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1999 Lounge Restaurant Menu Prices, Contact Details And Location, How To Order Online And More

This article will take you through one of the most popular restaurants called 1999 Lounge Kumasi.

In this article, you will learn everything about 1999 lounge restaurants, such as their menu prices, location, contact details, online ordering, and more.

1999 has been in operation since Kumasi city mall was launched. It has made its name due to its food and side attractions inside the restaurant.

About 1999 Lounge Kumasi

1999 Lounge Restaurant is one of the rare restaurants in the business for a long time inside Kumasi city mall. 

They serve your favorite Ghanaian dishes but are prepared for the best taste possible. 

They are all made with the highest quality ingredients from delicious Ghana Jollof and served to your table, taking you back in time to a carefree place.

1999 Lounge Restaurant is located inside Kumasi city mall and has excellent food and drink specials and a colorful color scheme allowing you to take awesome pictures while waiting for your food. 

1999 lounge Menu Prices 

Main Dishes 

  • Banku and tilapia – GHS 50.00
  • Chicken caesar salad – GHS 60.00
  • Spaghetti – GHS 30.00
  • Pizza – GHS 50.00
  • Spring rolls – GHS 15.00 – GHS 25.00
  • Shawarma – GHS 50.00
  • Fried and grilled chicken – GHS 70.00
  • White rice and stew – GHS 20.00
  • Jollof rice – GHS 50.00
  • Mixed Vegetable Sauce – GHS 37.50
  • Shrimps with Vegetables – GHS 125.50
  • Sweet & Sour Pork – GHS 47.50
  • Sliced Fish in Chilli Sauce – GHS 47.50
  • Chicken with Vegetable – GHS 47.50
  • Assorted Fried Noodles – GHS 65.50
  • Lamb Chops & Chips – GHS 102.50
  • Pork Chop With Plain Rice – GHS 65.50
  • Fried Tilapia & Fried Yam Chips – GHS 71.50
  • Chicken With Vegetables Fried Rice – GHS 65.50
  • Chicken in Brown Chilli Sauce – GHS 47.50
  • Seafood Soup – GHS 27.50
  • Potato Chips – GHS 27.50
  • Fried Chicken – GHS 37.50
  • Steamed Rice with Mince Pork – GHS 37.50
  • Assorted Fried Rice- GHS 55.50
  • Spicy Crispy Beef – GHS 55.50
  • Pork Dumpling – GHS 55.50
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  • Bottle Water (small) – GHS 6.50
  • Club Beer – GHS 20.50
  • Alvaro – GHS 17.50
  • Malta Guinness – GHS 17.50
  • Sprite Can – GHS 17.50
  • Fanta Can – GHS 17.50
  • Coke Can – GHS 17.50
  • Apple Juice – GHS 32.50
  • Fruit Salad – GHS 24.50
  • Vegetable Fruit Juice – GHS 25.50
  • Mixed Juice – GHS 20.50
  • Fresh Orange Juice – GHS 20.50
  • Fresh Watermelon Juice – GHS 20.50
  • Fresh Pineapple Juice – GHS 20.50
  • Strawberry Smoothies – GHS 37.50
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1999 lounge Location And Contact Details 

How To Order From 1999 Lounge Restaurant

If visiting the restaurant isn’t feasible, you can still enjoy the culinary offerings from 1999 Lounge by placing an order for delivery.

To initiate an order from Bigs In, simply dial their delivery number at +233557855453. When calling, you’ll be prompted to provide details about the food items you wish to order, your current location, and your contact information.

Once you’ve supplied all the necessary information, the efficient team at 1999 Lounge will take care of the rest, ensuring seamless and convenient delivery of your chosen food items right to your doorstep.


Upon your initial experience with the culinary offerings at 1999 Lounge during your visit to Kumasi Mall, you may find yourself desiring a return but lacking comprehensive information about this establishment.

In such instances, individuals typically seek details regarding the precise location of the 1999 Lounge, its menu prices, and contact information.

For those inclined to visit the restaurant in person, inquiries may extend to understanding the process of placing an order directly at the venue.

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Recognizing a dearth of articles addressing these specific queries on Google, I have meticulously conducted research to compile this comprehensive guide.

Within this article, you will find a thorough exploration of everything you need to know about 1999 Lounge.

You can also check out our latest review about Akenti restaurant and the basement bar and lounge, which also happens to be among the best restaurants in Kumasi.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 1999 Bar And Lounge

Where is the 1999 lounge bar and Grill located?

The 1999 lounge is located inside Kumasi city mall. Just right opposite Pepterpan restaurant in Kumasi city mall.

What is the 1999 lounge contact number?

You can call 1999 Lounge at +233557855453 for all your orders and general inquiries.

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