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Who Is The Richest MP In Ghana? 

A Member of Parliament (MP) in Ghana is an elected representative responsible for advocating the interests of a specific constituency.

The country is divided into 275 constituencies, each represented by an individual MP.

The role of an MP encompasses active participation in parliamentary debates, the formulation of laws, deliberation on and approval of the national budget, and the critical scrutiny of the executive branch’s actions.

MPs serve a four-year term, after which they must undergo party-level elections and participate in the parliamentary general elections to secure their position for another term.

Remuneration for a Ghanaian Member of Parliament includes a monthly salary of approximately Ghc 29,000, accompanied by additional allowances and benefits.

Notably, the quest to identify the wealthiest MP in Ghana reveals a select few individuals who stand out in terms of financial success within the parliamentary sphere.

So Who Is The Richest Member Of Parliament In Ghana?

kennedy agyapong

Among the notable figures in the list, Honorable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, affectionately known as Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong, stands out prominently.

Born on June 16, 1960, in Assin Dompim, a town in the Central Region of Ghana, Kennedy Agyapong is the son of the late Judge Francis Ohene Kofi Agyapong and Mrs. Mary Nsiah.

He received his education at Adisadel College, holding a GCE A-level certificate. Furthering his studies, he attended Fordham University in the USA.

Married to Stella Wilson Agyapong, Kennedy Agyapong is a father to 23 children from various mothers.

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He ventured into politics by joining the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 1992 and entered parliament in the year 2000, representing the Assin North Constituency.

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Over the years, he has retained his seat in subsequent elections and currently serves as the Member of Parliament for the Assin Central constituency.

Kennedy Agyapong’s political career is accompanied by a significant business portfolio. He is the CEO of Kencity Media, a conglomerate comprising Oman FM, Ashh FM, Net 2 Television, and the National Newspaper.

Additionally, he owns several other enterprises, including Super Care Company Limited (dealing in air conditioners), Mina D’oro Ventures, M/S Imperial World Business Limited, Gold Coin Communications, and a real estate company. Engaging in agriculture, he also owns extensive farmlands.

Known for his opulent lifestyle, Kennedy Agyapong is recognized as the first Ghanaian to acquire a Rolls Royce worth 8 million Ghana cedis.

He has also mentioned that his bed costs $80,000. With an impressive collection of luxurious cars, approximately 140 houses, and various other assets, Kennedy Agyapong’s wealth extends beyond his political career.

While his exact net worth remains undisclosed, Kennedy Agyapong’s multifaceted business ventures, extensive properties, and extravagant lifestyle collectively position him as the wealthiest Member of Parliament in Ghana.

His recent declaration of intent to lead the New Patriotic Party and aspire for the presidency further underscores his influential presence in Ghanaian politics.

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