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Chicken Republic (Dansoman Branch) Menu Prices, Contact, Location, How To Order Online, And More

Searching for one of the best restaurants in Dansoman? This article will take you through everything you need to know about Chicken Republic, how it started, their Dansoman menu prices, location, contact details, and how to order food online from Chicken Republic and have it delivered.

About the Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic is a Nigerian-based fast food restaurant founded in 2004 by Deji Akinyanju.

The restaurant serves its customers contemporary West African cuisine that includes soups, salads, grilled chicken, and various grilled meals such as grilled fish, beef, pork, and lamb.

And ever since then, this restaurant has opened many branches across Africa and even headed to Europe and the United States Of America.

The Chicken Republic has grown into one of the most successful restaurants in Ghana and has received an increasing number of followers from other African countries. They offer various delicious meal options to cater to every taste bud.

You’ll be spoilt for choice, from chicken dishes to burgers, hot dogs, and salads.

This article explains the Chicken Republic order process, menu prices, and how to contact them directly.

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The Chicken Republic menu served in a restaurant or takeaway has a wide variety of delicious meals.

The menu prices at the Chicken Republic will only depend on the dish you want to order.

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Sometimes they give out free coupon codes, and you can use the Chicken Republic coupon code or voucher to avail of some discounts while ordering your favorite food items on their menu (only if you are lucky enough to get one).

Now that you know more about your favorite restaurant let us cover their Ghana branches, and this article will cover their Dansoman branch.

Chicken republic has two branches in Ghana, and they are:

  • Spintex Branch
  • Dansoman Branch

So if you are living around Dansoman and craving some fried chicken, this article is your savior because we will not only talk about Chicken republic menu prices but also dive into how to order online and contact them.

Chicken Republic Dansoman Branch Menu Prices

What’s New

  • Everyday Affordable Value Meals – GHS 16.00
  • Refuel Meal With Jollof Rice – GHS 16.00
  • Refuel Max Meal With Fried Rice – GHS 20.00
  • Refuel Max Meal With Jollof Rice – GHS 20.00
  • Express Meal – GHS 22.00
  • Soulfully Spiced Fried Chicken (2 pieces) – GHS 20.00
  • Soulfully Spiced Fried Chicken (4 pieces) – GHS 40.00
  • Soulfully Spiced Fried Chicken (8 pieces) – GHS 80.00
  • Soulfully Spiced Fried Chicken (12 pieces) – GHS 120.00
  • 8 Pieces Pot Lovers Meal – GHS 160.00
  • 12 Pieces Pot Lovers Meal – GHS 225.00
  • Crunchy Wings (6 pieces) – GHS 27.00
  • Crunchy Wings (8 pieces) – GHS 34.00
  • 8 Piece Pot Lovers Meal – GHS 155.00
  • 12 Piece Pot Lovers Meal – GHS 225.00
  • Soulfully Spiced Fried Chicken – GHS 11.00 – GHS 18.00
  • Citizens Meal – GHS 36.00
  • Citizens Crunchy Mix – GHS 32.00
  • Crunchy Wings Meal (4pc meal) – GHS 32.00
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Rotisserie Chicken

  • Chief Burger Meal – GHS 37.00
  • Original ChickWhizz – GHS 20.00
  • Original ChickWhizz Meal – GHS 34.00
  • Double Original ChickWhizz – GHS 22.00
  • Double Original ChickWhizz Meal – GHS 37.00
  • WrapStar – GHS 22.00
  • Quarter Rotisserie Meal – GHS 36.00
  • Quarter Rotisserie Meal with Large Chips – GHS 36.00
  • Burger Wraps & Chickwizz
  • Chicken Salad – GHS 20.00
  • Quarter Rotisserie Chicken – GHS 20.00
  • Half Rotisserie Chicken – GHS 40.00
  • Full Rotisserie Chicken – GHS 78.00
  • Chief Burger – GHS 23.00
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Family Value Meals

  • 12 Piece Pot Lovers Meal – GHS 230.00
  • 8 Pieces Pot Lovers Meal – GHS 160.00

Tasty Sides

  • Fried Rice – GHS 12.00
  • Rice & Beans with Sauce – GHS 12.00
  • Jollof Rice – GHS 12.00


  • Crispy chips available in Large or Jumbo – GHS 12.00


  • Sprite (300ml) – GHS 5.00
  • Mineral Water (500ml) – GHS 4.00
  • Malta Guinness – GHS 8.00
  • Coca-Cola (300ml) – GHS 5.00
  • Fanta Orange (300ml) – GHS 5.00
  • Alvaro – GHS 8.00
  • Mineral Water (1.5l) – GHS 6.00

How To Order Food Online From Chicken Republic Dansoman Branch Using Jumia Food

  1. Download Jumia Food from the Google Play store, Apple app store
  2. After a successful sign, up Click on Sign up
  3. Fill in your personal information such as your full name, number, location, gender, and many more
  4. Confirm your phone number and set a PIN. After successful signup, you will be redirected to the homepage
  5. Select a restaurant and search for the Chicken Republic
  6. Go through their menu and select the food you want to buy and the quantity you want
  7. Review your order to see if everything is intact and click on Checkout
  8. Choose to make payment and then submit your Dansoman address for Jumia Food to deliver your food.
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Chicken Republic Dansoman Branch Contact Details And Location

  • Address: GPXP+27P, Accra
  • Phone number: 0266353107
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chickenrepublicghana/

Wrapping Up

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As everyone knows, KFC Ghana is challenged by the Chicken Republic, which is here to stay.

Both eateries are distinguished from the others thanks to their distinct cuisine flavors.

Everything you need to know about the Chicken Republic, including their Dansoman menu, Dansoman contact information, and location, is included in this article.

For more restaurants at Dansoman, you can check out:

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