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Citrus Restaurant Menu Prices, How To Order Online And More

Are you on the hunt for a cool place to grab awesome food, kick back in a chill setting, and be treated like royalty?

Well, you’re in luck. Citrus restaurant in Accra has got your back with tasty dishes that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Picture this place as your go-to spot for a top-notch nosh. The folks there are super friendly, and the vibes are like a mix of cool and cozy – perfect for a date night or just hanging out with friends. And guess what? It won’t empty your pocket.

Now, let’s spill the deets on Citrus – what they serve, where they’re at, how to reach them, and all the insider scoop.

Stay hooked as we unravel the magic of Citrus Restaurant – your go-to haven for delicious bites, good times, and wallet-friendly vibes. 

Article Focus

  • All About Citrus Restaurant
  • Citrus Restaurant Location And Contact Details
  • Menu Prices At Citrus Restaurant
  • Ordering Online From Citrus Restaurant
  • Booking A Table At Citrus Restaurant

All About Citrus Restaurant

The Citrus Restaurant is like the cool kid in Accra when it comes to places to eat. They’ve been around for a bunch of years and everyone loves them because their place is super chill, clean, and has this cozy, romantic vibe.

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You won’t be yawning if you go there; they’ve got live music that’ll keep you entertained. And guess what? The people who work there are really nice.

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Now, let’s talk about the food. They’ve got all sorts of meals, from local favorites to fancy international stuff, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Plus, it’s not like finding a hidden treasure to get there – it’s pretty easy to reach. So, if you’re thinking about where to grab a bite in Accra, Citrus is a solid choice.

Citrus Restaurant Location And Contact Details

The restaurant is located at 24 Jungle Avenue East Legon in Accra which is the capital city of Ghana and the most bustling city in Ghana.

You can contact them at 0507295998 or email them at [email protected] for bookings and orderings.

Menu Prices At Citrus Restaurant

The restaurant offers a menu that features s variety of meals that caters to a wide range of tastes and dietary requirements from steak and fresh seafood to vegetarian options. No matter your taste there is something for everyone.

At Citrus prices vary depending on the kind of dish you choose. The average cost of meal ranges from GHS 50 to GHS 100 for a main course. Below are the menu prices at Citrus Restaurant:

Hot Beverages

ItemPrice (GHS)
Home-Made Infused Cinnamon Tea37
Lipton Tea24


ItemPrice (GHS)
Tropic Fantasy55
Black Widow52
Restricted 1867
Samba Madness57
Sweet on You52
Malibu Sunset61
Drunk in Love57
Walk on The Moon57
Red Light80
Ginger Me Softly52
Long Island Tea67


ItemPrice (GHS)
Pg 1349
Berry Nice49
Sweet 1649
Mango Fresh55
Lovers’ Bench49
Vida Aguacate55


ItemPrice (GHS)
Chocolate Milkshake55
Oreo-Vanilla Milkshake59
Strawberry Milkshake55
Vanilla Milkshake55

Ordering Online From Citrus Restaurant

1. Download the Eziban food courier app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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2. Upon successful download, click on the “Sign up” button.

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3. Fill in your personal information, including your full name, phone number, location, gender, and other required details.

4. After completing the signup process, search for Citrus Restaurant within the app.

5. Browse through the restaurant’s menu and choose the food items you want to purchase, specifying the quantity for each.

6. Review your selected items in order to ensure accuracy, then click on the “Checkout” option.

7. Choose your preferred payment method and submit your current address to enable Eziban to deliver your selected food items to your location.

Booking A Table At Citrus Restaurant

If you want to dine by visiting the restaurant, you can book a table by simply calling the number that has been provided in the article above to book or better still [email protected] to reserve a table.

Is Citrus A 5-Star Hotel?

Citrus is like this super fancy restaurant in Bengaluru that’s, top-notch, with a full five-star rating.

Imagine going there and trying out these super cool dishes, like pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven (you know, those pizzas with that awesome smoky flavor), this dish called Rogan-e-Nishant (which sounds fancy but is delicious), and some seriously spicy lamb chops that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

It’s not just a regular place to eat; it’s like a food adventure where you get to taste all these amazing and unique flavors. so in fact citrus is a 5-star restaurant.

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Hey, if you’re looking for tasty food that won’t break the bank and a comfy, clean place to eat, you gotta check out Citrus restaurant. They’ve got awesome food, and the staff there are super nice.

We’ve got all you about Citrus in this article. We talk about how much the food costs, where the restaurant is, how to get in touch with them, ordering online (if you’re into that), and even how to snag a table if you want to dine in.

Plus, we coverered some questions people often ask about Citrus. So, whether you’re craving some good grub or just want to chill out with friends, Citrus has you covered.

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