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Balos Restaurant Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order Online, How To Book A Table, And More

If you are in search of an exceptional dining experience in Accra, look no further than the Balls restaurant.

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing Balos restaurant before, or is it on your list of places to visit?

Waste no time, as numerous individuals are testifying about the noteworthy offerings of this restaurant.

Before embarking on your first dining experience, I recommend reading this article in its entirety to gain comprehensive knowledge about Balos restaurant.

Within this article, we will delve into every essential aspect, covering menu prices, precise location details, contact information, streamlined ordering processes, convenient table booking procedures, responses to frequently asked questions, and additional insights to ensure you are well-prepared for your visit to Balos restaurant.

About Balos Restaurant

Balos restaurant has established itself as one of the premier dining establishments in the city of Accra, distinguished by its commitment to impeccable services, an expansive menu, a team of experienced chefs, and a staff known for their friendliness.

The restaurant is celebrated not only for its culinary offerings but also for cultivating a warm, welcoming, and romantic ambiance, contributing to a charming overall atmosphere.

Conveniently situated, Balos restaurant ensures that patrons can easily satisfy their culinary cravings, even during moments of intense hunger.

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With multiple locations across Accra, the restaurant strives to be easily accessible, allowing patrons to enjoy its exceptional services and delightful ambiance throughout the city.

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Menu Prices At Balos Restaurant


  • Vegetable Samosa – GHS 12
  • Paneer Pakora – GHS 15
  • Chicken Tikka – GHS 18

Seafood Platter

  •  A delightful assortment of grilled lobster, prawns, calamari, and fish fillet served with seasonal vegetables and a choice of sauce – GHS 120.

Beef Tenderloin

  •  Tender and juicy beef tenderloin served with mashed potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, and red wine reduction – GHS 95.

Vegetarian Curry

  • A flavorful blend of fresh vegetables cooked in a rich and aromatic curry sauce served with steamed basmati rice – GHS 70.

Chocolate Lava Cake

  • A decadent chocolate cake with a molten chocolate center, served with vanilla ice cream – GHS 35.

Whisky Cocktails

  • Twisted blend – GHS 30.00
  • Grassy view – GHS 40.00
  • Spiced and scotch – GHS 40.00

Rum Cocktails

  • Tropical View – GHS 40.00
  • Tiki twist – GHS 30.00
  • The view old fashioned – GHS 40.00


  • Margarita pizza – GHS 40.00
  • Beef pizza – GHS 45.00
  • Chicken pizza – GHS 45.00
  • All-season Pizza – GHS 50.00
  • Pepperoni pizza – GHS 45.00

Location And Contact Details Of Balos Restaurant

The Balos Restaurant is conveniently located. You can find them at Mensah Woode Ave, East Legon, Accra. You can reach them directly at 0558382783 to order, book a table or make inquiries.

How To Order From Balos Restaurant

Ordering from Balos restaurant is a straightforward process, providing patrons with multiple options for convenience.

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If you prefer a more traditional approach, you have the choice to walk into the restaurant and place your order directly.

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Alternatively, for those seeking a more convenient and remote ordering experience, you can call Balos restaurant at their dedicated number, 0558382783.

By speaking with their customer service personnel, you can efficiently place your order for the delicious meals of your choice, ensuring a seamless process that culminates in the timely delivery of your desired dishes to your location.

How To Book A Table At Balos Restaurant

Enhancing your dining experience at Balos restaurant can be achieved by booking a table in advance, particularly during occasions and peak hours.

To secure a reservation, patrons have the flexibility to choose between two convenient methods.

Firstly, you can opt to visit the restaurant in person and book a table at their reception. Alternatively, for a more streamlined approach, a phone call to their dedicated number, 0558382783, allows you to speak with a representative.

The representative will assist you in confirming table availability, and once that is established, you will be prompted to provide details such as your name, the number of guests, and the preferred date and time of your visit.

Upon a successful reservation, you will receive a notification either via SMS or a phone call. This ensures that you can comfortably anticipate and enjoy your delicious meals at Balos restaurant when the designated time arrives.

Why You Should Eat From Balos Restaurant

You need to eat from Balos restaurant for these few pressing reasons:

Balos Restaurant prides itself on several key attributes that contribute to its popularity and positive reputation:

  1. Accessibility: The restaurant is easily accessible, ensuring that patrons can reach it conveniently.
  2. Hygienic and Cozy Environment: Balos Restaurant maintains a hygienic and cozy environment, providing a comfortable setting for diners.
  3. Reliability and Convenience: The restaurant is recognized for its reliability and convenience, offering patrons a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.
  4. Effortless Table Booking and Ordering: The process of booking a table and placing orders is simplified, enhancing the overall convenience for customers.
  5. Fresh Ingredients: Balos Restaurant is committed to using only fresh ingredients in the preparation of their meals, emphasizing quality and flavor.
  6. Diverse Menu: Catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences, the restaurant’s menu offers a variety of options, ensuring there’s something for every diner.
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These attributes collectively contribute to making Balos Restaurant a favorable choice for those seeking a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience in Accra.

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For a dining experience characterized by relaxation and a homely atmosphere, a visit to Balos Restaurant in Accra is highly recommended.

The establishment takes pride in offering exquisite services, ensuring patrons enjoy an uninterrupted and delightful dining experience.

Balos Restaurant stands as a noteworthy choice whenever you find yourself in Accra, providing a welcoming environment for those seeking a memorable and satisfying meal.

Within the comprehensive article, we covered a spectrum of details about Balos Restaurant, including menu prices, precise location details, contact information, streamlined ordering processes, convenient table booking procedures, compelling reasons to choose Balos for your dining experience, answers to frequently asked questions, and additional insights.

This serves as a guide for those looking to make informed decisions about their dining choices at Balos Restaurant in Accra.

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