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How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student 

This article will take you through how to make money online in Ghana as a student.

Do you know many ways to make money online in Ghana as a student?

Plenty of people want to make money online or get started in the world of internet marketing. 

And this article will outline ways you can make money online in Ghana if you are still schooling.

Everyone loves to earn extra money, especially those students studying at a university or a higher educational institution. 

These guys always love to earn more money by doing part-time work online, which can help their studies at school. 

So this article is specially written for them to share with them some of the great ways to earn money online in Ghana.

Making money online as a student is not all that difficult. But you may think it’s hard because you don’t know how. 

Many people out there will tell you how to do so but will request money before taking you through, and I know you are a student who wants to make money in Ghana without paying anything.

So without wasting much time, let us dive into ways to make money online in Ghana as a student.

How To Make Money Online In Ghana As A Student 

Write For Blogs

Content writing is a very lucrative business in Ghana. Many bloggers want to add more content writers to their teams.

If you know how to write (which I am sure you do because you are already a student), you can apply for a content writing job.

You will be asked to send a sample, and if your content looks awesome, the blog owner will hire you and then pay you for each piece of content you submit.

Many websites are looking for content writers. To ensure you get the best paying website, visit our Contact Us Page and contact us through email, WhatsApp, or our various social media channels, and we will connect you to a blog that will pay you to write for them. 

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Read:  How To Make Money Online In Ghana [11 Proven Ways]

We can add you to our team members if you are good at writing.

Join Opera News Hub 

If you are also good at writing and looking for how to get money online in Ghana, you can join the Opera news hub.

Opera news hub is a platform that allows people to create content and get paid. 

With opera news hub, you will be paid based on the views your content gets, how people interact with your content and the quality of your content.

As a student, making money on the opera news hub is one of the easiest tasks because the platform already has visitors.

You are expected to create catchy content to get more views and earn more.

Join Scooper Content Creators

Scooper is also an alternative to Opera news hub. With Scooper, you get paid for each article that will be approved.

Scooper pays writers $0.8 per each article approved. The amount will also be increased based on the engagement the article will receive.

The difference between opera news hub and Scooper is that, with opera news hub, you are paid based on the views and engagements, whiles Scooper pays you for each article approved.

So your article can be approved and published on the opera news hub, and you will not earn anything when it does not get views.

But with Scooper, once your article gets approved, you will first be paid $0.8, and when the article gets more views and engagements, your balance will increase.

Start A Blog

If you want to make money online in Ghana as a student, you can start a blog. 

With blogging, you write what you love and get paid when people read them.

Starting a blog is easy. All you need is a working website, a working laptop or a mobile phone with an active internet connection, and you are good to go.

With blogging, there are many ways to make money from it. You can make money from Google Adsense, direct ads, and paid promotions, and you can even promote your brand.

I build the site for people, and right now, if you want to create a website, you can contact me, and I will create a professional website for you. Just visit the contact us page, contact me and let us continue from there.

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Data Entry Jobs 

You can also make money from data entry jobs. Many websites allow people to work from home.

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With a data entry job, you have to input information, verify the accuracy, sort information and then get paid. You can do this even right inside your dormitory.

You can see all the data entry jobs available in Ghana. Students can do all these jobs. 

Online Reviews

Another job that allows you to make money online without paying anything in Ghana is Online review jobs.

Many websites and platforms ask for positive reviews and get paid.

All you have to do is look for legit websites that allow you to give positive reviews and then get paid. You might be wondering, what are some of the sites?

Don’t worry; I will give you all the legit online review sites.

The best websites that allow you to get paid writing reviews online in Ghana are:

  • Get Reviewed
  • Gartner Peer Insights 
  • Harris Poll Online
  • CrowdTap
  • Ciao
  • ListVerse
  • Capterra 
  • UserTesting 
  • G2 Crowd
  • Review Stream

Social Media Management

I know as a student, you are always online giving your opinion on social and trending issues.

I believe you are always on Twitter and always checking Twitter trends.

There are many ways to make money online if you are someone who mostly comes online.

You can become a social media manager. There are many brands and people with whom you can manage your social media accounts.

You will be hired to respond to messages, post regularly and also respond to comments.

You can create an account on Fiverr. And people will try and hire you. You can also create a Linkedin profile and specify that you can make a social media account, and you will get to see many people contacting you for the gig.

Join Picoworkers

Picoworkers is a platform that connects people looking for online tasks to do and people who offer jobs.

With Picoworkers, you will see many tasks and choose the ones you want to do. 

  • You can see people asking you to follow their social media accounts and then get paid
  • People will be asking you to give a positive review on an app and get paid
  • You will see people asking you to create a social media account, give them the logins and get paid and many more
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One thing I love about Pico workers is that you get to see the amount you will get after completing the task, so before doing any work, you can sort by the highest-paying jobs and then start with those.

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Sell Gigs On Fiverr

Fiverr is also one of the best platforms that allow you to make money. Fiverr allows you to post your gigs and lets people hire you to do their work.

If you are a graphic designer, you can post your gig and then people worldwide will get to see it and hire you. 

One thing I love about Fiverr is how easy it is to post a gig, and once your gig goes live, you will see people contacting you to work for them.

Write And Publish A Kindle Book 

Maybe you are good at writing stories. Are you a storyteller? Do you know you can make money from the stories you write?

Many sites allow you to write and publish your book, and people that want to read it will buy it. One of the most popular websites is Amazon.

One thing I love about this job is that you can make money from it even after completing school because your books will always be live, and if your book is interesting to read, many people will pay for it.


If you are a student, there are many ways to make money online while still studying.

There are many ways to make money online, and in this article, we decided on all the easiest ways to make money online in Ghana as a student without paying anything.

We covered many articles for you to choose from. In recap, the best ways to make money online in Ghana as a student are:

  • Write For Blogs 
  • Join Opera News Hub Join Scooper Content, Creators 
  • Start A Blog 
  • Data Entry Jobs 
  • Online Reviews 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Join Picoworkers 
  • Sell Gigs On Fiverr 
  • Write And Publish A Kindle Book 

Let me know your favourite, and you can let me know if I forgot to add your favourite platform.

If you also have a problem signing up on any of these platforms, let me know in the comment section below, and I will guide you as soon as possible.

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