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Satguru Travel and Tour Services Ltd Travel Plans, And Contact Details

In the vibrant world of travel and exploration, Satguru Travel and Tour Services Ltd stands as a beacon, offering a seamless experience since its inception in 1989.

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the background, operating areas, and services provided by this esteemed travel agency.

Satguru Travel And Tour Services Ltd Background And History: Founded in Kigali, East Africa, in 1989, Satguru Travel emerged with a vision to connect people globally through the joy of travel.

With a profound understanding of the significance of exploring new horizons, the company has expanded its presence to over seventy countries across the world.

Satguru Travel and Tour Services Ltd Location and Operating Areas: Situated at 603, Block 6, Dr. Esther Ocloo Street, Ringway Estate, Osu-Re, Accra, Ghana, Satguru Travel and Tour Services Ltd has strategically positioned itself in the heart of the city.

Operating with a commitment to excellence, the agency caters to the travel needs of Ghanaians and beyond.

Satguru Travel And Tour Contact Details

For inquiries and assistance, you can easily reach Satguru Travel and Tour Services Ltd at +233 544 335375. Their dedicated team is ready to provide the information and support needed to make your travel experience memorable.

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Services Offered By Satguru Travel And Tour Services Ltd

Satguru Travel and Tour Services Ltd takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of travelers.

From leisure trips to business travels, the agency ensures a smooth and hassle-free journey. Some of the services provided include:

  1. Flight Bookings: Experience the convenience of booking flights to various destinations with Satguru Travel.
  2. Hotel Reservations: Find the perfect accommodation tailored to your preferences and budget.
  3. Visa Assistance: Navigating through visa processes can be complex, but Satguru Travel is here to guide you every step of the way.
  4. Holiday Packages: Whether you seek adventure or relaxation, their holiday packages cater to every traveler’s desires.
  5. Corporate Travel Services: For businesses, Satguru Travel offers specialized services to make corporate travel efficient and comfortable.
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Satguru Travel and Tour Services Ltd is not just a travel agency; it’s a gateway to new experiences and adventures.

With a rich history, strategic locations, and a wide array of services, the agency continues to be a trusted partner for those with a passion for exploration. Contact them today, and let the journey begin.

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