Somewhere In Kumasi Menu Prices, Contact Details, Location, How To Order Online, And More

Somewhere In Kumasi Menu Prices, Contact Details, Location, How To Order Online, And More

I have tasted good local foods in different restaurants in Ghana and I do not have the guts to compare them to my mom’s.

I never thought to try to do so until I tasted the local traditional Ghanaian cuisines at Somewhere in Kumasi restaurant. Oh my gosh! I felt so good with the taste.

It was as if I was in my mother’s kitchen enjoying her always finger-licking and mouth-watering meals.

Do you want to enjoy international and local traditional Ghanaian cuisines? Do you want to change your taste buds?

Try Somewhere in Kumasi. If you are looking for a restaurant that provides very affordable and authentic Ghanaian dishes include Somewhere in Kumasi restaurant on your list and you will never stop eating from there.

Ever since their inception, they relentlessly serve very delicious and affordable meals.

In this article, we walk you through everything you need to know about somewhere in Kumasi including its menu prices, how to order, why you should eat from there, frequently asked questions, and more. Let’s begin with by:

About Somewhere In Kumasi

The restaurant started as a small kitchen by a group of friends in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

They served mouth-watering meals which quickly made them very popular in the Kumasi neighborhood.

Now they have several branches ever since their inception in 2015. Most tourists drop by and visit the restaurant to enjoy their meals at the restaurant whenever they visit.

The restaurant has a cozy environment with an executive treat of customer service. You will love this place.

Why You Should Eat At Somewhere In Kumasi

If you are a person like me who loves to try new things or maybe you are just like me a foodie, Somewhere In Kumasi is a strong recommendation for you.

They offer a range of traditional Ghanaian dishes such as grilled tilapia, fried rice, jollof rice,banku, fufu, and other continental dishes The cuisines are prepared with fresh locally sourced ingredients which are cooked to perfection.

There are also meals for vegetarians and vegans.

Menu Prices At Somewhere In Kumasi

somewhere in kumasi view


Menu ItemPrice (GHS)
Bbq/Spicy Chicken Wing/55.00
Spicy Goat60.00
Best of The Sea Calamari, prawns, lobster, fish95.00
Crispy Chicken Wings50.00
Spicy Goat with Sausage55.00

Rice Dishes

Menu ItemPrice (GHS)
Fried Rice+Fried Snapper/Cassava Fish80.00
Jambalaya-Assorted Jollof Rice80.00
Chicken Fried Rice Only70.00
Vegetable Fried Rice+Fried Snapper/Cassava Fish75.00
Beef Fried Rice Only80.00
Fried Rice+Grilled Chicken75.00
Jollof Rice+Fried Snapper/Cassava Fish80.00
Jollof Rice Only25.00
Fried Rice Only25.00
Shrimp Fried Rice Only85.00
Seafood Fried Rice95.00
Vegetable Jollof Rice+Fried Snapper/Cassava Fish75.00
Vegetable Fried Rice+Grilled Chicken75.00
Jollof Rice+Grilled Chicken75.00
Vegetable Jollof Rice+Fried Snapper/Cassava Fish80.00
Steamed Rice Only25.00


Menu ItemPrice (GHS)
Beef Sauce75.00
Shrimp Sauce80.00
Assorted Sauce80.00
Fish Sauce80.00
Pork Sauce80.00
Seafood Sauce80.00
Vegetarian Sauce50.00
Chicken Sauce70.00
Calamari Sauce85.00
Steamed Vegetables Only25.00


Menu ItemPrice (GHS)
4 Seasons65.00
Tuna Pizza70.00
Vegetable Pizza70.00
4 Cheese75.00
Somewhere Special Pizza110.00


Menu ItemPrice (GHS)
Fruit Salad35.00
Cut Fruit35.00

How To Order At Somewhere In Kumasi

It’s easy to place an order at Somewhere in Kumasi. Their restaurant is easy to get to. Just look at the menu and place your order with the helpful staff. Calling the restaurant at 0551500777 will also let you order food to go.

How To Order From Somewhere in Kumasi Using Glovo

  1. Pick up Glovo by going to and clicking on “Get Started.” You will be taken to their home page after successfully signing up.
  2. To get to their restaurants, go to their home page and click on Food.
  3. You can search for Somewhere in Kumasi in their menu if you can’t find them in the list. Then, pick what you want to order and how many you want.
  4. Simply click on Order now.
  5. You’ll be asked to pay and then give your name, address, and phone number.

How to Book A Table At Somewhere In Kumasi

If you want to eat at Somewhere in Kumasi, the best thing to do is to reserve a table ahead of time, especially during busy times like holiday periods.

You can do this by calling their phone number on0551500777 or emailing them.

Location And Contact Details Of Somewhere In Kumasi

The restaurant can be located at AK-097-5648, Dadiesoaba Rd, Kumasi, Ghana.

You reach Somewhere in Kumasi to order or book a table at 0551500777 or send them an email at [email protected]

Companies Near Somewhere In Kumasi

The Knust Physics Laboratory College and University, the College of Science, the KNUST Science complex block Campus Building, the College of Engineering: Programming LAB College and University, KNUST CCB, and Focus FM radio station are all close to the place of choice.


Somewhere in Kumasi is the place to go if you’re craving some mouth-watering continental and local cuisine.

In addition to reasonably priced food, they have excellent service. You should make it a point to stop by Somewhere in Kumasi whenever you’re in the city for some tasty food.

Including menu prices, location, contact information, and answers to frequently asked questions, we covered it all for Somewhere in Kumasi.

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