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Noble House Restaurant (Tema Branch), Menu Prices, Contact Details, Location, How To Order Online

Are you interested in taking your eating experience in the Tema area to the next level? It is wonderful to eat food prepared at home, but it is also wonderful to take the family out to enjoy home-cooked meals outside every once in a while. Are you familiar with meals that are served at home?

Do you wish to give it a shot? Then I will not cruelly treat you. As I take you to the Noble House restaurant in Tema, I invite you to follow me.

Noble House Restaurant has committed to providing mouthwatering meals in Tema for several years, so if you are looking for a dining experience that will be unforgettable for you, your lover, your family, or your friends in Tema, then you need not go any farther than Noble House Restaurant.

Because of the restaurant’s remarkable combination of flavors and the culinary competence of its staff, it has become the go-to destination for both casual diners and foodies everywhere.

This page will provide a more in-depth examination of the Noble House Restaurant, including its location, contact information, menu prices, instructions for placing an order, reasons why you should eat there, commonly asked questions, and further information.

Given that I am aware of the growing interest that you have in learning more about this establishment, I will not waste any time and instead let us get started.

How To Order From Noble House Restaurant Using Glovo

  • Pick up Glovo by going to Glovoapp.com and clicking on “Get Started.” You will be taken to their home page after successfully signing up.
  • To get to their restaurants, go to their home page and click on Food.
  • If you can’t find Noble House Restaurant in the list, look for them on their menu and then pick what you want to order and how much of it you want.
  • Simply click on Order now.
  • You’ll be asked to pay and then give your name, address, and phone number.
  • After your payment goes through, you’ll be told when to expect your food. The Food will then be brought to you by Glovo.
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Noble House Tema Branch Menu Prices

food at noble house restaurant


  • Taichin prawns regular – GHS 98.00
  • King prawn cutlet regular – GHS 66.50
  • Satay prawns regular – GHS 127.50
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  • Sauteed beef Xinjiang style regular – GHS 54.00
  • Stir-fried beef tenderloin with cashew nut regular – GHS 44.00
  • Boiled beef tenderloin in spicy sauce regular – GHS 64.00
  • Stir-fried beef tenderloin Chinese style regular – GHS 54.00
  • Sauteed lamb with ginger and spring onion regular – GHS 62.50
  • Seafood platter ( full portion ) regular – GHS 270.00
  • Beef Tenderloin with straw mushroom in taipan sauce regular – GHS 66.00
  • Seafood platter ( half portion ) regular – GHS 175.00
  • Stir-fried sliced lamb peng style regular – GHS 72.50


  • Vegetable Fried rice regular – GHS 43.00

How to Book A Table At Noble House Restaurant

To book a table at Noble House Restaurant you simply by calling the restaurant’s reservation line or book online through the restaurant’s website.

Noble House Restaurant Tema Branch Location Contact Details

The restaurant can be found at Ahodwo at 6 Lasa Street, Boundary Road near American House, Tema, Accra, Ghana.

You can contact them to book a seat or order at 054 234 7597 or by email at [email protected].


You’ve been to a lot of places in Tema and other parts of the country, but the Noble House Restaurant in Tema is the best. You will want to eat there all the time.

It’s a very friendly place with a treat for executives. With the freshly made and tasty food, you’ll feel like you’re at home when you’re not there.

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We talked about where the Noble House Restaurant in Tema, Ghana is, how to get in touch with them, what questions people usually have, and more.

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