Café Kwae Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order Online, How Book A Table, And More

Café Kwae Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order Online, How Book A Table, And More

If you are looking for a cozy dining spot to dine in Accra, do not forget to look for Café Kwae.

This is one of the coffee dealing Cafes in the city of Accra that serves customers the best of coffee and meals.

Their place for company is clean, fun, and great for all kinds of eating. The following article will talk about the prices on the menu, where the restaurant is, how to get in touch with them, how to order online, and how to reserve a place. We’ll also answer some questions that people often ask, plus more.

About Café Kwae

The Café Kwae is among the most popular restaurants in the bustling city of Accra. It is a coffee shop that is unique for its atmosphere, high-quality coffee, and very delicious meals.

It is one cozy spot where you can grab a bite to eat with friends and family members. Their staff are very friendly and accommodating and ensure that you are dining in the right mood and environment. They offer dine-in, take-out, and delivery services.

Café Kwae Menu Prices



ItemDescriptionPrice (GHS)
Truffle Parmesan FriesRegular20.00
Cowgirl PenelopePulled pork and coleslaw18.00
The AssassinSpicy or regular mustard and ketchup18.00
Vanity Vain18.00
The Outlaws18.00
Sherriff John Brown18.00


CategoryItemPrice (GHS)


ItemPrice (GHS)
Chocolate Mousse125.00
Chocolate Brownie150.00
Carrot Cake125.00
Lazy Cake130.00
Mango Panna Cotta140.00

Location And Contact Details Of Café Kwae

The restaurant is situated on the Ground Floor, One Airport Square Airport City in Accra, Ghana.

The restaurant is accessible by both private and public vehicles. You can contact them for further information at 0558382783 or visit their website at Their website can provide a piece of additional information about their menu.

How To Order Online From Café Kwae

Calling the Café Kwae at their number, which is 0558382783, is another option for placing an order if you are unable to visit the restaurant due to a lack of time. You may also place an order using the delivery service offered by Eziban.

How To Book A Table At Café Kwae

You don’t have to wait around for a table at Café Kwae if you want to. You can book a table ahead of time.

To reserve a table ahead of time, call the number 0558382783 and give information like your name, the number of people who will be with you, the date and time you want to visit.

Why You Should Dine At Café Kwae

There are several reasons why you should dine at Café Kwae. The few among them are :

  • The food at Café Kwae is very varied, so it can suit many tastes.
  • The kitchen is very clean.
  • The cooks are very skilled, and the staff is friendly.
  • Their setting is very warm and lively.
  • You can get to them from anywhere in Accra.
  • They have great customer service.

The above are a few reasons why you should dine at Café Kwae. You will explore yourself when you visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order from Café Kwae using eziban delivery services?

Visit the eziban website at then enter your location. You should browse the restaurants and locate Café Kwae. Browse the menu and select your meal to order. Now select payment and pay to complete the process. Wait till your food is delivered to you.


Do not hesitate to visit Café Kwae in Accra for your wonderful meals and excellent coffee.

With their courteous staff, knowledgeable chefs, and tastefully appointed décor, this restaurant is sure to satisfy any craving.

Their food is tasty and inexpensive. Stop by their establishment for some delectable dishes.
Café Kwae’s menu pricing, location, contact information, ordering, table booking, and frequently asked questions are all covered in the article.

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