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Eddys Pizza (A & C Mall Branch) Menu Prices, Contact, Location, How To Order Online And More

Do you know Eddys Pizza A & C Mall branch Menu Prices, Contact, Location, and How To Order Online are the most searched questions on Google?

The sad thing is that there is no correct article covering what Ghanaians have been searching for on this website.

In this article, I will take you through Eddys Pizza A & C mall branch Menu Prices, Contact, Location, delivery services And More.

About Eddys Pizza

Eddy’s Pizza is one of the leading chain restaurants in many cities around the country. Edwin Quartey owns the restaurant.

Mr Edwin Quartey is a lawyer who happens to have an interest in the Pizza business. In one article written by dailyguidenetwork.com, Mr Edwin Quartey made it known that the Pizza business is his passion and he does not regret venturing into the pizza business in Ghana whiles still a lawyer.

Eddy’s Pizza is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Ghana, competing with Pizzaman (i guess).

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Eddy’s has a long history of nearly 5 years. Its high-quality Pizza and salads are popular.

Do you want to learn more about Eddys Pizza A & C Mall branch menu prices, contact address, location, and how to order online?

Then continue reading as I will reveal everything you need to know about this restaurant after visiting them.

Eddys Pizza is the absolute best place to get Pizza. I prefer their BBQ Chicken Pizza.

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It is my favourite, and I can’t get enough of it.

They have not only excellent Pizza but also excellent spaghetti and sandwiches. Additionally, their pricing is fantastic.

At Eddy’s Pizza, you can be certain to find something you will adore. The fact that they deliver is the nicest part about using their services. Your food will be delivered right to you once you order from them.

However, if that isn’t your style, you can always go there, either pick it up or dine in. This A & C Mall branch offers both dining in and takes out.

Eddys Pizza A & C Mall Menu Prices

Now lets Covver eddys pizza a&c mall prices list:

Cold Beverages

  • Coke 2L – GHS 30.00


  • Chocolate Milkshake GHS 37
  • Vanilla Milkshake GHS 32
  • Strawberry Milkshake GHS 32
  • Caramel Milkshake S 37
  • Oreo Cookie Milkshake GHS 37

Chicken Wings

  • Regular Chicken Wings (Fried/Grilled) GHS 27
  • Hot Chicken Wings GHS 27
  • Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings GHS 27
  • Barbeque Chicken Wings GHS 27
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  • French Fries and Grilled Chicken GHS 32


  • Jollof rice with Grilled Chicken GHS 34
  • Fried rice with Grilled Chicken GHS 34


  • Steak House GHS 62
  • Four Cheese GHS 61
  • Buffalo Chicken GHS 59
  • Rich Sea GHS 62
  • Margarita GHS 61
  • Pepperoni GHS 62
  • Supreme GHS 59
  • Veggie Lovers GHS 59
  • Meat Lovers GHS 61
  • BBQ Chicken GHS 60
  • Philly Steak & Cheese GHS 59
  • Tex-Mex GHS 60
  • Chicken Bacon GHS 59
  • Ten-Topping GHS 62
  • Tuna GHS 60
  • Extra veggies GHS 21
  • Extra cheese GHS 24
  • Extra Meat GHS 23
  • Shrimps Pizza GHS 62
  • Old Country GHS 59
  • Fruity GHS 61
  • Hawaiian Delight GHS 60
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Eddys Pizza A & C Mall Contact Details And Address

  • Address: JR37+F6V, A&C Mall, Accra
  • Phone number: 0559276678
  • Website: https://www.eddyspizza.com/

How To Order From Eddys Pizza By Calling Them

Eddy’s Pizza also allows you to order from them, and then they will have it delivered to you. If you are around A & C Mall and have been searching for Eddy Pizza delivery, worry no more.

To order from Eddy Pizza, you must call their A & C delivery number 0559276678. Their delivery representative will answer and let them know the food you want to order and the quantity.

 The customer representative will ask for information about you, such as your name, location, and the number they can call you in case the delivery driver arrives at your location.

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Now relax and wait for your food to be delivered to you.

frequently Asked Questions

How much is Eddys Pizza in Ghana medium size?

The price of Eddys Pizza medium size is GHS 51 across all Eddys pizza branches in Ghana.

Wrapping Up

Eddy’s Pizza is one of the most popular and loved pizzas in Ghana, aside from Pizzaman.

This article covered everything you need to know about Eddys Pizza, such as eddy’s Pizza restaurant menu, contact details, and location.

Now if you stay around A & C Mall, you don’t have to worry about having to walk to Eddy’s Pizza near you, you can just order from them by calling their number and also if you have internet, you can also order from them using the various delivery services in Ghana.

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