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Toro Tapas Spanish Restaurant Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order, How To Book A Table And More

For enthusiasts of Spanish delicacies or those seeking a unique culinary experience in Accra, Tapas Bar And Restaurant emerges as a must-try destination.

As the first Spanish restaurant in Accra, they deliver an exceptional dining experience.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to Tapas Bar And Restaurant, ensuring that you are well-informed before your visit.

We cover a sample of their menu prices, precise location details, essential contact information, seamless ordering procedures, guidelines for reserving a table, reasons why you should choose this restaurant, a curated section on frequently asked questions, and additional insights to enhance your understanding of Tapas Bar And Restaurant.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Spanish cuisine or a newcomer eager to explore new flavors, reading this guide to the end will undoubtedly facilitate an informed and enjoyable experience at Tapas Bar And Restaurant.

About Tapas Bar And Restaurant

Tapas Bar And Restaurant, particularly Toro Tapas Bar, stands out as a culinary gem in Afrikiko, Accra.

Representing the city’s first Spanish tapas bar, it has successfully introduced the vibrant and diverse world of Spanish cuisine to Western Africa, making up for the years that Tapas Fever took to arrive.

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At Toro Tapas Bar, the menu is a celebration of quintessential Spanish flavors, featuring fresh and exciting dishes from the sea, the field, and the garden.

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The tapas selection is authentically Spanish, offering a delightful array of flavors. Notably, their paellas consistently deliver on flavor, adding to the richness of the culinary experience.

In addition to the culinary delights, Toro Tapas Bar takes pride in maintaining a hygienic and charming environment, contributing to an overall pleasant dining atmosphere.

For those seeking an exceptional dining experience in Accra, Toro Tapas Bar has positioned itself as one of the best restaurants, offering a unique blend of Spanish authenticity and local charm.

Menu Prices At Toro Tapas Spanish Restaurant

Patatas Bravas

  • Fried seasoned potatoes with salsa brava ketchup and piquillo aioli – GHS 40

Tortilla Española

  • Omelet of potato, onion, and pimento aioli – GHS 20

Andalusian Gazpacho

  • Chilled tomato soup with cucumbers and bell peppers – GHS 15

Croquettes Jamon

  • Jamón serrano, manchego cheese, piquillo aioli – GHS 32

Pulpo Parrilla

  • Sous-vide + charred octopus, paprika roasted fingerling potatoes, saffron aioli, cannellini beans, and pickled onions – GHS 20


  • Spanish olives and Marcona Almonds – GHS 30
  • Fried Turner calamari topped with saffron aioli, Mediterranean tomato sauce, and parsley – GHS 25

Spanish olives marinated w/ rosemary, orange and paprika and red chili, salted Almonds

  • Shrimp, garlic, sherry, parsley- GHS 25


  • Puff pastry filled with a choice of chicken or beef – GHS 30
  • Saffron rice, chorizo, mussels, chicken, and shrimp (serves 2) – GHS 25
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Location And Contact Details Of Toro Tapas Spanish Restaurant

Amazingly, it is very easy to locate them. You can find them at Liberation Road (Close to the French Embassy and Next to the Flag Staff House), Accra, Ghana and you can reach them at 0202261001. You can visit their website at Website Torospanishrestaurant.com for inquiries.

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How To Order With Eziban Food Delivery Services

To make ordering your delicious meals from Tapas Bar And Restaurant a breeze, you can directly call them at 0202261001.

Their customer service personnel will be more than happy to assist you in placing your order with ease.

Whether you have specific preferences or dietary requirements, the dedicated staff at Tapas Bar And Restaurant will ensure a seamless and enjoyable ordering experience.

Simply dial the provided number, and let their team guide you through the process of selecting and ordering your desired dishes.

How To Book A Table At Toro Tapas Spanish Restaurant

Booking a table in advance at Tapas Bar And Restaurant ensures that you can fully enjoy their cozy ambiance, hygienic environment, and the attentive service of their friendly staff. To secure a reservation, follow these simple steps:

  1. Dial their number at 0202261001 to connect with their customer service personnel.
  2. Speak with the personnel to confirm the availability of a table and discuss your booking preferences.
  3. Provide necessary details such as your name, the number of people in your party, and the date and time of your intended visit.
  4. The customer service personnel will assist you with the booking process.

To make the most of your reservation, remember to visit at the exact time scheduled during the booking.

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This ensures a smooth and timely dining experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the ambiance and hospitality that Tapas Bar And Restaurant has to offer.

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For those yearning to savor the delightful flavors of Spanish cuisine in Accra, Toro Tapas Spanish Restaurant is the destination of choice.

This culinary haven promises an experience that goes beyond mere dining.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve provided all the essential details you need to know before indulging in the culinary offerings of Toro Tapas Spanish Restaurant.

From menu prices and precise location details to contact information, ordering procedures, and guidelines for reserving a table, we’ve got you covered.

Now, armed with this information, go ahead and embark on the culinary journey you’ve been dreaming of at Toro Tapas Spanish Restaurant.

It’s an invitation to savor delicious Spanish meals in an atmosphere that captures the essence of Spain right in Accra.

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