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Burger King (Accra Mall Branch) Menu Prices, Location, Contact, How To Order Online And More

This page has all the information you need about the Burger King in Accra Mall.

This post will talk about the prices on the Burger King menu at Accra Mall, how to contact them, how to order online from Burger King if you live near Accra Mall, and a lot more. So let’s get started.

About Burger King 

Burger King, a well-known and long-standing fast food chain, is the best place in Ghana to get tasty treats at prices that aren’t too high.

Many of these restaurants can be found in Ghana and other places around the world, like Florida, Australia, India, and the Philippines.

Customers can go to any of its stores that are close to them. If you look for “Burger King near me,” you’ll find one close by. don’t worry, we’ll talk about their branches later in the piece.

Burger King is famous all over the world, with more than 18,000 sites.

Whether you live in Ghana or are a frequent traveler, Burger King can help you find cheap food.

The business wants every customer to have a great time by giving them tasty, high-quality food.

Burger King serves burgers like the Big Fish and Whopper, as well as salads, chicken meals, and desserts.

Burger King Accra Mall Branch Menu Prices

burger king menu
Combo MealPrice
King Deal (Hamburger)GHS 15.00
6 Piece Chicken Wings MealGHS 42.00
Triple Whopper MealGHS 67.00
Long Chicken MealGHS 43.00
Double Chilli Cheese Burger MealGHS 34.00
9 Piece Chicken Wings MealGHS 52.00
Kids MenuPrice
Whopper Junior MealGHS 39.00
Big King MealGHS 38.00
Big King XL MealGHS 56.00
Deluxe Burger MealGHS 54.00
Tender Crispy Chicken MealGHS 46.00
Crispy Chicken MealGHS 39.00
Kids Meal – HamburgerGHS 36.00
Kids Meal – CheeseburgerGHS 36.00
Double Whopper MealGHS 57.00
Double Whopper Meal With Extra CheeseGHS 61.00
Tender Chicken Grill Burger MealGHS 51.00
Extra Long Chilli Cheese Burger MealGHS 47.00
Long Chilli Cheese Burger MealGHS 47.00
King Fish Burger MealGHS 40.00
Whopper Meal (Cheese)GHS 54.00
Whopper Meal MediumGHS 50.00
Tender Crispy Cheese Meal LargeGHS 56.00
12 Piece Chicken Nuggets MealGHS 50.00
9 Piece Chicken Nuggets MealGHS 44.00
4 Nuggets + 1 Fries + 1 DrinkGHS 15.00
Kids Meal – Chicken NuggetsGHS 36.00
Whopper Meal LargeGHS 56.00
Double Cheeseburger Meal MediumGHS 36.00
Tender Crispy Cheese MediumGHS 50.00
Core SandwichPrice
WhopperGHS 36.00
Whopper CheeseGHS 40.00
Cheese BurgerGHS 16.00
Double Cheese BurgerGHS 26.00
Double Chilli Cheese BurgerGHS 28.00
Whopper JuniorGHS 24.00
Whopper Junior CheeseGHS 28.00
Crispy Chicken BurgerGHS 26.00
Premium SandwichPrice
Long Chicken BurgerGHS 30.00
Big King BurgerGHS 26.00
Double WhopperGHS 44.00
Double Whopper With CheeseGHS 46.00
Triple WhopperGHS 52.00
Extra Long Chilli Cheese BurgerGHS 39.00
Big King XXLGHS 50.00
Deluxe BurgerGHS 40.00
King Fish BurgerGHS 27.00
HamburgerGHS 12.00
Long Chilli Cheese Burger – ChickenGHS 39.00
Triple Whopper With CheeseGHS 56.00
Chicken Tendergrill BurgerGHS 42.00
Chicken Tendercrisp BurgerGHS 38.00
Chicken Tendercrisp Burger With CheeseGHS 41.00
Onion Rings (9 pieces)GHS 19.00
Onion Rings (6 pieces)GHS 12.00
Nuggets (4 pieces)GHS 16.00
Nuggets (6 pieces)GHS 22.00
Nuggets (9 pieces)GHS 28.00
Nuggets (12 pieces)GHS 32.00
6pcs Chilli Cheese BitesGHS 24.00
9pcs Chilli Cheese Bites (6 Pieces)GHS 31.00
Chilli Cheese Bites (4 Pieces)GHS 17.00
Delight SaladGHS 32.00
Crunchy Chicken SaladGHS 42.00
Grilled Chicken SaladGHS 42.00
Large FriesGHS 16.00
Small FriesGHS 10.00
Medium FriesGHS 14.00
Caramel SundaeGHS 12.00
Kit Kat FusionGHS 20.00
Vanilla ShakeGHS 13.00
Chocolate DonutGHS 14.00
Chocolate SundaeGHS 12.00
Oreo FusionGHS 20.00
BrowniesGHS 14.00

How To Order Online From Burger King Accra Mall Branch

You can use the Glovo app to order food from Burger King online, and it will be brought to you.

  • To order from Burger King and have it brought to you, do these things:
  • Sign up at glovoapp.com.
  • Once you’ve signed up, go to the home page and click on Food > Restaurants.
  • Try to find Burger King.
  • Pick out the food you want to order from their menu.
  • Now click on Order and pay. Glovo will ask for information like where you are, your phone number, and other things. Then, within minutes, they’ll bring you your food.

Burger King Accra Mall Branch Contact Details And Location 

  • Accra Mall Branch Number: 0302740650
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurgerKingGhana
  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/BurgerKingGh/
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burgerkingghana
  • Accra Mall Road Branch Location

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is burger king

The price of burger king ranges from GHS 20 to GHS 400, the price is determined by the meal you want to order and how you want it delivered to you.

What time does burger king close

Burger King restaurant opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM

Burger king whopper price

The price of burger king whopper ranges from GHS 50.00 to GHS 250.00 across all Burger king branches in Ghana


There are many Pizzaman locations in Accra, and this story was about one of them.

Due to its tasty food, the eatery has become one of the best places to get a burger.

This piece talked about the Burger King restaurant in the Accra Mall, including its menu, prices, how to get in touch with them, and a lot more.

Not only that, but you can buy food from them and have it brought to you if you can’t drive in.

To make things easier for you, we also talked about how to order from the Burger King in the Accra Mall online.

There are many Pizzaman locations in Accra, and this story was about one of them.

The restaurant has become one of the best because the food tastes great and comes in nice packing.

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