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Rina’s Restaurant Menu Prices, Location, Contact Details, How To Order, How To Book A Table, And More

If you find yourself in Accra’s Osu or nearby and are on the lookout for a reliable restaurant with positive reviews, you’re in luck.

This article is your guide to making an informed decision when seeking to enjoy delicious meals in Accra, focusing on the hidden gem – Rina’s Restaurant.

Before delving into the details, allow me to provide a glimpse of what makes Rina’s Restaurant stand out.

This hidden gem has garnered praise for its culinary offerings that go beyond the ordinary. If you haven’t experienced dining at Rina’s Restaurant, be prepared for a culinary journey that might redefine your expectations.

Now, let’s dive into the comprehensive guide, covering menu prices, location, contact details, how to order, how to book a table, frequently asked questions, and more.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to make Rina’s Restaurant your preferred dining choice in Accra.

About Rina’s Restaurant

Rina’s Restaurant has secured its place as one of the popular dining establishments, celebrated for offering delectable meals at remarkably affordable prices, all within a charming and relaxing environment.

The modernized decor at Rina’s Restaurant is a visual treat in itself, creating an ambiance that invites you to linger.

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Once you step into this culinary haven, you might find it hard to depart, enchanted by the combination of contemporary aesthetics and a welcoming atmosphere.

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The friendly staff at Rina’s Restaurant adds to the overall appeal, ensuring that your dining experience is not only delicious but also delightful.

Rina's Restaurant view

Beyond the culinary delights, Rina’s Restaurant provides an immersive cultural experience. Engaging in “wat talk” not only stimulates the taste buds but also serves as a therapeutic escape, allowing you to forget about 50% of your worries.

The attention to detail, even in their dress code, adds to the overall charm, creating a dining experience that is not just about the food but also about the ambiance and cultural immersion.

For those seeking a memorable dining venture that transcends the ordinary, Rina’s Restaurant stands out as a destination where affordability meets excellence, and where every element, from decor to conversation, contributes to an exceptional culinary journey.

Menu Prices At Rina’s Restaurant

Rina's Restaurant Menu


  • Banana, Cocoa, Peanut Butter And Dandelion – GHS 40

Coco Loco

  • Cayenne Pepper, Banana And Coconut – GHS 26

Cinnamon Crunch

  • Millet, Fura, Cinnamon And Banana – GHS 38


  • Mango, Orange, Lime And Pinch Of Salt – GHS 30

Meta Booster

  • Cayenne Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, Orange And Pineapple – GHS 26

Berry Madness

  • Mango, Strawberry And Orange – GHS 45

Café Nana

  • Banana, Decaf Coffee, And Unsweetened Cocoa – GHS 40

Green Mojito

  • Pineapple, Dandelion, Mint And Lime – GHS 24

Nutty Professor

  • Banana And Peanut Butter – GHS 28

Frisky Sour

  • Pineapple, Carrot, Lime, Orange And Dandelion – GHS 25
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Fan Yo – Yo

  • Weight Watchers
  • Pawpaw And Strawberry – GHS 38
  • Banana, Pineapple And Pawpaw – GHS 28
  • Pawpaw, Dandelion And Ginger – GHS 25
  • Dandelion, Lettuce, Pawpaw And Lime – GHS 25
  • Banana, Pineapple, Lettuce And Coconut – GHS 25
  • Banana, Cinnamon And Oats – GHS 30
  • Mango And Peanut Butter – GHS 30
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Location And Contact Details Of Rina’s Restaurant

Since I am telling you about them, I think I should give you their location and contact details so that you will find it very easy to access and contact them. They are located at Oxford Street Mall, Osu, Accra and you reach them for inquiries at 0303932693.

How To Order With Eziban Food Delivery Services From Rina’s Restaurant

If you wish to order your delicious meals from Rina’s Restaurant, a simple call to their number at 0303932693 will connect you with their friendly staff.

They are ready to assist you in placing your order, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process.

Now, regarding how to book a table, it’s just as easy. Dial the same number, 0303932693, and speak with their customer service personnel.

During the conversation, they will confirm the availability of a table and guide you through the booking process, ensuring that you secure a suitable spot for your dining experience.

Whether you’re looking to order a delightful meal or reserve a table for a more immersive dining experience, calling 0303932693 is the key to accessing the excellent services of Rina’s Restaurant.

How To Book A Table At Rina’s Restaurant

Booking a table at Rina’s Restaurant is a straightforward and personalized process. Simply dial 0303932693 to connect with their customer service personnel.

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In this conversation, the friendly staff will not only confirm the availability of a table but will also assist you in booking a suitable one for your meals.

The personalized service ensures that your dining experience at Rina’s Restaurant is tailored to your preferences.

Whether you have a specific seating arrangement in mind or need assistance in choosing the perfect spot, the customer service personnel are there to make the reservation process seamless and enjoyable.

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For those in search of a restaurant that offers a combination of delicious meals at affordable prices within a pleasant setting, Rina’s Restaurant emerges as a top choice.

In our exploration, I’ve guided you through every aspect of Rina’s Restaurant, covering menu prices that cater to various budgets, the convenient location for accessibility, contact details for seamless communication, and step-by-step instructions on how to both order and book a table.

Additionally, we’ve addressed frequently asked questions to ensure you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Consider this comprehensive guide as your key to unlocking a delightful dining experience at Rina’s Restaurant.

It’s not just a place to eat; it’s a culinary destination where affordability, taste, and ambiance converge to create a memorable and satisfying experience.

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