaurant Menu Prices, How To Order And More


The New York Sizzler’s Restaurant is super famous in Accra because it offers yummy food that won’t break the bank. If you’re curious to learn more about this cool spot, just keep reading this article.

The New York Sizzler’s Restaurant is a hot spot in Accra because it serves tasty meals that don’t cost a lot.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this awesome restaurant, keep reading this article.

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  • Booking A Table At New York Sizzler’s Restaurant
  • Reasons You Should Eat From New York Sizzler’s Restaurant

The New York Sizzler’s Restaurant

This restaurant in Accra is famous for its tasty food that suits lots of different tastes. You can easily order, book a table, or ask questions.

The cooks are really good at making fresh meals, and the friendly staff serves them to you. You can choose to take your food home, have it delivered, or enjoy it right there in the restaurant.

New York Sizzler’s Restaurant Menu Prices

New York Sizzler's Restaurant food

At New York Sizzler’s Restaurant, you can find a wide variety of delicious meals on the menu, and the prices range from GHS 10 to GHS 200.

The menu has something for everyone, with tasty options prepared by skilled chefs using fresh ingredients.

The friendly staff is always ready to serve you, and the best part is, the meals won’t break the bank – they’re super affordable.

So, whether you’re craving something simple or want to try a more extravagant dish, New York Sizzler’s has got you covered without hurting your wallet.

Below is a highlight of their menu prices that you can consider whenever you want to eat from the restaurant.

Local Dishes

DishTypeSizePrice (GHS)
Banku & Tilapia Okro SoupRegular60.00
Boiled Yam & Veg Fish StewRegular53.00
Groundnut Goat Soup & MotoRegular50.00
Groundnut Tilapia Soup & MotoRegular60.00


Pizza TypeToppingsSizePrice (GHS)
Sizzler1Sweet Corn, Pepperoni, Chicken, OnionMedium55.00
Sizzler SpecialMushroom, Chicken, Pepperoni, Tuna, Minced Meat, HamMedium60.00
Weija SpecialBeef Sausage, Chicken, Onion, Green PepperMedium55.00
SeafoodShrimps, Octopus, Onion, TunaMedium60.00
GyrosSliced Beef, Onion, TomatoesMedium52.00
MargaritaCheese, OlivesMedium50.00
PepperoniCheese, PepperoniMedium50.00
TunaTuna, Green Pepper, OnionMedium52.00
HawaiiPineapple, HamMedium50.00
Four SeasonsHam, Salami, Chicken, Tuna, OlivesMedium55.00
VegetarianTomatoes, Olives, Mushrooms, Green PepperMedium52.00
Family SizeRegular130.00

Rice Dishes

DishTypeSizePrice (GHS)
Egg RiceRegular25.00
Shrimp Fried RiceRegular55.00
Beef Fried RiceRegular50.00
Fried Rice & ChickenRegular42.00
R5 Chicken Fried RiceRegular42.00
Vegetable RiceRegular35.00
Fried Rice & FishRegular52.00
Crispy Chips & ChickenRegular45.00
Crispy Chips & FishRegular53.00
Special Fried RiceRegular52.00
Special JollofRegular55.00


SandwichTypeSizePrice (GHS)
Club Sandwich & FriesRegular40.00
Beef Burger & FriesRegular42.00
Cheeseburger & FriesRegular48.00
Double Cheese & FriesRegular53.00

New York Sizzler’s Restaurant Location And Contact Details

The New York Sizzler’s Restaurant is conveniently situated in the heart of Accra. You can locate them at Weija on the Accra – Cape Coast Rd, Ghana.

They are located close to the roadside.

If you want to reach out to them for bookings, orderings, or further inquiries, contact them at +233 55 247 9741 or visit their website at

Steps To Order With Eziban Food Delivery Services From New York Sizzler’s Restaurant

To order with Eziban delivery services from New York Sizzler’s Restaurant follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to, the Eziban website.
  2. Put in your location.
  3. Look through the restaurants and find New York Sizzler’s Restaurant.
  4. Check out the menu and pick the meal you want to order.
  5. Choose your payment method and continue with your order.
  6. Be patient and wait for your meals to be delivered to you.

You can as well order from them by calling them directly at +233 55 247 9741 to order over the phone with the help of their friendly staff.

Booking A Table At New York Sizzler’s Restaurant

If you’re looking forward to a smooth and enjoyable dining experience at New York Sizzler’s Restaurant, consider making a reservation in advance.

This becomes particularly crucial during peak hours or when there’s a special occasion.

To secure a table, simply reach out to them by dialing +233 55 247 9741. When you call, the warm and welcoming staff will not only confirm the availability of a table but will also guide you through the process of reserving the specific table you desire for your upcoming dining experience.

Alternatively, for a more spontaneous approach, you can walk into the restaurant. Approach the friendly staff, inquire about available tables, and they’ll be more than happy to assist you in securing the table of your choice for a delightful dining experience.

Reasons You Should Eat From New York Sizzler’s Restaurant

You need to eat from the restaurant because it is one of the few trusted restaurants in Accra that offers authentic meals at affordable prices and it’s also easily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the New York Sizzler’s Restaurant offer vegetarian options?

Yes, the New York Sizzler’s restaurant offers both vegan and vegetarian options.


For a special and unforgettable meal, go check out the New York Sizzler’s Restaurant in Accra.

It’s a place where you can make lasting memories with your friends or family while enjoying delicious food.

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