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Le Must Labone Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, And How To Order

Hello, food enthusiasts! If you’re seeking a must-visit restaurant in Labone, look no further than Lê Must. As the name suggests, it’s an establishment you can’t afford to miss.

I understand the challenges of finding a reliable restaurant in Labone, and I’m glad a helpful Samaritan directed you to Lê Must.

The amazing experience you had, enjoying both their meals and the cozy, romantic ambiance, speaks volumes.

In this detailed exploration, I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about Lê Must in Labone.

We’ll cover menu prices, location, contact details, ordering, and table booking procedures, reasons why you should choose Lê Must, frequently asked questions, and more. Let’s dive into the culinary excellence that awaits you at Lê Must!

About The Lê Must Labone

For an irresistible combination of delicious meals at affordable prices, Lê Must Labone in Accra is your go-to destination.

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Conveniently located in Labone, this restaurant stands out for offering a culinary experience that caters to various tastes and preferences.

Their delectable meals are crafted with fresh ingredients by experienced chefs, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

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The friendly staff adds to the welcoming atmosphere, making every visit a memorable one.

Lê Must Labone takes pride in maintaining a clean environment, fostering a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for patrons.

Whether you prefer to enjoy your meal on-site or from the comfort of your home, the restaurant offers both takeout and delivery services.

The inclusivity of vegan and vegetarian options further ensures accessibility for everyone. Don’t miss out on the culinary delights that await you at Lê Must Labone.

Menu Prices At Le Must Labone

  • Jollof Rice Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Garlic Rice Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Potato Mash Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Fried Rice Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Onion Rings Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Cowgirl Penelope – GHS 18.00
  • Potato Wedges Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Truffle Parmesan Fries Regular – GHS 20.00
  • Cajun Fries Regular – GHS 15.00

Bacon Wrapped, Mustard, and Onions

  • Vanity vain – GHS 18.00

Pulled pork and coleslaw

  • The Assassin – GHS 18.00

Spicy or Regular Mustard and Ketchup

  • The outlaws – GHS 18.00

Salsa, Bacon, Habanero Sauce

  • Roasted Half Chicken with Plain Rice Regular – GHS 25.00
  • Jollof Rice only Regular – GHS 10.00
  • Grilled Chicken Shawarma with Green Sauce Regular – GHS 15.00
  • Fried Chicken with Fries Regular – GHS 25.00
  • Charcoal Grilled Chicken with Plain Rice Regular – GHS 26.00
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Location And Contact Details Of Lê Must Labone

You can easily locate them at HR9G+57, 28 Orphan Crescent, Labone – Accra Ghana (Near South-African Embassy) Near South-African Embassy, Accra Ghana and you can reach them directly at +233 55 550 3336 for inquiries and bookings.

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How To Order From Food Delivery Services From Lê Must Labone

To make ordering from Lê Must Labone even more convenient, simply dial their contact number at +233 55 550 3336.

Engage with their customer service personnel, and explain the kind of food you desire to enjoy.

They are ready to assist you in placing your order over the phone, ensuring a seamless experience as you indulge in the culinary offerings from Lê Must Labone.

How To Book A Table At The Lê Must Labone

For those seeking a personalized dining experience at Lê Must Labone, simply call their contact number at +233 55 550 3336 from the comfort of your home or office.

Engage with their customer service personnel, who will not only confirm the availability of a table but also guide you through the process of booking a table for your intended dining experience.

Enjoy the convenience of reserving a table in advance to ensure a tailored and enjoyable visit to Lê Must Labone.


In this comprehensive overview, I have provided essential information encompassing menu prices, location details, contact information, ordering procedures, and table reservation guidelines, and addressed frequently asked questions about the compelling reasons to choose dining at Le Must Labone.

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For those seeking a remarkable dining experience at an affordable cost, the Lê Must Labone stands out as the optimal choice.

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