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Top Government Hospitals In Kumasi [Our Top Picks]

If you’re looking for information about government health centers in Kumasi, you’ve landed on the right platform.

Kumasi hosts a variety of government hospitals committed to addressing the healthcare needs of the community.

Some of these hospitals are NHIS accredited, signifying their acceptance of NHIS cards for healthcare services.

This article aims to provide comprehensive details about some of the government hospitals in Kumasi, offering valuable insights into the healthcare options available in the city.

Whether you’re specifically seeking NHIS-accredited facilities or general government health centers, this information will guide you in making informed decisions about your healthcare in Kumasi.

Kumasi South Hospital

Kumasi South Hospital

Kumasi South Hospital is a prominent healthcare institution in Kumasi, known for its status as a regional hospital and the second-largest healthcare facility in the city.

Positioned at Atonsu Agogo, the hospital was originally constructed in 1976 to address the healthcare requirements of the surrounding areas and later received an upgrade to regional hospital status in 2002.

Beyond its role as a general hospital, Kumasi South Hospital stands out by providing specialized services, including maternity care, pediatrics, eye care, radiation services, and more.

The hospital takes pride in its modern medical equipment, emphasizing its commitment to delivering comprehensive and high-quality healthcare services to the local community.

As a central healthcare hub in Kumasi, Kumasi South Hospital plays a vital role in addressing the diverse healthcare needs of residents.

The institution offers a wide range of general and specialized services, showcasing a dedication to modern and efficient healthcare delivery.

Kumasi South Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0322029272

Manhyia District Hospital 

Manhyia District Hospital 

Manhyia District Hospital, located at 4 Zongo Road near the Asantehene Palace in Kumasi, stands out as a distinguished healthcare institution in Ghana.

The hospital has garnered praise from the National Health Insurance Authority for its implementation of an advanced Patient Folder Management System, the E-archives.

The E-archives system is a digital platform designed to store patients’ medical records in a digital format, showcasing the hospital’s commitment to modernizing healthcare administration and ensuring the efficient management of patient information.

This digital approach contributes to improved accuracy, accessibility, and overall efficiency in healthcare services.

In addition to its innovative systems, Manhyia District Hospital features state-of-the-art and modern facilities, complemented by a team of qualified doctors and professional nurses.

This combination of advanced technology and skilled healthcare professionals establishes Manhyia District Hospital as a leading healthcare provider in Kumasi, emphasizing both efficiency and the delivery of high-quality patient care.

Manhyia District Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0322026311

Tafo Hospital

Tafo Hospital

Located on Mampong Road at Old Tafo in Kumasi, Tafo Hospital stands as a notable healthcare institution in the city, distinguished by its NHIS accreditation.

This accreditation signifies that Tafo Hospital accepts NHIS cards, promoting accessibility to healthcare services for individuals covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme.

As a government-owned facility, Tafo Hospital is dedicated to providing general healthcare services to the public.

The hospital’s team comprises well-qualified doctors and compassionate nurses, reflecting its commitment to delivering quality and accessible healthcare to the community.

In addition to offering general services, Tafo Hospital provides specialist services, including obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and more.

This comprehensive approach ensures that the hospital addresses the diverse healthcare needs of the community, further solidifying its role as a key healthcare provider in Kumasi.

Tafo Hospital Location And Contact Details

Location: P9GM+VX, Kumasi

Afrancho Health Centre

Afrancho Health Centre

Situated on Afrancho Off Offinso Road in Kumasi, Afrancho Government Hospital stands as a key government health facility that holds NHIS accreditation.

This accreditation indicates the hospital’s acceptance of NHIS cards, facilitating access to healthcare services for individuals enrolled in the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Afrancho Government Hospital plays a vital role in providing general healthcare services to the public, ensuring that a broad spectrum of medical needs is addressed.

Moreover, the hospital distinguishes itself by offering specialized services to cater to specific medical requirements.

These specialist services encompass pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, sexual health, and various others.

The hospital’s commitment to offering both general and specialized healthcare services underscores its dedication to meeting the diverse medical needs of the community it serves.

