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Top European Travel And Tour Companies In Ghana Locations, Contact Details, And Services

Ghana, known for its vibrant culture and stunning landscapes, attracts travelers from around the world.

European travel and tour companies have a significant presence in the country, offering a range of services to explore this West African gem.

In this article, we will highlight some of the top European travel and tour companies in Ghana, along with their locations, contact details, and the services they provide.

Top European Travel And Tour Companies In Ghana:

EuroTour Ghana Limited

Eurotour Ghana Limited Travel Plans, Services, Location, Contact Details, Areas Of Operation, Mission And Values

EuroTour Ghana Limited is a well-established travel agency based in Accra, Ghana, that specializes in helping people travel to various European countries, including destinations like Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, and more.

They have been in the travel industry for nearly 17 years and have built a strong reputation as one of the largest independent Business Travel Agents in Ghana.

You can find EuroTour Ghana Limited at Ring Road Central, Accra. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, you can contact them at 0302 244789 or 0302 239376.

Continent Tours

Continent Tours Travel Plans, Services, Location, Contact Details, Areas Of Operation, Mission And Values And More

Continent Tours is a leading European travel and tour company that provides exceptional travel services to its customers.

With a track record of positive reviews from satisfied clients, Continent Tours invites you to explore the captivating region of the world through their expertise.

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Continent Tours is dedicated to creating customized tours for a variety of travel groups, including those seeking recreational, professional, and academic experiences.

Their mission is to raise awareness of the marvels of Africa. With their in-depth knowledge of the region, their local guides ensure that every traveler enjoys unforgettable experiences.

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What sets Continent Tours apart is their commitment to providing local expert guides for every journey, whether you’re traveling solo or with a large group. These specialists promise to offer a reliable and culturally enriching perspective on Africa that is tailored to your unique travel preferences.

Continent Tours is located in Accra, Ghana. If you have any questions or need to make bookings, you can contact them at +233 302775371.

Secure Travel And Tours

secure travel and tours office

Secure Travel and Tours stands out as one of the top European tour operators in Ghana, specializing in creating travel itineraries for adventurers exploring various European countries.

With a history of glowing reviews from satisfied clients, they come highly recommended for your travel needs.

Secure Travel and Tours is a well-regarded travel agency in Ghana, known for providing exceptional travel and tour services to both local and international travelers.

Their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality service has earned them several prestigious awards, including the Quality Service Excellence Award in 2017, the highly coveted Best CEO Award in 2019, and the admirable Corporate Heroes Award in 2022.

You can find Secure Travel and Tours conveniently located Opposite Alpha Beta School, Dansoman – Accra, GA 539. For inquiries and bookings, you can reach them at +233204444220.

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Secure Travel and Tours is your reliable and affordable choice for a memorable European adventure that aligns with your unique travel desires and preferences.


These European travel and tour companies in Ghana serve as valuable resources for travelers seeking to explore the beauty and culture of this West African nation.

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Whether you’re looking for luxury experiences, guided tours, or budget-friendly options, these companies offer a diverse range of services to suit various traveler preferences.

Be sure to reach out to them for more information and to plan your next unforgettable Ghanaian adventure.

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