This approach aligns with the broader goal of ensuring comprehensive and accessible healthcare for the residents of Kumasi.

Afrancho Health Center Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0277877874

Kokofu General Hospital 

Kokofu General Hospital 

Located at Kokofu off Bekwei Road in Kumasi, Kokofu General Hospital is a healthcare institution that serves the public by providing both general and specialized services.

While offering comprehensive general healthcare services, the hospital has gained recognition for its expertise in dermatology.

Kokofu General Hospital specializes in the comprehensive treatment of various skin issues, demonstrating a commitment to addressing dermatological concerns. The range of skin conditions treated at the hospital includes xanthoma, eczema, and other dermatological ailments.

In addition to its medical expertise, Kokofu General Hospital is characterized by its beautiful setting, featuring a well-maintained environment and clean wards. This commitment to a pleasant and hygienic healthcare atmosphere contributes to the overall positive experience for patients.

One notable advantage of seeking healthcare at Kokofu General Hospital is the efficiency in patient care.

The absence of long queues for doctor consultations ensures that patients receive prompt attention, aligning with the hospital’s dedication to delivering timely and effective healthcare services to the community.

Kokofu General Hospital Location And Contact Details

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) stands as the second-largest healthcare institution in Ghana and holds the distinction of being the sole tertiary healthcare facility in the Ashanti Region.

Affiliated with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) is a pivotal institution in Kumasi that plays a dual role in providing advanced medical education and delivering specialized healthcare services.

Established in 1954 and situated on Okomfo Anokye Road in Kumasi, KATH has been at the forefront of medical education and healthcare provision.

With a mission to become a center of excellence in the delivery of specialist healthcare services, the hospital has consistently upheld high standards in medical care.

KATH boasts a substantial capacity with 1200 beds, offering a comprehensive range of specialist services.

These include dental care, eye care, anesthesia and intensive care, and ear, nose, and throat (ENT), among various others. The hospital’s commitment to providing specialized services positions it as a hub for handling complex medical cases.

Recognized for its dedication to high-quality healthcare, KATH is well-equipped to manage a variety of medical conditions.

The hospital’s 24-hour emergency service ensures that critical medical care is accessible to the community at all times.

Beyond its role as a healthcare provider, KATH is integral to medical education, contributing significantly to the training of future healthcare professionals.

This dual focus on education and healthcare makes KATH a central institution in advancing medical knowledge and improving healthcare delivery in Kumasi.

Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0322001769 / 0266083585 / 0556490029
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://kath.gov.gh

Afari Community Hospital

Afari Community Hospital

Located on Nkawie Road in Kumasi, Afari Community Hospital is a healthcare organization dedicated to providing comprehensive medical services to the community.

In addition to general healthcare, the hospital offers a range of specialized services, reflecting its commitment to addressing diverse medical needs.

Afari Community Hospital provides a variety of specialist services, including ultrasound, obstetrics and gynecology, ECG/heart machine diagnostics, surgery, and more.

This diverse range of services allows the hospital to cater to a wide spectrum of medical requirements within the community.

The hospital’s staff, including patient nurses and professional doctors, have received praise from many individuals.

The positive feedback highlights the dedication and compassion of the healthcare professionals at Afari Community Hospital, reinforcing the hospital’s commitment to delivering quality and attentive medical care to the residents of Kumasi.

Afari Community Hospital Location And Contact Details

  • Tel number: 0240176502 / 0543108690
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: https://www.afaricommunityhospital.com

In times of illness, consider visiting one of these healthcare facilities for medical attention:

  1. Kumasi South Hospital – 0322029272
  2. Manhyia District Hospital – 0322026311
  3. Tafo Hospital – 0322026605
  4. Afrancho Health Center – 0277877874
  5. Kokofu General Hospital – 0248886161
  6. Komfo Anokye – 0322001769
  7. Afari Community Hospital – 0240176502

Feel free to contact any of these hospitals when you require medical care. They are ready to assist with your health needs.

You can also check out private hospitals in Kumasi and all the best hospitals in Kumasi.

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